Monday, July 6, 2015


AIBEA Circular Date :  6th July, 2015
Dear Comrades,
Recently Govt. of India has issued the Gazette notification for the Census as of 2011.  It is the 15th Census in India beginning from 1872 and 7th since our independence.
Some data from the Census:
F     Population as per this Census in 2011: 121,01,93,422
F     Rank: No. 2 with 17.5% of world population ( 1st is China: 19%)
F     No. of Districts: 640
F     Most populace State : UP
F     Least populous State: Sikkim
F     Most populated metro : Mumbai : 1,84,14,288
F     Most Literate State : Kerala ( 94 %)
F     Least Literate State : Bihar  ( 64 %)
F     Sex Ratio :  940 Female : 1000 Male
F     Literacy of Male :    82.14 %
F     Literacy of Female : 65.46 %
F     Highest populace District: Thane, Mumbai
F     100 % Literacy District : Palakkad, Kerala
F     100 % Banking State : Kerala
F     100 % Banking District : Palakkad
F     Increase in population from last census in 2001 to 2011: 18.1 crore
Some disturbing facts:
  • Total household: 24.39 cr; Rural households accounted for 17.91 cr (73%)
  • 30 % of Indian rural households doesn’t have land and depend on casual labor for subsistence.
  • As many as 2.37 crore (one in eight) families in villages live in houses of one room with ‘kaccha’ walls and roof.
  • 23.52 % rural families have no literate adult above 25 years
  • 74 % of the rural households survived on a monthly income of less than Rs 5,000 of its highest earner
  • 51 % of the households are engaged in casual, manual labour and 30 % in cultivation.
  • 7 in 10 homes in rural live on less than Rs 200 a day
  • 18.06 lakh people are still engaged in manual scavenging
  • Households with destitutes or those living on alms is over 6.68 lakh
  • As many as 4.08 lakh households rely on rag-picking.
Higher HRA for bank employees:  Employees in the below-mentioned upgraded centres would get the revised/higher HRA rates and receive the arrears from 2011.

45 lacs and above
HRA will be paid at 10%
Surat, Pune

12 to 45 lacs
HRA will be paid at 9%
Asansol, Vijayawada, Rajkot, Faridabad, Srinagar, Jamshedpur, Kannur, Trivandrum, Mallapuram, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Jabalpur, Vasai-Virar, Nasik, Allahabad, Meerut, Ghaziabad,
5 to 12 lacs
HRA will be paid at 7.5%
Nellore, Kollam, Gulbarga, Ujain, Nanded Waghala, Malegaon, Sangli, Rourkela, Erode, Saharanpur, Noida, Firozabad, Jhansi, Siliguri, Durgapur.
In addition, in various towns and cities, number of small places in the outskirts have been brought as part of the bigger town/city/UA and such places would also attract the higher HRA of the concerned town/city/Urban Agglomeration.

With greetings,

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Anonymous said...

Venkatachslam don,t divert the attention of your bakras by publishing useless things like this. Did u ever thought about the bakras who have retired / VRS in the month of Nov 2013? Even Sardaji also did not think about his bakras. If the average of last 10 months salary is taken what will be the pension they will get? At least now rectify the clause as 10 months average or last salary drawn whichever is higher. If I do this at least retiring bakras can eat some grass with their families.

Anonymous said...

Has IBA issued a circular.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kumar please read year as Nov 2012 and not 2013 and pl give your opinion. I am expecting a reply from you as well as your so called leaders.

Anonymous said...

Pl tell HRA rate for muzaffarnagar up

Unknown said...

Circular of IBA also came but I don't know hw to put it here as i have letter for tht