Tuesday, March 4, 2014


full text of Circular No. UFBU/2014/21, dated 03.03.2014,
issued by United Forum of Bank Unions

“As informed in our earlier Circular No. 20 dated 19-02-2014, another round of
negotiations on our wage revision demands was held in Mumbai today between UFBU and
IBA. IBA’s team was led by its Negotiating Committee Chairman Mr. T M Bhasin while
UFBU was represented by all the constituent unions.
Opening up the discussions, Mr Bhasin said that looking to the present performance
and earnings of the Banks and the financial constraints faced by the Banks, it would not be
possible for them to further improve their earlier offer of 10% increase over the cost of
payslip components. From UFBU we stoutly contested their contention and pointed out that
Banks have adequate profitability and hence the offer of IBA needs to be substantially
increased upwards as their offer of 10% is totally unacceptable to the Unions and already
rejected as inadequate. We also drew their attention to the wage accords reached recently in
few other sectors as well as the Government’s mind as reflected in their reference to the 7th
Pay Commission.

The IBA stated that they would be able to negotiate further on our demands or
improve their offer only if the UFBU would specify its expectations or if any counter offer is
given by the UFBU in response to their offer of 10%. From the side of UFBU, we explained
that our expectations or counter offer can be spelt out only if we know the response of the
IBA to the various important issues raised by the UFBU viz. introduction of 5 Days Banking,
defined working hours for officers, improvements in pension scheme like periodical updation,
uniform DA rate for all pensioners, revision in Family Pension formula, switching over from
New Pension Scheme to Defined Benefit pension scheme for the new recruits from 2010,
100% reimbursement of entire hospitalisation expenses of the employees/ officers/ family
members, housing facilities for all employees and officers, etc.
The IBA informed us that they would be able to react or respond only after all these
issues are discussed by them internally and also in consultation with the Finance Ministry
whom they would be meeting on the 5th instant. Hence IBA stated that they would come back
to us on these issues in the next round of meeting which they would be convening shortly.
We have suggested that the next round of meeting should be held within the next 7/10 days
to which IBA has agreed.
During today’s meeting, we also urged upon the IBA to expedite the compassionate
appointment scheme and IBA informed us that they are very much seized of the issue and
would endeavor to speed up the issue with the Government.
Comrades, it would be seen that the negotiations are entering the crucial stage and
hence it is very much necessary to maintain our unity, cohesion and preparedness to respond
to the call of the UFBU as may be warranted.”


1. Whether to accept highier percentage of increase in wages and compromising on other demands?
2. or Accept lower percentage on wages and get improvements in other demands?

This is the tone I hear from the circular.

General employees expect both type of demands should be achieved at a reasonable level. 


Anonymous said...

both demands should be satisfied


It is high time that the entire negotiation be telecast live for the loyal members to actually know talks are held and genuine demands are clinched. When parliamentary proceedings are shown live why not this?

Anonymous said...

Hellow, Waste Bodies of UFBU, areyou
people making mockery? IBA is coming for negotiating table casully and WB of UFBU is also going casully. Both IBA and UFBU are not serious about settlement. Only AAM BANKER is serious and waiting like Jataka Pakshi the date of next negotiation.
End result is BIGZERO.

After seeing the full circular of the convenor it appears that IBA and UFBU leaders had a nice chit chat on 03.03.2014 and had sumptiuos food and have left to their place without thinking of the aam banker.

Why you people have to put before the IBA your demands every time? Is there any value for your Charter of Demand? You are all fooling the members. I feel they deserve to be fooled as they don't have guts to boot you people by mass resigning from unions.

Hellow, ordinary members at least now wake up and boot your leaders.
Still your UFBU leaders are waiting for another date for further negotiation. I will tell U your leaders will meeet after 15 - 20 days and will discuss casually and the IBA will tell the same story of meeting Finance Dept. and will fix further date....... This drama will continue for ever till
7th Pay commission gives its report where Central Clerical will get DGMs salary of Banks. and U ullus will wait and wait and wait... and retire with 9th BP wages. GOOD LUCK.. I am really disgusted to see all this. Burn IBA, Burn UFBU Leaders and ultimately burn yourself and die.

mith80 said...

Hello Mr. Union Leaders,
We are human being and hard working bankers. We want both such as higher wages and other all facilities as govt. employees. Don't think us baggers like you. We understand your tricks of "ek goli main do sikar". Our first demand minimum 25 % hike in salary than all other facilities as govt. employee. Why dont u understand. Apna tamasa yehi khatam karo barna iske baad anjam bahut bura hoga. Mr. Chidambaram to is baar election main kahin ka nahin rahega. Na ghar ka na ghat ka. Ekbar modi ji ko aane do hum naya Union toh jarur banayenga aur phir tumhe batayenge ke hum kya kar sakte hai...Tum Union leader log agar kahin dub marte toh hum bhagaban ke paas nariyel chadhayenge.

Anonymous said...

fooling the aam bankers, housing or in lieu of houseing along with hospitalisation expenses is something all institution offers these days, irrespective of public or private sector.

5 days banking is not something in the advantage of bankers, but that is how institutions like banks can cut down their costs. There could be even 7 days banking, but limited banking in the tail end of the week. Why there could be even 24 hours banking if role and responsibilities could be defined. That is something UFBU and IBA knows and just fooling around.

Anonymous said...

Charirman of UFBU KK NAIR gandu kyaa
kar rahaa hai. vus ko kyaa loss hota hai. loss hota hai members ko. PLEASE DON'T PAY EVEN A SINGLE RUPEE

ARUN said...

Now that IBA's intent is crystal clear and the govt. is unmoved by the condition of bank employees and officers, the best gift UFBU can give to this scam tainted govt. is declare indefinite strike before the polls......... Let them feel the pinch.

jayaprakash kamath b said...

Why again nps issue is added when we ourself has agreed for the same in last settlement.
Bps should b only restricted to better wage revision, hospitalisation exps, five days banking and regulated working hours.

Anonymous said...


mozodingdong said...

FIVE DAYS BANKING (ITS NOT DAMN IMPOSSIBLE, RBI WORK FOR FIVE DAYS A WEEK AND THE STOCK MARKET TOO), 100% reimbursement of entire hospitalisation expenses, uniform DA rate for all pensioners, revision in Family Pension formula. OK, I agree with the 10% salary hike (pay slip cost) if above criteria fulfilled. :)

Anonymous said...

Bull shit, show the power of employees, instead of begging

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

seeing all these things I fell extremely harrashed. Why did I left a central govt job for this fucking banking sector?

Vikas Yadav said...

Once again IBA fooled us by making lame excuse that matter will be discused with finance ministry. When they are telling that in present scenario they can not offer more then 10% hike on pay slip cost due to rising concern of growing NPA and substancial amount of provisioning on it, knowingly it very well that this situation is counter effect of foolish government foolish policy. As a banker we should avoid government scheme loan sanctioning as they are major contributor of bank NPA. Election will be declared tommorow and bank employee will be utilised for election duties which should be at CMD level discused as banking industry is itself fighting with manpower shortage. Government gave DA hike with merger option to central government employee and giving no heed to banker legimate demand, makes us feel neglected and entire banking fraternity are eager to go for indefinite strike.

Anonymous said...

All demands should be fulfilled by IBA as our banlking sector is one of the most profitable sector.

Anonymous said...

Why not start another efficient union!!
If all are saying that UFBU is just gang of assHoles.

And we will go for indefinite strike.

Anonymous said...

I m request to All bankers for Sake of your children go to office and do not work at office just chill out whole 6days in a week there after we are satisfied with present wage "jo hoga dekha jayega public chilaye to khaina etni hi salary milti hai jao or jisse sikayat kerni hai kero per yeha mera bheja mat khao" ager sabji sath milker kerenge to koi bhi kuch nahi ker sakta union wale to public se intract kerte nahi hai hame esi terhai kerna hoga jab public ko problem hogi to ye congress wale election time maine inka baap bhi sunega

anoop kumar said...

Dissolve IBA bring RBI and Finance minister in 6 day working enviornment and their wage should revise according to bank.
This is my only Demand.
You IBA people bloody blood suckers don't you have any son and daughters working in Banks bloody pathetic brokers of cheap government. Talk to me directly : 9010834669

Ajay Singla said...

No five day week plz.increase in leaves and in salary minimum 30%hike.

Anonymous said...

Someone please take these UFBU leaders to way of Bengal and leave them there for ever on high seas.useless people

Anonymous said...

Today election commission will announce dates for election

Suneel Pandey said...

Aachar Samhita in place now...can there be any announvement on salary hike?

Anonymous said...

there is no way to accept any one of the conditions. if central government employees are getting paid for not earning any profit. it is our right to get paid for being the most profitable industry of indian economy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If wage satllement not come up in expectation of officers and employee, then many corporation Bank employees and officers cease their contribution to union.

Now full stop

Munish Raizada said...

for now just concentrate on salary, because old issues are remain crucial for very long time and we will discuss these later.

Anonymous said...

Acchar sahita ka wage rev par kya asar padega kya kio bta sakta hai

Shekhar Suman said...

It happened last time and will be happening this time too. Last time also we compromised wages for the sake of some pension issues and this time also the story is going to be reminded. As correctly said by some angry banker in this forum that is their any value for the charter of demands submitted by the UFBU I too feel so disgusted that both are making fool of us. 16 months over and still IBA is unaware of our demands. As of now most important issues are wages and working hours. They should concentrate upon these two only. Even if we settle for a 5 day banking it won't solve the problem as we will be having huge pending work for completing of which we have to go on weekends. There is no need of any more discussion. IBA should come to the press and announce the offers after looking everything and discussing with the government. I think that they even don't know the meaning of negotiation as if they didn't had anything extra to offer then why the meeting was arranged. The finance ministry,IBA and UFBU should come up together and draft for the welfare of the bankers and should not point out only NPAs and profits while settlement process. Needless to say government schemes are the ones providing for the most of the NPAs. If the government plans for some schemes and make it mandatory for the banks to disburse then they should also plan for the strict ways to get the money back. Crores of New accounts have been opened just to disburse the MGNREGA and DBT funds with no addition or help from the government. If we are here for the public welfare and financial inclusion the government should support us and think of us as their own people just like they are behaving with the central govt employees. The banking sector is the cleanest sector in terms of corruption and giving huge amounts of profits every year and still this sort of behaviour. The central government pensioners are getting more than our salary that too without giving much to our economy. The corrupt officials,politicians are the ones who need money and are authorized to get it in any possible manner and we unlucky bankers can just beg and beg for every small things. For now at least our UFBU should take the settlement seriously and make the agitation so strong that the government has no other way than to sanction the legitimate demands of ours. Just like banking every sector under government has to earn profit. Say If an IPS is a corrupt and instead of cutting down the criminals he takes bribe to save them and crime activities have increased under him then he is not eligible for 7th Pay commission and we very well know that crimes have increased continuously so all the policemen are not eligible for any increase in salary. The same logic can be applied to teachers and politicians. If we use transfer pricing logic and little bit of common sense no one can deny that we have saved our economy and we have supported govt to reduce corruption thus we are the one who should get best salary and not the corrupt lazy central govt employees. I beg sorry from the hardworking and honest central govt employees. However hardly 5% will be in good category. We the dedicated bankers will give more than 100% if we get a good hike in our salaries and are given a chance to lead peaceful life. Really if we don't get a proper settlement the economy will definitely go under the earth. UFBU PLEASE RISE TO THE OCCASION. DON'T THINK FOR YOUR PERSONAL BENEFITS INSTEAD THINK FOR THE LAKHS OF BANK EMPLOYEES WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO LEAD A NORMAL LIFE..Honestly speaking if we don't get an acceptable settlement I will resign from the Union without any delay and all of us should do the same and form a new union and will fight for the issues from the very first day so that the settlement can be rejected and a new settlement happens.

Anonymous said...

Minimum how many days required for strike notice

natwar thanvi said...

UBFU leaders and IBA make bankers and public fool. There is no firmness in the stand of UBFU.They should tell the govt that "Now or never". If IBA is not agreed for 25% pay slip hike stop the work immediately.
Aaj ek banker savere 9 baje bank jata he aur raat ko 9 baje ghaf aata he. Iske bad bhi duniya bhar ke tension he uske pass. Cross selling NPA, new business acute staff shortage, branch expansion jaise bahut saare matters he. Bibi bachho ke liye time nahi he. Shadi aur gami me leave nahi milti. Chidduji kahte he NPA badh raha he us se puchho ki badhata kaun he. In logo ke issaro per karodo ke loan de diye aur maaf bhi kar diye. Saala malya ke thousands karore ke loan aaram se maaf kad denge par hame hamare khoon pasine ka haq nahi denge.Dosto waqt aa gaya he samuhik nirnay lene ka. Sabhi log swechha se apne apne sahad me ekjut ho jaaye aur phid pure desh me ek hi din se kaam roko suru kad de. Hum bhikhari nahi he. Sarkar ko samjana hoga ki uski sabhi rin maafi yojnao ke bawzood tatha bade bade corporaton ke arabo rupye ke loan write off karneke alawa badi rashi ka provision karne ke baad bhi hum 60000 cr kama ke de rahe he to 150000 cr pe hamara haq banta he.

Anonymous said...

14 days notice has to be served before strike.

Anonymous said...

Comrades, it would be seen that the negotiations are entering the crucial stage and hence it is very much necessary to maintain our unity, cohesion and preparedness to respond to the call of the UFBU as may be warranted.” what it mean?? Election date is announced, so there won't be any development.
New government will be starting freshly and its going to settle after 3 years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why R We so weak to just get what we deserve but central govt employees R just enjoying with all sorts facilities.It's just because of nasty politics.No one is serious about our country...We need to form a strong union & indefinite strike with media attention........Jai hind....

Vikas Yadav said...

Today CMD of bank meet with FM, and Mr FM shown growing concern on rising NPA and asked to bring CMDs under purview of responsibility for it and shown no concern for resignation of United bank CMD. Thus one thing is clear that FM dont want any body talk about pay revision due to banker to him and grilled CMD on NPA so that they may not mince a single word. Now what IBA will talk to union in next meeting you all better know with election already declared and code of conduct is in force. We are demanding reasonable settlement and initially unions demand was 30% but seeing IBA adamant attitude thay are even ready for 15% and to protect their face they are now bringing issue to NPS converted to old pension scheme, 5 day working and other issue which are subsidiary issues. Some where union also sensed that thay will not get what they demanded and they are now asking us to remain in coheshion as10th BPS is not going to give any result within next six months. Thanks to dual policy towards central government employee with 10% DA and 50% merge with basic salary will cost exchequer Rs 12,000 Crore with 7th pay commission already constituted which is due in 2016 and giving less then 9 BPS which was Rs 4200 Crore and 10th till now recommendation is only Rs 3000 Crore. Bankers understand it very well and need decent pay settlement.

Anonymous said...

employee and officers should know they have created a frankenstein to destroy the creator.

aks said...

Ufbu is a tool (wolf) to control member employees (sheep's) in the hand of Iba and govn.

Anonymous said...

Its my personal opinion that finance minister hates employees and officers of bank. He always gives statements opposite to bankers. He even once given statement that " bankers have other obligations, they cannot ask for decent wage revision from there profits". Bankers bosses are inferior to him , even IBA has to listen to him. How come we bankers can expect a good salary hike, if possible chidambaram will reduce the salary.

Anonymous said...

Heard that the unions will settle for 13 % hike-

Please union leaders don't do that. If so do it at the cost of implementing 5 day Banking. Union leaders please