Monday, October 20, 2014

UFBU circular st.13.10.2014 says…..

It was also decided unanimously by the UFBU to
withdraw all types of extra co-operation
by workmen/officers with immediate effect and
to boycott all meetings called for by the bank managements
after normal office hours.
The meeting also decided against working
on Sundays and other holidays.
BEFI circular dt.181032014 says……

In addition to the day/date/time-specific programmes conveyed
through our said circular,
UFBU has also decided to withdraw
all types of extra co-operation by workmen/officers

with immediate effect and to
boycott all meetings called for by the bank managements
after normal office hours.
UFBU has also decided
against working on Sundays and other holidays.

Lest there be any confusion at any level,
it is specifically explained and clarified that this part of the programme,
not being a time or day or date specific,
requires keen and constant monitoring by the leadership
at the unit/branch level and demands highest level of conviction, zeal
and organisational cohesion;
hence, it is being circulated separately for
drawing special and pointed attention of all members and leadership
at all levels for its strict implementation in letter and spirit.
In case of necessity, if any, Units may get in touch with

the state – level leadership for any clarification and/or guidance.


Anonymous said...

This type of action should have been taken long back. If IBA doesn't yields one more letter to given informing that we will go to further higher for claiming overtime charges as applicable to clerical staff. Officer staff they are doing more time than clerk and the salary earned is not equal to clerical salary also )clerical salary should be taken into account and O.T. allowance should be calculated and officers will get 150% more than clerk of Central Govt. i.e Rs.32,000/ plus Rs.16000/- equals to Rs.48000/- pm as starting pay. Bank staff are not responsible to recoveries as suit filed accounts runs in crores. The salary of officer staff will be in thousands whereas suit filed amounts of top hundred borrowers worth is 1000 times more than officer salary.
Moreover Chairman of Banks should address letters to Chief Minister requesting them to appoint 100 more judicial officers for each bank and for completion of top 100 suit filed borrowers of each bank. and these judicial officers should complete only top 100 suit filed accounts and then proceed for another top 100 suit filed accounts. NPAs will reduced and borrowers will be paying their amounts early. mohan kumar andhra bank,

joy said...

Practically I think it is not possible in branch at least. Back office job pressure is quit more. Those can not be ignored also.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ... very good joke yaar...
but i m having other official works dear../... let ur leaders go and do hunger strike infront of IBA office

Anonymous said...

Only issuance of circular don't serve any purpose. In our region, our union zonal president visits the branch with DGM and giving firing to Branch heads.
In banking industry work to rules is the biggest joke and that to after laps of two years as excuse.
Only pmo can save the bankers life.

Unknown said...

Similarities between UFBU and WIFE...
1. She always has a reason for everything which you can never understand.
2. All she cares for is money(read levy)
3. Your In-Laws are God(read senior leaders)
4. You already lost the arguement with her when you had started.
5. She always wants you by her side in parties or get togethers.(read protest and rallies).
6. She can manipulate you with her words and you say yes to everything.
7. She loves kitty parties.(read IBA talks)
8. She is good with dates. (Read next strike date is on...)
9. Ok maybe her elder aunt's has a son in law who fought for India in Kargil but that doesnt mean she wont show off(read past accomplishment by other senior leaders)
10. You want a divorce. Dude...Come on... You never will...(read resign from union).

For humour only.
About me I am working as Assistant in Sbi for past 5years in Guwahati. And just like all of you hoping this settlement happens soon. Cheers!!!
P.s I am a bachelor ;)
Reach me at

chinna said...

Failure.. Its first we are compelled to sit till 8.30 in rural!!

Anonymous said...

Silently accept what govt is giviing because govt think bankers are beggers
So obey your master yiu r bonded labour