Saturday, October 18, 2014

Refer my post “Do not spread rumours!”

All the rumours/news mentioned theirin are proved as fake .
The latest and additional one about “Pay commission“also proved wrong.
I don’t think present day bankers are not so innocent to fall prey to these rumours.
I request the creators of these rumours, please keep away.

On scrutinizing comments in my posts,
We can identify which is genuine concen/comment,
comment out of frustration and which is a comment with hidden agenda.
There are group activities also found with the sole intention of
tarnishing the image of trade unions.

Don’t do harm to trade union activities, if not you could contribute.

I think it is not practically possible for union leaders to visit all FB accounts and blogs and read thousands of comments posted.
For comrades who post their genuine concerns,
I suggest that,you may write letters to your state units of bankwise unions/associations expressing your views and concerns. This may create pressure on unions to take more serious decisions on struggles.
Posting of comments in social media may be an outlet for your frustration, but your direct participation only can make changes.
The only rumour left out to be proved is
“One unions is ready to sign for 13.5-14%”

It can be proved right or wrong only after the increase is finalized and settlement is signed.

Anyhow, people who are advocating for 13.5% should come forward to explain in open,
How much will be the impact of 13.5% on gross salary?
How is it better than what was achieved in earlier settlements?
Explaining after signing of settlement will not be a better option.

It is proved beyond doubt that, around 20% on pay slip cost
will be more or less equal to 17.5% of total expenditure.
(17.5% is the % of total expenditure achieved in 9th BPS)

(((I have explained the calculations in my earlier post.
I repeat for your information:
1. Total Wage bill as on 31.3.2012
According to IBA is 56292 cr.
Pay slip component is Rs 31503 cr out of total wage bill.
2. Increase achieved last time (17.5%) was distributed as follows:
Pay slip component 10.98
Superannuation 6.42
Others 0.10
3. Just to maintain last BPS increase in pay slip cost we should get
= 56292X10.98/100 =6180 cr
If this 6180 cr is converted into % of payslip component,
Then 6180/31503X100 =19.62%)))

Hence we should get minimum 20 % if not more than that.
Getting more than this % depends on our united struggle.

UFBU should take decisions based on this concept only.
Aprt from this , non-financial demands also there.

I hope Unions will take this into account along with general employees frustration 
over the delay in the negotion process
and proceed accordingly.


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Anonymous said...

We have to fight together against IBA. LONG LIVE UFBU... I request my young friends to believe in our great leaders. ;)

Anonymous said...

This must be accepted for those who criticized unions n their thoughts.....
Apart from these calculations settlement fight must go fast n agitatinal now....

Unknown said...

UFBU, in a gentleman way, still demanding the increase in wages as a constructive banker basing on the past history of settlements.

May be the 20 to 25% demand is sufficient to continue the culture of our earlier wage revisions.

But to regain the lost glory of 3 decades back status, where a common government employee gets far less salary than an average bank employee. Now the scene was completely reversed to vice-versa. To make it equal if not more like in the past, the increase in the 10th BPS must be 42% on pay slip component. GOI & MOF who are not the direct parties to 10th BPS, must realise this and come to the rescue of the bank employees, for restoring equal justice.

The acts of UFBU must be strengthend by every banker/ex-banker wholeheartedly and see that the deal should be closed with not less than 25% increase.

s m basha

Anonymous said...

Hai every one. I am an asst in sbi.i recently met an DGS who is very close associate of com.mural i ask him abt wase revision he said some interesting facts iwant to share with u all
1. 9 th settlement affect on payslip is 10.98 now they trying for one more percent increase.
2. IBA have 2 damands 1.medical insuance policy banks have no role emp directly contact to company 2.more powers to management on disiplenary actions

3. I ask him abt early settlement but he think otherwise the last settlement held in 2010 may so u guys have to wait for more than 8 months.

This meeting happened in aug 2014

Unknown said...

During 9th BPS 17.5% increase given to wage bill and increase in pay slip component was around 20%. This time union only able to achieve 11% on pay slip component and there is no reference given for wage component increase. All the banker covered under NPS are more concerned with pay slip component as increase in pension, provident fund would not affect them much. Even if we achieve 20% increase in pay slip component there will be no increase from past settlement and it seems to be very difficult to achieve. Looking this scenario and rising inflation we are at loss. As per agitation programme union is giving leverage and oppurtunity to exploit banker by IBA. As per wage component is concerned there seems to be no issue in union agenda for NPS beneficiary.

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Well said

Anonymous said...

The persons like Mr. rajesh Goyal are a strong believers of neo liberal policies of banking reforms. They cleverly find the present situation of delayed/poor monetary wage settlement as a chance to divert the attention of young generation from anti labour policies of government.It is not the inability of the union leaders but their left political view is the irritating factor for them.This is a dirty buisiness that they can utilise the my salary/my family thoughts of middle class young employees to demolish the relevance of trade union.This is nothing but Goyal's Modi pooja that forced him to be a self appointed marketing team member of NAMO and write anti chidambaram posts in the past.

Anonymous said...

Nothing else other than pay commission

Anonymous said...

We hve to revise our demand frm 25 to 50 %. Think big, then we will get 25% otherwise we r not eligible for 11%. Ha hahaaaaasaaa

Anonymous said...

Nothing is gonna happen.useless people.

LSRK SARMA said...

Comrades, what is this? why in the social media we are posting many bad comments this will further weaken the rank and file, I advise the leadership to conduct district level meetings and explain the things going on in the industry and take young men/women also in to the confidence because they have to lead the unions in the future educate them properly. at some point the gap should be filled with confidence.

one more thing there are many issues to settle in the industry other than WAGE REVISION because we are working in worst working conditions first we should fight for better working conditions in the industry, in the present days also why the management takes 1-2 yrs for staff recruitment they are going for heavy expansion like in 1980s but not giving sufficient staff really heavy pressure on the existing staff/officers this is happening from 2001 onwards how long we have to face this problem IBPS should supply staff immediately with in 1 month after they indent. Bank wise HR policy should be changed unless we fight collectively these issues cannot be solved.

present leadership should take lead and stop this nonsense in the media and educate the cadre UNIT wise, issue circulars frequently and give the information on the negotiations and put pull stop to all the roamers in the industry.

Anonymous said...

only one has the right perception of what is going on around. This delay is intentional by the IBA and GOV to make the bankers impatient and to blame the unions.

People like GOYAL, modi and many others somehow wants to break the unions, so that they can, split, merge, demerge, liquidate, sell the PSU banks for a song to the foreigners. To break the unity against stupid FINANCIAL SECTOR REFORMS.

Please all you stupid bankers think that Pay commission can help you, imagine at the middle of your carrier, you are just thrown out without hearing your part of justice-seem then only many of you fools working as bankers would understand.

I am astonished to find so many headless people in the younger generations has become bankers. Yes, atleast to get rid of this stinking group, may be we need financial sector reforms, where the branch head can throw you out of employement in a matter of day. Running behind money, these young fools fail to understand honour, freedom, privilage and security.

Astonished equally, why the UNION heads are simply allowing such "irritations" among younger generations to grow. Why they do not call for a nation wide strike to prove their point. Is there any MODI indirect threat to them... god knows.

Remember, the poor of this country largely believe in you bankers. Pl do not ignore them. If privatised, many banks will fail and runaway within a span of four to five years.

Anonymous said...

nothing is impacting the IBA.

Anonymous said...

We need pay commission along with fix working hour. Similarity is our fundamental rights. Now fight for similar wage revision with similar working hour...

Anonymous said...

Bull shit ....are u working for free or for ur salaries . keep ur hand on ur heart and speak out.

Anonymous said...

You all r not great.u all r selfish who r doing all things 4 own benifits like pension

Anonymous said...

Seems that sir u are the wisest of the lot sir.plz guruji show these young banker's ur achievements and bless these fools with with ur heavenly wisdom. At the end a big babaji ka thullu for u to shut ur mouth.

pavanavamshidhar said...

completely waste of time,you union leaders please give us a chance we youngsters fight for once only once. better to declare for 15 days complete strike we are able to get pay revision properly. why don't you try this. we are ready to give up those 15 days salary. give salaries as per central govt employees. even we r working for nation just like them. you people are not able to do this.
my good suggestion is friends please forget the pay revision. work for what they are giving or simply leave the job. and tell others about the real fact the a bank clerk will get 50% of what a school sweeper getting so better to choose such type of jobs (yes my friends i saw this that sweeper is getting double of my salary as i am entering their salary lists in system.)

Unknown said...

Dear neta g
u people are doing nonsense as it make no sense on 1 Day strike after continueous failure of strike and ofcourse without consent of any comrade. Can anybody jusyify it.

Unknown said...

Compare Central Pay Commission(CPC) Salary Structure Vs Bipartite Settlement


CPC Salary Structure

Bipartite Settlement SalaryStructure



Automatic Revision as perimplementation of Central Pay Commission, no settlement required

Settlement required between Indian Banks Association and Bank Employees unions



Automatic revised on 10 years and always on time and some times max delay one year

Settlement on 5 years but always two to three years delay



Minimum increase in settlement 40 % and in 6th Pay Commission 60 %

Average 10 % and in 2009 9thBPS 17.5 % but due to pension cost adjustment actual pay slip increase 11 %.



Merger of Dearness Allowance in basic salary 100 %

Never more than 60 %



HRA(House Rent Allowance) city wise, at Delhi : 30 %

HRA city wise , at Delhi : 8.5 %



Average Basic Pay increased in 6th CPC 2.6 times

Average basic pay increased in 9th bipartite ( Clerk 4410 to 7200, Officer  to 14500) 0.62 times



Minimum Gross Salary as per 6th CPC (at New Delhi/Metro) Oct 2014:

Peon/Sub-staff Rs. 19,526        ,

Clerk : Rs. 36,385      

Officer : Rs.58,894

Minimum Gross Salary as per 9th BPS (at New Delhi/Metro) Oct 2014 : Peon/Sub-staff Rs.13,476 (45% less)

Clerk : Rs. 16,683 (54% less)     

Officer : Rs.34,128(72% less)



Medical Facility, unlimites CGHMS facility for full family

Medical Facility, Annual Fixed Rs.4500 and Self-Hospitlisation 90% and Family 75% cost






Anonymous said...

Anouncing one day strike without consent of comrade is ridiculous. Our leaders are coward and selfish. We don't believe our useless leaders.