Monday, January 5, 2015

Outcome of today's conciliation meeting ;
In the conciliation meeting held today
by CLC at Delhi,
IBA said it would hold negotiations with UFBU tomorrow at Mumbai
to find amicable solution.
UFBU agreed to attend the meeting.
Further course of action depends on the outcome of tomorrow's meeting with IBA.
Strike on 07 01 2015 stands.


khaleel ahammed syed said...

I think it is useless to attend clc conciliation meeting. It is another drama by IBA/GOVT to get postpone the strike. If they really want, strike not to be observed, ask them first announce their offer, then only attending clc meeting, it is fruitful. don't be fools made by iba/govt. all the best

Anonymous said...

Whether it is a ltc meeting or wage settlement. We have lost faith on our so called leaders. We are confident that it will settle at 15% or less

Anonymous said...

hope for the best

ramana g said...

For gods sake pls dont postpone 21 to 24 strike we are getting minimum wage heavy work this wage revision stays for next 5 yrs

Anonymous said...

Union is a waste puppets of Government...shame on u guys