Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As you all know IBA has proposed a Health Insurance Scheme in lieu of present system of Reimbursement of Hospitalisation expenses.
We are at a stage whether to accept the proposal or not /accept with some safeguards/improvements.
Both the systems have their  own merits and demerits.
In the present system, employee has to incur expenditure and then get reimbursement.
Employee has to admit himself in a Bank approved hospital, otherwise his will not be reimbursed.
Ceiling for each and every item, like bed charges, operations charges, clinical test charges et.,
Maternity expenses not reimbursed in case of normal delivery (allowed in case of caesarian) and so on.

In case of Insurance scheme, pre-existing deceases not reimbursed.
Certain expenditure not allowed in first year.
Total amount restricted to policy amount. (Different for Officer, clerk and Sub staff)
In the Present system Officers or reimbursed 125% of award staff(clerk sub staff) rate( except bed charges) , where as in the proposed scheme there are three different policy  amounts .  More for Officers less for sub staff.
As you all know hospitals are not charging less for clerks and sub staff and more for officers.
In this situation employees/unions have to decide which way to go?
Whether to accept new proposal or not?
Or to accept the new proposal with necessary improvements?
I appeal all of you, irrespective of cadre, to express your views/ suggestions short and sharp.
If you want a to suggest in detail please send it to my e-mail address vetrinicchayam@gmail.com
I will again publish your suggestions collectively.


kanagaraj jaganathan said...

People at the negotiating table should understand that the diseases are common among all men and women. Hence the classification of officers, clerks and sub-staff should not be applied while implementing the New Medical Insurance scheme. The unions must ask for and agree for a higher amount equal for all cadres. If still the IBA insists for different amount for different cadres, the unions should totally reject the offer and opt for the Reimbursement of Hospitalisation as done at present

!!!!ഗോപിക്കുട്ടന്‍!!Gopikuttan!!!! said...

I'm against the proposed insurance scheme as my bank allows me to go to any hospital and allows 100% reimbursement for me and my dependents from the corpus fund created from the contributions from employees. Please note that no insurance company will do business for anything else other than profit. They will be happily rejecting and reducing your claims and will add interesting conditions for eligibility. They will be happy enough to increase the premium every year and unions cant do anything as the management will say 'everything is done by the insurance company'. If I have to go for a medical insurance, I prefer to go by my own choice and IBA can add that amount to my salary, no need to take pain or me.

Indian Bank Kumar said...

Dear Gopikuttan pl mention your Bank's name.
explain "corpus fund created by contribution from employees"

Unknown said...

In the talks held on 11.10.2013, it is understood that the UFBU has totally rejected the Health Insurance Scheme and offered to hold on the present system of Reimbursement of Medical Expenses. It is much appreciated and should hold on this stand till the end as IBA may try to give false promises under the guise of discussions over the difficulties faced in settlement of Insurance claims.

Anonymous said...

I am an new entrants to banking industry. but i find it very ridiculous that sbi clerical cadre gets only rs 2000/- yearly as medical expenditure, whereas officers are reimbursed medical expenditure 100%. Even central or state govt employee are given rs 500/- pm, which amounts to rs. 6000/- yearly with reimbursement of expenditure in hospital. we want that an employee should give his best to his organization, but when it comes to welfare, IBA starts weeping. A comprehensive policy should be adopted for all, so that an employee is free of tension, when he works. I am not happy with earlier policy neither i am happy with planned proposal.