Sunday, May 24, 2015


One angry comrade comment like this with reference to the past happenings:
Initially, bi-partite once in 4 years. Converted to once in 5 years for the benefit of employees!!!
Those . who want full pension and
don't want commutation,
get lost. 10th B.P.S
Those who are PF optees no benefit, only 10% PF because you are arrogant and not opted for pension! Then suffer.
One more option for pension? You missed the bus! Hence pay penalty at 2.8 times. 9th B.P.S
Family pension, pathetic. Only we can pity you.
New pension scheme? That is for the new comers only. We don't care for the younger generation. Hence, we accepted and signed it in 9th BP.
Now, only 2% increase in basic pay. Rest in casual wage at 7.75%. Great victory. Ha. Ha.
Now, pensioners will get only 2% hike? Hey why yaar? You get more commutation na. Be contented and live within means. Don't compare with 8th or 9th BP. You will only get high BP.
In previous bi-partites, we got more % rise in basic pay. This time, only 2%. Don't shout. IBA will get angry.
This itself is more than 9th BP. Calculate in kumarasamy way.
Then what Unions are doing?
Don't blame Unions.
Don't question and argue. We got a lots of comrades appreciating our victories of the past, present and the future! You are only minorities in number.
Struggle for Unity. Unity for compromise!
Don't you read Bhagavat Gita!
Do your duty! Eligible will reach you.

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Inder Mohan said...

acchhe din aa gaye?