Saturday, January 17, 2015

AIBOC  Circular No. 2015/07 Dated: 17/01/2015
(gIst only)
Dear Comrades,
……..UFBU now feels that there appears no intention of IBA to have any negotiations before the scheduled strike and has called a meeting on 19th January, 2015, to review the present position to make the strike a grand success and also to decide the future course of action.
Comrades, since the time left at our disposal will be very short and we know that all our members are eagerly waiting for the action programmes declared by UFBU, we call upon you all to be in all preparedness and meanwhile, suggest some of the following actions for our Affiliates and State Units:
Hold emergency State Committee Meetings to brief about the developments so far,
A fast communication channel should be evolved so that the message about the UFBU’s decision on 19th January is percolated down to the cadre in the fastest mode,

Try to finalise the place of Demonstration / Rally / Dharna ….

To keep ready the draft posters, which can be printed immediately……
To keep liaisoning ready with the press so that the common press releases which may be issued at the apex level is ensured to find a place in the press at the earliest.
Comrades, we assure you that your feelings and expectations will certainly be conveyed and discussed at the right forum but ultimate decision/s will be taken considering the circumstances at that point of time.
“Fear is for the powerless. Fear is for the alone. But as we stand together now, we are neither of those”.
March on Comrades……….
With revolutionary greetings,
Comradely yours,


Anonymous said...

Natak band karo bhai ... we all know that strike will call off at the last moment... atleast do the strike so we can take rest for some time with our family as we know our wages are not going to increase anyways. so please do strike and march on

Unknown said...

Dear Comrade

we are very much prepared for participating in strike,fore thinking that IBA will never reach UFBU demands.It is just postponing till completion of October 2017

Anonymous said...

There will be a strike call off after creating hype among us that they are working hard for providing us peanuts.

Anonymous said...

You guys already came below 20 % no point in getting my salary deducted for 4 more days...i am sorry to say this but it is because of your actions only....THIS TIME I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE.

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Let's do it guys

As rao said...

five day banking along with hike in pay scale is must. andhra pradesh government saying that they are unable to pay the salaries to the staff hiked the wages to the elctricty board employees by more than 30 % and ap state government employees are also expecting more than that. one wrong step or one hasty decision will be remembered for five years. so please think positively and act ortherwise the employees will never forget your acts.

Unknown said...

Really vryy poor decision by ufbu.....calling on strike nd den suspending it repeatdly gves impression dat union iz not able 2 keep their wrds.........Its zst a game f handful representatives who r making fun out f bankers trust nd hope.......we r already close 2 wat is supposed 2 b our nxt settlmnt.....still our earlier settlmnt izz pending.......

A strong union shld hv d capacity to bring govt on bckfoot whr our demand izz legitimate nd here union sucks..........Hw com iba izz so sure 2 solve entire issue within feb 1st week......may bbcz match izz already fixed at 13.5% as rumoured earlier........Shame on unions..

Time 4 small young union nd groups to.come 2gthr like yiba nd webankers.......these old.people r gud.4 nothing....

Arunesh Gupta
Vijaya bank
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