Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Government guidlines on the following:

Courtesy: AIBEA

Government guidlines on the following:
1. Staff Housing Loan to Bank Employees dt. 11-8-2014
2. Posting of employees who have differently abled dependents dt. 28-7-2014
3. Campus Recruitment in Banks dt. 4-8-2014


Ministry of Finance
Department of Financial Services
Dated 11.08.2014
          The Chairman,
          Indian Bank Association,
          Head Office,  Mumbai.

Sub : Staff Housing Loan to Bank Employees.

         ……it is decided to convey the concurrence of the Government to IBA’s proposal contained in letter under reference as follows:

PSBs may decide the matter related to Staff Housing Loan Policy with the approval of its Board and Board may suggest if it feels it to be a part of wage negotiations”.

2        IBA is accordingly requested to take appropriate action to convey the same to all Public Sector Banks for deciding the matter related to Staff Housing Loan.

3        This issues with the approval of Hon’ble Finance Minister.

Yours faithfully,
(Manish Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Government of India


Ministry of Finance
Deptt. of Financial Services
28th July, 2014
1.                   The CMDs of all PSBs/PSICs/FIs
2.                  RBI/IRDDA/PFRDA
Subject: Posting of Government employees who have differently abled dependents – reg.
          I am directed to forward herewith a copy of DoP&T’s O.M. No. 42011/3/2014 – Estt.(Res.) dated 6th July, 2014, on the above subject for information and compliance of the guidelines contained therein.
Yours faithfully,
(S.R. Mehar)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
6th June, 2014

Sub:   Posting of Government employees who have differently abled dependents – reg.

          There has been demand that a Government employee who is a care giver of the disabled child may not have to suffer due to displacement by means of routine transfer/ rotational transfers. This demand has been made on the ground that a Government employee raises a kind of support system for his/her disabled child over a period of time in the locality where he/she resides which helps them in the rehabilitation.

2        ………..
3        Considering that the Government employees who has disabled child serve as the main care giver of such child, any displacement of such Government employee will have a bearing on the systemic rehabilitation of the disabled child since the new environment / set up could prove to be a hindrance for the rehabilitation process of the child. Therefore, a Government servant who is also a care giver of disabled child may be exempted from the routine exercise of transfer/rotational transfer subject to the administrative constraints. The word ‘disabled’ includes (i) blindness or low vision (ii) hearing impairment (iii) locomotor disability or Cerebral Palsy (iv) leprosy cured (v) mental retardation (vi) mental illness and (vii) multiple disabilities.

4        …………..

5        This issues with the approval of MoS(PP).

6        All the Ministers/Departments, etc. are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all concerned under their control.
                                                                                   Sd/- (Debabrata Das)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Financial Services
 August 4, 2014

To      Chairman, SBI/CMD, of all Public Sector Banks including IDBI
          And SBI Associates.

Subject :       Campus Recruitment in PSBs.

          I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to say that it has come to the knowledge of this Department that some of the Banks have been recruiting officers through campus recruitment leading to litigation.
2        In this context, it has been decided to bring to the notice of all the Public Sector Banks (PSBs) the judgement dated  1.4.2013 …….as follows :
“……….the stated recruitment policy of the respondent bank dated 5.3.2009 as also circular issued by the Government of India dated 22.2.2005 which provides for recruitment of officers in the PSBs against ‘permanent vacancies’ on ‘regular basis’ by resorting to campus recruitment/interview method and not by inviting applications from public at large  by issuing public advertisement, being illegal and unconstitutional. The respondents are directed to forbear from making any appointment against the permanent vacancies on regular basis by resorting to campus recruitment/interview mechanism hereafter and if such appointment is made, the same will be non-est in law.”
3        The SLP No. 25030/2013 as well as the review Petition No. 285/2014 filed by the concerned Bank in the Hon’ble  Supreme Court have been dismissed. In view of the dismissal of the review petition, the order of the Bombay High Court dated 1.4.2013 has attained finality.
4        In the light of the above, the Ministry of Law and Justice has observed as under _
“….recruitment of officers in Public Sector Banks against permanent direct recruitment vacancies on regular basis by resorting to campus recruitment / interview method may not be in accordance with the law….”
5        Since the decision of the Bombay High Court has been confirmed in the Supreme Court, the Public Sector Banks are, therefore, requested that the said decision of the High Court may be brought to the knowledge of the Board of Directors of the Bank immediately for meticulous compliance.
6        This issues with the approval of Secretary (Financial Services).
Yours faithfully,
Sd.. (Manish Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Government of India


Anonymous said...

I joined State Bank Group as PO in 1979.Taking VRS this month,could have continued till 2017. Only time Bankers got a fair deal was in Pillai Committee. A GM was given 3000-3500 scale,when Secretary to GoI was getting 3500 and Addl. Secretary was getting 3000 as basic pay.Today GM gets 52000 pay, lower than any band 4 officer of GoI (Pay 67000), ie lower than an Under Secretary. Only satisfaction I got during this 34 year and 9 month of service in bank is that I never became member of any Union/ASS-ociation and never paid a single paisa to them. I knew at the beginning that only scum rises to top in PSBs; and the netas are chamchas of these scums. Sooner the bankers stop paying 200 pm to these netas the better.

N.Subramanian said...

It is really painful.As an officer at the level of AGM retired under VRS after putting in more than 33 years I have a feeling that the bank has let down us all very badly. The bank and govt with a vengeance knowing fully well that it is not fair to deny at par treatment in payment of pension on the same terms have refused to pay heed to the appeals of Pensioners Associations. . The pity is the officers at top levels are also not an excemption to the rule. We have worked during the hard days when computerisation was not there and sitting late and doing all the work manually all through our service did not enjoy the present day comfort of working in a computerised branch.Less work and more pay is the dictum of the day. The Bank unions and Federations fight for the salary hike for the working staff but do not talk a bit about the updation of pension on the lines of Central Govt staff and extension of adequate medical facilities to the retired pensioners. The cases and suits filed in the Courts are pending for years and the Govt and Bank Managements on their part are doing their level best to get delivery of judgements delayed.Still we are waiting very eagerly with the fond hope that at least with the new Government in the Centre things will move fast and justice will be done.