Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Strike on 07.02.2017 called by AIBEA, AIBOA & BEFI deferred.

Fresh strike call called by UFBU
On 28.02.2017

Details of Decision by UFBU :

On Tuesday, 31 January 2017 5:18 PM,

PRADIP BISWAS, General Secretary, Bank Employees Federation of India.

Dear Comrades,

Today UFBU meeting was held in Delhi.

UFBU felt the need for launching agitational programme including strike in view of the developments that are taking place  in the industry and Government,   Iba's  lukewarm attitude towards employees and officers' pending issues.

After threadbare discussions, ufbu decided to give a countrywide strike call in all Banks on 28th February, 2017  against banking sector reforms, on recovery of NPA, demonetisation related problems and on other pending issues of employees and officers.

NOBW and NOBO asked for some time to tell their views on participation in strike on 28th Feb.

Nine General Secretaries / one representative from each organisation will meet on 5th Feb in Mumbai to fine tune the issues and demands of the strike and prepare the strike notice.

In view of this development strike call given by BEFI AIBEA AIBOA and all related programme stands withdrawn.

Pradip  Biswas
Camp: Delhi

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Csd said...

Strikes should be effective and also should be relevant. Settlement is due in November 2017 and already we are passing through Feb. Then working condition so on and so forth. Come on be united and be realistic