Thursday, September 9, 2010


1. In the Pension Regulations 1993/1995 there is no provision for collecting money from                    employees to make up the short-fall in pension fund. If at all any short fall is faced it should be made good by the banks themselves. Then on what basis banks are now asking employees to   contribute for short fall?

2. In 7th, 8th, 9th bi-partite settlements 8.25%, 9.25%, 13% of additional cost of pension was carved out of wage load and given to banks to make-up the shortfall in pension fund. This amount belongs to both Pension Optees and PF optees, but used for paying pension to Pension Optees only. Therefore is there any logic in asking funds now from PF optees only?
3. In the Pension Regulation 1993/1995 there was a clause stating that pension will not be paid to those employees who participates in any strike. In 1999, this clause has been removed, but no fresh option is given to PF optees to join pension scheme then. Why?
4. In Railways and RBI fresh options were given to employees to join Pension Scheme several times without asking single paisa. Then why in Banks,  Employees are asked to contribute towards Pension Fund?
5. If all the employees have opted for Pension in 1993/1995 itself,  how banks would have managed Pension Fund?
6. In State Bank of India three retirement benefits are being given to employees. viz. PF+Pension+Gratuity. In Public Sector Banks only two benefits are available. Even for that second benefit Employees have to pay in every wage revision settlement. Does it mean Bank Employees are not given two retirement benefit,  but they are given only 1.5 benefits i.e., half of what SBI employees are getting?
7. When SBI associate banks are merged with SBI, Govt. is ready to extend Pension Benefit to those Employees of associate banks without asking anything from employees. Where from money comes to meet this additional expenditure?
8. Banks are ready to incur expenditure to the extent of 14% (10% of B.P. +D.A) towards PF for new recruits from 01.04.2010, but not ready to pay more than 10% for PF optees. Why?
9. Pension Regulation 1993/1995 provides for paying pension only on superannuation, i.e. after 60years of age only, but at the time of VRS2000 it is modified /amended to give pension to even employee of 40years. Because of this act of Banks only, Pension fund dried up. Is it not true?
10. Hence, we PF optees feel principle of natural Justice is denied/violated in this aspect. We appeal to both IBA AND UNIONS to re-open the settlement and take corrective measures.    LET BANKS AND UNIONS ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!

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