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Yechury backs bank staff plea for wage settlement
Nov 16, 2014 10:24 PM , By Our Bureau | 0 comments

The Rajya Sabha MP and CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury has said that he will raise the issue of wage settlement of bank employees in the winter session of Parliament.

Inaugurating the fourth conference of the Karnataka chapter of Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) in Mangalore at the weekend, he said the issue of wage settlement has been dragging on for almost two years. (The last settlement between Indian Banks Association and bank unions expired in 2012)

Stating that the NDA Government at the Centre is no different from the previous UPA Government, he said the present government would find ways to delay the settlement. He congratulated the workforce in banks for maintaining unity.

Yechuri said the demand of the workforce in wage settlement is around 10 per cent of the profit of all the banks in the country. However, the banks are ready to use the profit for writing off NPAs. The NPAs amount to around 50 per cent of the profit of the banks, he said.

The NPAs created by corporate borrowers are written off, and at the same time farmers are resorting to suicides as the banks are not ready to waive their loans, he said.

Yechury said the economic reform plans of the government will not help the people in the country.

Urging the bank unions to continue their struggle on issues such as wage settlement, he said his party would continue to bring pressure on the government on this issue.


Anonymous said...

some relief is expected in the coming days

Anonymous said...

All the problems of wage revision is because of this left party mind people in bank unions. Across india Left parties did not get atleast 10 MP's because of their mind set. Hope these guys don't involve in this matter. Please don't create much more panic by putting your fingures in this issue.

Anonymous said...

Those looser who can't help themselves are promising to help bank unions. Does bank unions doesn't find any other looser to support them.

Anonymous said... another looser joins the looser to lose a lost battle. Kya baat!! Kya Baat!! Kya Baat.....

Anonymous said...

If we get 20% in 10th BPS
And 25% in next BPS
I would support and help Communist Party for sure.
I promise.
I was a great supporter of communism in my early 20s..
Inspired by
Marx and Lenin. (Though i never liked ideologies of Stalin).

Anonymous said...

When v get