Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is UFBU still united?

Is unity is For “prosper”
               For “survival”
               For “destruction”?
UFBU’s circular on cancellation:
“In the background of the assurance given by IBA towards expeditious wage settlement and also considering the positive developments since the conciliation meeting held on 5th January 2015, it was unanimously decided by the UFBU to put on hold the Four days’ continuous strike from 21st to 24th January 2015.”

If UFBU was satisfied with developments after 5th meeting ,
What is the necessity for UFBU to write to IBA on 13.01.2015 and 16.01.2015
demanding a meeting before 21.01.2015?
What is necessity to write letter informing strike will be continued if no meeting is arranged?

There is no mention about When IBA assured to settle the issues
in the first week of FEB 2015.
Apart from the letter dt.13.01.2015 .
(wherein IBA said it will arrange meeting in the first week of Feb and
close the entire process by mid Feb only)
Even after this letter UFBU has again written letter for arranging meeting.

When IBA assured to settle issue and in what mode
Oral, telephonic, written or on across the table for negotiation?
To whom it is communicated?
On 19.01.2015 only sub-committee meetings were held which was attended by
Members of the committee from IBA and UFBU only and
not full negotiating committee from both sides.
No explanation on the above is given in UFBU’s circular.

AIBEA  (Com.C.H. Venkatachalam) writes……

“Hence, in the interest of the banking public, the 4 days strike has been deferred and put on hold till further talks.  We expect that this goodwill be reciprocated by the Government and IBA and that they would expedite the settlement with fair increase in wages.”

“In the interest of public” is really the reason?
Then we can’t go on strike at any point of time.
If cancelation is a goodwill , then “not announcing strike” will be more than goodwill?
Is it not?

 AIBOC letter…….

our Confederation strongly took up the position of adhering to the strike call through the views expressed by your Representatives in the meeting. However, other organizations were not in agreement with our views. After making all efforts to convince other constituents of UFBU to implement the strike call and considering all the pros and cons of our organization going on strike along with only one Award Staff Union (NOBW) will not serve the purpose and will also send signals against the Unity of UFBU. We with very heavy heart agreed to withhold the four days strike with certain conditions.

On 15.01.2015 only AIBOC and BEFI wrote to UFBU for make prepearation for going for strike.
Then only UFBU written a second letter to IBA for arranging a meeting.
At that point of time either NOBW or any other 6 unions have not opened their mouth.
Now AIBOC says only NOBW come forward for strike with them.
Any new alliance formed?
Alliance for what?

Other unions/Associations has not issued any circular or communication at this point of time.  


Anonymous said...

CHV ( sold out leader ) and why he don't think about aam banker .we want such members in ufbu who reciprocate aam banker views. Only aiboc n nobw was ready for strike .what about aibea??.goodwill of public or goodwill of themselves.shame on chv and others who differ strike . There was no reason to differ strike.leaders like CHV you are personal chamcha of iba.


I dont understand what are doing in these unions...
Well it is my humble request to all young bankers to prepare for some other entrance exam and leave this shit hole ...
I have resiged from from union .. not giving them a single hard earned penny...

Anonymous said...

The way strikes are announced and deffered by the UFBU, speaks how the union leaders are enjoying making fun of employees of banking industry. When the union leader themselves are making fun of negotiation of wage settlement, why the government will bother to settle the same?
As more than 55% employee strength in the banking industry consists of youth, I strongly appeal to them to get united and come forward and form their own union as the union of youth will lead the banking industry in coming days only....

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of unity if you blame the other unions in the union?
We expected much from harvinder singhji.but he is another mms- Goodman but weak
We shudder to think - like family pension they r approaching 5 day week and 5 day working is bandied about.bankmen will end up seven days a week!!
God save us from dastardly leaders with pea brains

Anonymous said...

UFBU seems to have more faith in IBA than the members.If the news of rejection of 5 day banking by centre is of any indication,one may guess about the percentage of increase that may be expected from IBA/UFBU/Government.It is high time the bank employees relax leaving the bi partiate settlement to fate....

Anonymous said...

No further small committee meetings?
Is it because the masters IBA stopped calling UFBU as the objectives of thwarting strike ,demoralising bankmen and breaking unity have been achieved?
Or is it the joint venture of IBA n UFBU to hoodwink the bankmen?

gavidi satyanarayana said...


Anonymous said...

Let's make our new union YIBA -young Indian banker association ans throw tthese oldies out

Anonymous said...

I think the move by UFBU is due to Obama visit.

Anonymous said...

What are u all still expecting everything is already fixed long time back under closed door eject from the union there is nothng to expect they are old cunning fox

Jeff hoovers said...

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Mohit Sinha said...

ithink ufbu should start negotiation for 11th bps in 2015 itself so that they can conlude it by nov 2017