Friday, October 10, 2014


We have read many rumours in the recent past!

*Modi has accepted to constitute pay commission for Bank employees and
Accepted to give 2% more than the central Govt. employees!

*Arun Jetly has offered 17.5+1%, if unions accepted for merger of banks.
Unions have rejected the offer!
(With comment: foolish decision by unions)

*One unions is ready to sign for 13.5-14%

* Unions are dragging the talks for more levies!

* Before Diwali good news will come. Govt. is actively working for that!
…. Many more but nothing has meterialised till date.
Latest one is spread today by some facebook accounts..………
“AIBOC has decided to strike work independently on 03.11.2014 and 05.11.2014
The effect of strike will be 5/6 days as there are intervening holidays.
As other constituents of UFBU have not come forward for strike,
AIBOC took their own decision”……..
( details of agitation programes with date and strike date also mentioned)

Truth is as per AIBOC cir. Dt.09.10.2014

“The 74th Executive Committee Meeting of our Confederation was held in emergent circumstances at New Delhi on 8th October, 2014.
It was also decided that AIBOC will persuade the other constituents of UFBU in the next meeting (scheduled for 13.10.2014 at Bangalore) to observe minimum 2 days strike in such a manner that its impact is felt by all the authorities concerned.”

The circular does not mention any strike date or about going on strike independently.
Why people are spreading these kinds of rumours?
Is wage revision process is such a funny subject for them?

General employees are expressing their views in social media to ventilate their concerns. O.K. We can understand that.
There are some people who are doing the work of
mix the pond well and to catch the fish
try to get advantage in an already disturbed place”
We are watching these types of activities also.

There are people whose only job is to abuse union/union leaders,
to show to others that how best they are passing comments or just for fun.
One comrade is supporing for merger of banks for the sake of good salary.
He didn’t know that he will not be there to receive such good salary if accepted for merger.

Everybody is asking for indefinite strike.
Whether they understand the pros and cons of the decision?
Whether they know the history of indefinite strikes in different industries for different issues and their outcome?

They say all the seniors and union leaders are fools and only the youngsters are having knowledge.
Yes I know that you are having very good knowledge about all bad words like
…f…k, begger, donkey,spineless,lick and many more words and using it while commenting.
This type of subject didn’t find place in yesteryear’s syllabus.
May be included in today’s B.E/M.E/M.C.A syllabus.

It is easy to post comments, if you have a mobile in your hand or thro’ PC.
But the reality is not as easy as you think.
Knowledge and wisdom are different.
Braveness and prudence are different.

Youngsters are concerned about their own transfer, promotion and hike in salary. They are not interested in taking responsibilities in trade union activities, but asking the seniors to leave the union and hand over to youngsters.
No doubt, one can’t be a leader forever, but one can’t leave the organization
abruptly, without handing over to safer hands.
A person who can’t spare time for attending meetings, demonstrations and dharnas has no moral right to question the trade union.
Even a strike day is a holiday for him to enjoy life.
How he will groom as union leader in future and spare his time, energy, leave and everything for fellow comrades.

You will get respect only when you respect others.
Getting higher wages is one of the objects of a trade union, but that is not the only object.

War of words will not stop here and will continue,
after all we are comrades, we can’t part away at any cost.



Anonymous said...

lal salam

rajeevkojha said...

What rubbish.Senile above 70 netas are sitting in Unions/Associations like limpets for the funds and perks only.Give details of all members of UFBU negotiation committee with their educational qualifications,how many days have they attended full days work in bank,whether in service or retired,money contributed by members that they have splurged on their air travel,hotel and other expenses etc in the name of Union/Association meets,confers etc.They shall all stand exposed before their members.

A young banker said...

"He didn’t know that he will not be there to receive such good salary if accepted for merger"
Sir please understand that banks are getting merged. Not individuals. So what logic does this line make ??
Fact is that union won't exist if banks are merged. And all unions care for is monthly subscriptions and levy. Since youngsters are threatening to stop paying both unions are panicking like an idiot to whom questions are asked. Answer our questions rather than threatening us. Unions exists only if subscriptions exists. WE ALL KNOW THAT

Anonymous said...

What was today????? Black badge wearing or no work after 4 or just black badge wearing, because I got saved from getting beaten by customers because one staff shouted to close all counters at 4pm and there was a long queue of exam challans,,,Please clarify what you unions are going to do so that ham maar na kahen,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

why RUMORS,the writer fails to understand.before writing such an
elaborate advice and teaching they themselves should introspect.there is no hesitation on the part of youngster to call a spade a spade in other words a thief a thief.the whole exercise whoever might have written is condemnable and amounts to supporting the evil.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha
Seniors spend much of their time in Bank drawing higher wages compared to other sector, so they made everything in life, no room for them to complain but to preach youngsters......
Whether senior or junior, it is the brain that counts......working on a thing for 15 years wont make you an expertise, rather it will stamp you as an inefficient worker!

Arbind Kumar Rai said...

Who is saying and thing that we will be not in JOB after merger it is wrong concept/thinking.Unions was thinking job cut after computerization but result is well known .
Arbind Kumar Rai
Andhra Bank

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

After all you accept that Bank union are failed to achive good wage revision in past and also in Present. Common bank Employee ask to you for good wage revision after 5 years but you are fail in this also..

same said...

OK...So what about the pathetic condition of bankers ( i think you also agreed the same ) even there is so called great god like 'yesterday's' leaders??? Is this because youngster's words or your leaders greatness?

Unknown said...

The real reason for these rumours is the SILENCE observed by the UFBU constituents and its leaders. Whey they are not coming out the true happenings held at their meeting with IBA then and there. It seems that they are not divulging the real facts about the wage talks. Hence, the Union leaders are liable for these rumours.

Anonymous said...

Very good. Verry good

Anonymous said...

Is is not fault of unions ? If members are fully informed in time , it will not afloat. So my dear Esteemed Leaders be transperent .

Anonymous said...

Stop taking levy and fight with ur wisdom & courage. Are u any elected members of any association, no u r selected. U don't fight for aam banker's cause, u r fighting for ur retirement benefits. Stop thinking urself messiah of some kind & fight election if u think ur famous in ur own association. Comradely your's.

Anonymous said...

Ha, all are rubbish discussion, actually comrades thought they have better experience of settlement, agreed, is it take 2-3 yrs to settled the issue? Then how come we believe their positiveness. I believe that youngsters has more enthusiasm, courage n potential to run the business. Your threatening is of no use, if not able to solve the problems in time n can't keep us happy, better to give the way for genuine quality leader. Better not to try to establish your concern over us.

Anonymous said...

Do something respectable so that we can respect you. Else forget it.

Anonymous said...

Arre aajkal to pm bhi har second ka hisab dene ki baat karte he. Learn from present political scenario. And rest assure we wont tell you anything if u take self cognigence.

Unknown said...

Sir OK we don't know very much what is possible as you known.but any union can tell What Happens 2 lack employees subscription, and why unions take levy, plz any body tell me
How long time taken these wage revisions 6 months,1 year,2 years,3,how long. Unions are made for employees GOOD for or BAD for

pavanavamshidhar said...

B.E/M.E/M.C.A syllabus what is this sir
we all came to work we are asking only for our right.please stop fighting among us. actually we do not know what is happening out there we need right and proper channel to communicate and share our views. your saying

we will be not in JOB after merger

please explain it properly so that we all fight for it.

union is not separate from employees all we make union we are saying we r union and fighting among us this not good for any one.
we are working and ready to work more but only for better pay.

Anonymous said...

Power of Indefinite strike

SBI employees win battle on pension issue

Over 2 lakh employees of State Bank of India went on in an indefinite strike on April 3, 2006 on their long-standing demand of comprehensive review of the pension scheme. Led by All India State Bank of India Staff Federation (AISBISF) and All India State Bank Officers' Federation (AISBOF), the strike in this largest bank of the country was total in all the 9,000 branches. The strike badly hit the transactions, which are to the tune of 30 million per day despite RBI's intervention in clearing operations. This apart, ATMs which are in largest number with the SBI, were also badly affected as they ran out of cash.

Finally, the central government conceded to the demands of the employees and the successful strike came to an end after a week on 9 April.

Anonymous said...

Union ..get lost....

Anonymous said...

If anybody who can be held responsible for these rumors it is the UFBU only as they have not only failed to live upto minimum expectation of the employees but also failed to communicate to its comrades even in this Internet age.
Shameless UFBU

Manish Bharti said...

Yes we don't know about struggles of old union leaders... But my question is that who made them leaders and for what purpose... may be in old days they were elected but today that is irrelevant.. You are saying that union leaders want to handover there post to some one suitable/capable younger leader.. what does that mean... they have not found a single good leader in decades.. moreover don't deny the leader,s lust for levy... its a universal truth.. So stop favoring union leaders for they are good for nothing except there own benefits.. they neither deserve to be our leaders nor they are elected as per union rules... so i think criticizing them is not just ok... its excellent.. and don'take newcomers degrees in your account.. we have far better manners than those.. and qualification.. and we are not selfish and greedy...

Anonymous said...

Black badge wearing day is failed totally.shame on union as they dont even have the capacity to provide black badges to the branches.all those agitation programs are limited to circulars only,nothing will be better to really do something which can be MATERIALIASED as they shout instead of barking to the youngstars......

newagebanker said...

why do you give same excuses???!!! to deny us our rights!!, we dont come to to your dharna and meetings, for the simple reason... NOT INTERESTED!!! also it produces zero to minimal result. also we dont want to be leaders... nor do we want to be lead.. we are good on our own.. so please.... time has changed.. your time is gone.. your archaic thoughts and methods have no place in a progressive society... please leave gracefully dear leaders.. damn... why these politicians stick to their chairs shamelessly... we want an executive committee who will ask our opinion on the next course of action... via sms poll.. via mail.. we all have registered no. or mails.. and choose the course action chosen by the majority of the members... you see that is the new way.. more inclusive.. more democratic... but then this will make you old ppl obsolete..useless.. this is what you are scared of... its not the well being of unions or the employees... its your ego.. you dont want to become useless overnight.. and hence we all have to suffer.. my hatred is no that unjustified you see..