Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Details of dicussion on 27.01.2014

Details of dicussion on 27.01.2014 AS REPORTED BY UNIONS/ASSICIATIONS:


In today’s negotiation it was expected that IBA will substantially improve their 
offer to the satisfaction which fulfils the aspirations of the officers and employees working 
in the banking industry. But to our utter dismay, after a protracted discussion, IBA 
improved their offer by 0.50 % only i.e. a final offer of 10 % only on the pay slip 
components (excluding the superannuation and other costs). The reason once again 
cited for their present low offer was the stress on balance sheets of various banks. UFBU 
rejected the offer made by the IBA instantly. 

Immediately, thereafter the UFBU in its meeting considered this offer as too low to 
have any view on that and unanimously decided to go on two days strike on 10th
 and 11th of February 2014 (starting from 6.00 a.m. on 10th
 of February to 6.00 a.m. of 12th February 2014).

It is also pertinent to inform you that 
immediately after UFBU decided to observe two days strike, IBA has invited us for 
negotiations on 13th February, 2014. 


 Preceding the meeting, UFBU held its meeting at SBI Central Office to discuss the plan of action to achieve the goal set.

We have reiterated that the issues raised by the management should be rejected as they affect the basic service conditions of the entire workforce directly or indirectly.  Further it was also placed that “Regulated working hours for Officers, 5 days a week and Compassionate ground appointment” should not lose sight of.

3. IBA , while initiating the dialogue, reminded the participating unions to respond to the issues listed earlier ie i) C2C, ii) Hospitalisation linked to Insurance, iii) Negotiations upto Scale III Officers, as they have already  offered from 5% to 9.5% though they were not having the clearance  from the owners.  It was categorically made clear to IBA that the issues raised by them have been already replied in earlier rounds and reiterated that the proposals are totally unacceptable to UFBU.

4. After a prolonged exchanges, as the paying capacity is restricted on account of growing NPA in the Balance Sheet coupled with provisioning of pension liability, IBA expressed that they have to  stick to the offer of 10% a meager increase, against the demand of 30% increase in the pay slip component.

5. The net result of the entire exercise is to revive the 48 hours strike deferred earlier, from 6 am on 10th February 2014 to 6 am of 12th February 2014.


IBA the talks on Wage Revision by asking all Unions to give their positive indications on the following Management’s Issues.
today surprisingly diverted
1)  Cost to Company concept to be considered Xth Bipartite talks.
2) Variable Pay to be allowed.
3) Wage Revision of Xth Bipartite be applicable to only Officers upto scale Hi & 1BA may be given freehand to decide the wages/pay scales of Officers above scale III.
4) To accept the scheme of Medical Insurance proposed by IBA with the assistance of
Private Insurance Companies.

All Unions have debated and opposed this aspect & insisted on IBA to first settle our Wage Revision but yet IBA kept on harping on following points to desist from offering a new commitment on Wage Revision.

a) The financial positions of Banks are not good & may get a hit due to heavy provisions
due to increasing NPAs.
b) To evaluate the Pay-in-capacity of each Bank.
c) To study the reasons of reducing Profits, quarter by quarter.

These points to well debated but it could not result in IBA increasing their earlier offer of 9.5% on Pay slip.

On continuous persuasion by all Unions IBA revised its earlier offer by 0.5% i.e. increased its earlier offer from 9.5% to 10.0% of the Pay slip. IBA also stated that it will place this issue & have discussions in its Managing Committee. This was also not appreciated by all Unions & we expect that IBA will further upwardly revise it in the next meeting.


Harish Kumar Singh said...

Iba is just making fool to all aam bankers and these union leaders are are enjoying this campaign just by delaying the settlement. Why did ufbu deffered the strike of 21&22 jan having given wage load of 9.5%.now after 10% they say strike again. For what iba hsd called on 13feb????

On4feb election commission has called meeting of all party for loksabha elec.
Now just imagine all the datez...............

Harish Kumar Singh said...

Even 1% below 32, with 0.15% da calculation factor. Then only we will come near about the salary of central government. 7th pc has been set up also. 7th pc v/s 10th bps or say 6pc v/s 10 bps. Cant even imagine the loss we all had suffered.

Harish Kumar Singh said...

Iba is saying effects of wage revisiob on balance sheet.
What about npa of big corporate houses,various government sponsered schemes,etc.
All these these ultimately end up in write off proceeds from ho.

Why &for whom?.....
Did not they effect the balance sheet? ??

Who is responsible?

Anonymous said...

It is really pathetic drama of playing 'STRIKE' STRIKE'. Now even people start laughing when we put strike notice posters at our branch. Because they know it will not happen. And IBA is laughing all the way. Let us all decide that even if this time our unions call off strike without any good reason we all will go on mass leave for 2 days and show them our seriousness and power.

pradip said...

Wow! what a cunning strategy applied by both.It means altimately they want to close the wage revision upto 15%.Banks NPA is increasing,is it our fault? or govrnment's decisions are responsible for it.Iba should know if favourable wage revision does not take place,the condition of banks will go worse than present.And unions also should understand that employees will no more tolarate their pale attempts.

vaikunta k said...

this is a drama between iba and ufbu. What for ufbu looking with out giving indefinite strike to get our demands.
Banks are wasting lot of money(profit) in the name of writtenoff bad loans but actually those profits are came from employes in that case also iba was not interested to give atleast 50% of those wastage.
And our so called unions are begging for nuts instead of putting pressure on IBA.

Unknown said...

It is the Govt. and the Senior Executives appointed by the Govt. are responsible for the NPA factors that lead to erosion of Bank's profits and not the employees. Hence, remunerations to employees cannot be touched for the sake of provisions to NPAs / written off of bad debts etc. Only Govt. socio economic policies and the frauds committed by the senior officers and executives have caused the present position of banks in the profitability area. We do not understand that Why the UFBU leaders are keeping mum on this point?. Are they partners with IBA & Govt. in this Wage Revision? Let the UFBU leaders explain this and rectify their faults. Otherwise let them vacate the office of the Unions/Associations and get postings from Govt. as the executives of Bank do after retirement.

Anonymous said...

All unions are Dalal of iba. Why they are not calling for indefinite strike after getting an offers of 5 or 10% increase

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

UFBU is calling bank strikes after 2-3 weeks instead of going on short notice. They should have called for a week strike on short notice to express our displeasure over the 0.5 % hike they offered . All Union leaders at top level are mixed up with IBA. Every new officers and clerk should withdraw their membership from this Union to form a new one, probably some good people with backbones to lead...