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 Bank unions meet FM, press for early wage revision
Union member claims IBA offered a 'meagre' 11% increase in pay-slip components, against union's demand of 25%
BS Reporter & PTI  |  New Delhi  
June 27, 2014 Last Updated at 20:34 IST

Representatives of the trade unions of public sector bank employees on Friday met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and sought his intervention to ensure early settlement of negotiations on wage revision.
Jaitley assured representatives of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) Financial Services Secretary R S Sandhu would look into the matter and the settlement process expedited, union leaders said.
General secretaries of nine employee unions under the UFBU were present at the meeting, along with D Raja, member of Parliament from the Communist Party of India.

UFBU comprises five workmen unions and four officer associations.
UFBU convener M V Murali said the union leaders told Jaitley they had held about 10 rounds of discussions with bank managements, but the Indian Banks' Association (IBA) was delaying the settlement.

"Despite the fact that 20 months have passed since the negotiations began, no significant improvement has been made towards an expeditious conclusion of the settlement. More, IBA is offering the least increase, quoting non-affordability of banks in paying higher wages, partly because of an increase in non-performing assets," he said.
He claimed IBA had offered a "meagre" 11% increase in pay-slip components, against the union's demand of 25%.
The wage revision of public sector bank employees has been due since November 2012. In the last round of wage revision settlement signed in 2010 (for the period between 2007 and 2012), the managements had agreed to a 17.5% rise in salaries.
India has 27 public sector banks, with a combined employee strength of about 800,000. Across the country, these banks have about 70,000 branches.
Will "good days" come in Modi Government?("अच्छा दिन" मोदी सरकार में आ जाएगा?) or the same old wine in new bottle will be served?
(like railway fare increase, diesel price raise every month, likely price raise every month in cooking gas, rejection of unfavourable/adding  favourable names in chief Justice post etc.,etc.,)
Let us hope for the best.
Life runs on Hopes, Expectations, Positive thinking................... 


Unknown said...

Like ex FM Chidu, the Present FM will sing the same song "Banks are not in a position to pay more pay to bankmen". That means "same old wine in new bottle" or "same pill in a different pack" This is because, only the FM is new, the other secretaries in the MOF are old.

Unknown said...

why we are not going for strike

LSRK SARMA said...

Bank unions lost their bargaining capacity in the negotiations because leadership has become weak, there is no second line leadership in the cadre due to this bank men are suffering like any thing they don't have proper calculations when central govt and other govt employees getting more wages UFBU failing to project these figures in the negotiations it seems.

at present since 2001 onwards bak officers are suffering like any thing working conditions are become worst no body is talking about this now bank officers need peaceful working condition in the industry a branch manager has to bear multiple responsibilities top management want bank men to compete with private and foreign banks without proper amenities Branch Manager is responsible/accountable for every thing.My suggestion to all the Unions first concentrate on the strengthen of the union in the units develop strong second line cadre and conduct training classes to the youngsters to enhance the knowledge levels of trade union activities automatically we can achieve every thing.

Anonymous said...

Student-> works hard and studies well-> gets good marks-> Qualifies in UPSC/PSC/Government organisation exams-> becomes a Government employee..They are enjoying the fruits of their hard work..They become Gazetted officers. .with the power to Attest...I really envy them..