Thursday, November 6, 2014

UFBU circular on meeting dt.05.11.14

Conciliation meeting held by CLC today No improvement in IBAs offer CLC calls for further meeting on 10th instant UFBU decides to go ahead with the strike

Further to the Strike notice served on the IBA by the UFBU, conciliation meeting was held today in New Delhi by Mr. P.P. Mitra Chief Labour Commissioner, Ministry of Labour, Government of India. IBA was represented by Mr. M.V. Tanksale, Chief Executive, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Dy. Chief Executive and other officials. UFBU was represented by all the constituent unions.

During the conciliation proceedings, the IBA contended that due to the reducing profitability of the Banks, they are unable to accept the demands of the UFBU and stated that for the sake of an amicable settlement, they would be willing to consider improving their present offer provided UFBU agrees to substantially reduce the demands. IBA also suggested that UFBU should defer the strike so that the negotiations may be further continued.

On behalf of the UFBU, we explained the reasonability and justification of our demands and stated that the IBAs offer falls too short of our expectations and hence not at all acceptable. We further stated that looking to the runaway inflation as well as the increasing stress and workload under which bank employees and officers are working now-a-days, we deserve adequate wage revision. We also said that besides improvement in emoluments and service conditions, other demands like 5 day banking, regulated working hours for officers, improvement in pension scheme, extending the old pension scheme to the newly recruited employees, etc. are also needed to be resolved but the IBA is not forthcoming on these issues.

IBA informed that they are willing to continue the negotiations further and appealed to the UFBU to defer the strike to facilitate a better atmosphere. UFBU informed that the strike call has been forced on the Unions due to the unhelpful approach and unacceptable offer of the IBA and reiterated its preparedness for further negotiations provided IBA would come forward with substantial improvement in their offer.

After hearing both sides, the Chief Labour Commissioner suggested that both IBA and the UFBU should take steps to reconcile the differences and reach an amicable settlement. He further advised the IBA to talk to the UFBU to find out how the strike could be averted. He also adjourned the conciliation proceedings to 3-00 PM on 10th November, 2014 for further discussions.

Thus, our demands remained unresolved and UFBU decided to go ahead with the strike. Hence, we call upon all our constituent unions and members to march on to 12th November 2014 strike withouut any let up.

Sd/- M V Murali


Anonymous said...

Main kehta huun...we are ready to accept the offer of IBA but they have to insure that if next year financial of banks got improved they will increase are salary again immediately and they will not impose any work to banks accept banking core stuff...and if any other organization RBI or GOI will try to impose additional work to Banks then it is IBA responsibility to convince them and avoid the work. Moreover IBA has to disclosed how IBA is generating revenue for their salaries and how much salaries they are paying to their IBA workers, what work they doing and from their they get salaries....If they are coming under pay commission then from immediate effect this IBA should be dismantled completely they should stop playing role for bank's salary revision because they can not be fair in understanding bankers issue.

Anonymous said...

It's too much, when iba is taking of high npa it's because of Big proposal sanctioned by cmd or board. Look at the employee strength and volume of business increase and more importantly difference between central government and psu pay structure, now a days no wants to join banks. For better future of bands u have to take better settelment. Otherwise demands for 6th pay commission from previous revision or move on indefinite strike.

Unknown said...

IBA is the government recognised body and they are doing this by taking finance ministry under their confidence. CLC as part of bridging difference could not convince IBA is quite humourous . IBA plea that bank are making loss is not acceptable as in my career i have not seen any policy from top executive to stop NPA level and admirable recovery circulars. Some where faulty policy of IBA and government are being pressed on us for not asking for respectable wage settlement. Does government and IBA is planning to mischeif us by collecting NPA assets from our salary then something wrong is goung to happen. Union role is to project our views before IBA not to sit mum. IBA is telling that they will only consider to raise offer when union will decrease their demand is something like beggars do. If union are so proactive for our demand then why only one day strike. We will loose our salary but outcome will be nothing. Average one day salary of bank employee is around 150 crore and if we do it for one month it comes out 4500 crores which is well more then what you achieved in payslip component. I mean to say what we lost in strike same we are getting with your pay revision with lot of pain and begging

Anonymous said...

Go ahead comrades........resort to indefinite strike. Please act wisely

Unknown said...

Mr. Modi has forgotten that the BJP has captured power due to the fact that it had the full support of the service class. Now that he and his party wants to dump them. They will shortly realise this.

Anonymous said...

Come on speak up

Anonymous said...

No comments since last two weeks..
that goes to show how bankers are frustated with all this negotiation process..
I 'was' one of u.
Seems everybody is tired posting comments and obviously with the time taking wage revision negoation system.
Guys wake up..

Anonymous said...

Sir strike over and successed fully. What is the response of iba nd govt now

sree said...

Salary change

Anonymous said...

It is high time to make all the nine unions to one. One union for all bank. But we know it will never happen and we will not got a handsome salary in this settlement also. Be a. Part of greatest drama of bankers