Thursday, January 1, 2015

Scheme on appointments on compassionate ground:

Scheme on appointments on compassionate ground:

Recently, the Government has issued a clarification to all the Banks as under by which, an option would be available to the eligible family to opt for employment in the Bank or to receive ex-gratia lumpsum.

F.No.18/2/2013-IR  Government of India  Ministry of Finance, Department of Financial Services
Dated the December 5, 2014 has now been decided that all Public Sector Banks can have both the options i.e. compassionate appointment or payment of lumpsum exgratia amount. However, any of these two options can be used  only when the other conditions of compassionate appointment are met.
This has the approval of Finance Minister.
 Yours faithfully,
Sd/  (Manish Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

 In families where there are no eligible member with requsite educational qualification & 
In families where all are already employed, no neccesary 
for a bank job
They can now opt for ex-gratia.
However these modification/improvement is applicable for 
cases on after 05.08.2014 only.


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