Friday, August 10, 2012


I am receiving too many quries about fitment on promotion from clerk to officer and scale 1 to scale 2 etc.
My general reply is as follows:

1. IBA will issue a guide line for fitment of basic pay on promotion from clerk to officer and from Scale 1 to 2 ect., after  every Bi-partite is signed.

2. It is applicable to 46 banks which have signed  Bi-partite settlements.

3. Individual unions/association in the respective Banks have to negotiate with the management and arrive at an agreement.

4. Till such time fitment will be according to prevailing formula in the respective banks only

5. In your case also unions in your bank should have an agreement with your bank.
   Your fixation will be according to  that agreement only.


Point to note is fitment for clerks to officer will be negotiated by award staff union only.
( It is informed that in State Bank of India, Officer Federation is negotiating with Management 
for Fitment of Clerk to Officer on promotion.) 

Coming the prevailing status in different banks I give below following case.

Case One:  Union(having signing authority) In Punjab National Bank has negotiated and achieved settlements in accordance with IBA guideline.

Click the following link for the chart/table.

Case Two: In Indian Bank no settlement was signed after Sep 1992 effective for those who were promoted after 01.11.1987. The same formula was followed till today for all those promoted even after 01.11.1992 by the time better formula was suggested by IBA itself .

Hence all the officers promoted from 01.11.1992 are drawing one or two increments less than what their counterparts are drawing in other banks.

How much an  increment cost in rest of the service of an employee?

It will affect 1200(approx)X12XNo. Years service remaing/Pension for the rest of the life/commutation/Gratuity/encashment of service and on retirement ect.

Any affected officer may calculate in real terms and give your feedback.
If my information is proved wrong I will happily accept.

Kindly inform what is the position in different Banks.


Point to note is fitment from Scale one to two etc., will be negotiated by officers Union only.

Since AIBOC is the majority union in most of the banks they might have arrived at settlements at all banks in line with IBA guidelines (as they have negotiated the formula at IBA level itself).

Officer comrades may through some light on this subject and send your feedback, so that I can publish here for the readers.


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