Monday, August 11, 2014


******************As per the decision taken in the meeting of UFBU,
a communication was sent to IBA on 16/07/2014,
which was annexed to our aforesaid circular, response to which is still awaited.
Meanwhile, Convenor of United Forum of Bank Unions has sent another
communication to IBA asking for immediate dialogue on the salary revision.
The letter sent by UFBU to IBA is appended below:

The Chief Executive,
Indian Banks’ Association,
World Trade Centre Complex,
Centre 1, 6th Floor, Cuffe Parade,
MUMBAI – 400005.

Dear Sir,


Please refer to our Letter No. UFBU/IBA/2014/65 dated 16th July 2014 on the
captioned subject, expressing our concern for not holding any meeting after 13th June 2014

so as to continue the negotiations. We are yet to receive your response in the matter.We were given to understand that the issue was supposed to have been discussed in
the recently held Managing Committee Meeting of IBA. In this connection, we have to
inform that the growing unrest among the employees and the undue delay in conducting the
negotiations at regular intervals have become matters of serious concern. We shall,
therefore, be glad to have your immediate response in this regard.
The uncertainty and lackadaisical attitude cannot be allowed to continue for eternity.
It is desirable to take forward the negotiations in the interests of everyone to create a better
atmosphere and avoid unpleasantness. We await your immediate response without any
further delay.
Please treat the matter as EXTREMELY URGENT.
Please acknowledge receipt of this communications and advise us the position.
With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Reply received from IBA

Indian Banks Association
& Industrial Relations

 August 8, 2014

Shri MVMurali
Convenor United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBIJ)
and General Secretary
 National Confederation of Bank Employees

Dear Sir,

10. Bipartite Wage Revision — Negotiatioas

 We refer to your letter No.UFBU/IBA/2014/66 dated 5.8.2014 on the captioned subject.
It may be recalled that in the last Negotiating Committee meeting held on 13. June 2014,
the Chairman of the Negotiating Committee had categorically stated that
UFBU's demand of 25% increase in salary slip components is unreasonably high
and it was not possible for the Negotiating Committee to further increase the offer.

The UFBIJ was further advised that since banks would not be in a position to bear such an increase, a pragmatic approach be adopted and come up with an acceptable proposal to pave the way for further negotiations. The status of the Negotiations was also reviewed by the Managing Committee at its last meeting held on 28. July 2014.

The members endorsed the stand taken by the Negotiation Committee.

Many members expressed their inability, to take further load on account of wage revision . 
In view of the foregoing, we request you to revisit your demands and come up with a realistic approach for early settlement of wage revision.

Your considered views may be informally communicated to the Chairman of the Negotiating Committee for taking the matter forward.

Yours faithfully,



Anonymous said...

IBA please donot give excuse of high npa n say banks cannot bear 25% hike. We all know the reason behind rising npa, its the corupt management n corupt govt. Please refer the recent case of syndicate bank. Why we people suffer for their corrupt act ?

Unknown said...

Let us wait and see, what Mr. Venkatachalam is going to issue next statement on wage revision. He may be busy in preparing a statement on their achievement on COMPASSIONATE APPOINTMENTS in Banks rather than the Wage Revision of Bankmen. And let us see whether the UFBU leaders have the guts to issue INDEFINITE STRIKE NOTICE to IBA atleast now.

Anonymous said...

I want to seriously address to the K Unnikrishnan what is the reason why banks can not increase the wages by 25% and why they are not considering the banks position as on the date of November,2012 instead current position and will he be ready to increase the salary in-between if the Banks position will get better.
I want to ask him when despite of booking losses in many other sector government of India can introduce 7th pay commission why IBA is not pitching the same approach for PSU banks when we are continuously generating profits for government, despite of working 6 days a week with so much of accountability. Mr. unnikrishnan i want to remind you your role you are here to understand the demands of bankers you are just broker of PSU banks whose role is to pitching our demands to government and convincing government on PSU bankers demands you have no right to behave like alter government and behaving like a idiot goat who is repeating the same lines again and again. Stop bothering about the Banks we will sail our boat comfortably with 25% increase in wages also. Stop bothering about banks too much because you bother smell like you have taken bribe from government and playing from their sides why you guys never oppose governments faulty policies because that is the only reason for NPA. Now I command you stop repeating the same lines and cooperate otherwise this is just the beginning.

chandu said...

strike is the only way for good and early wage revision

Anonymous said...

Iba bale laat ki baat manenge baat se nahi please ufbu call indefinite strike

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect timing to call for an "Indefinite Strike".
Or else the matter would again be delayed for "Indefinite Period".

Anonymous said...

Union interested only on levy. More delay resulting more levy. Alok Kumar sinha

Unknown said...

The AiBOC Gen. Secy. has already written letters to all the constituents of the UFBU regarding start of agitational programmes including strike. Even the so called majority union ie. AIBEA is keeping silent about any agitation. The only motive behind the keeping of silence is PROBABLE COLLECTION OF LEVY from the accrued wage arrears payable to the Bankmen since Nov.2012.

Anonymous said...

Npa is increasing because of whom, even some of loss making public sector are also increasing salaries, why the banks are not coming forward eventhough getting profits