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*Consumer Price Index number for July is 252 & for Aug& Sep is 253 i.e 8.66s point over average of last quarter.

Hence D.A from Nov 2014 is 732 slabs(+49slabs)
i.e 109.80% (+7.35%)

*No progress on Talks on 10thB.P.S between IBA and UFBU on 26.09.2014. One day strike announced (date not yet decided.).

*IBPS CWE-III-Clerk-Batch-II, 2014-15 –INDIAN BANK:
date of induction training for Clerical Candidates – Batch II, scheduled from 07.10.2014 to 18.10.2014 stands deffered. Date of training will be informed in due course.

*Is ESOP on cards for Bank Employees?

* Revised LFC encashment amount from 25.06.2014!

*Compassionate appointment for Bank Employees restored from 05.08.2014!

*D.A. rate for Aug ,Sep ,Oct 2014: 102.45%

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Press Statement issued by BEFI

Press Statement issued on 22nd November 2014 by
Shri Pradip Biswas,
General Secretary, Bank Employees Federation of India, at Kolkata,
On $1 Billion advance by SBI to Adani Group.
“We have come across reports of State Bank of India (SBI) agreeing to dole out
an astronomical Rs.6200/- Crore to the Adani Group for its $16.5 Billion Coal and Mine Development project in Australia.
The surreptitious character of the deal raises many eye-brows.
Adani Group is already saddled with a total outstanding liability (debts) of Rs.72, 632/- crore, mostly to the Banking Sector,as at the end of September 2014;
addition of yet another dose of Rs.6, 200/- crore would certainly be more than
the last straw on the camel’s back.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Support from political party

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Yechury backs bank staff plea for wage settlement
Nov 16, 2014 10:24 PM , By Our Bureau | 0 comments

The Rajya Sabha MP and CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury has said that he will raise the issue of wage settlement of bank employees in the winter session of Parliament.

Inaugurating the fourth conference of the Karnataka chapter of Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) in Mangalore at the weekend, he said the issue of wage settlement has been dragging on for almost two years. (The last settlement between Indian Banks Association and bank unions expired in 2012)

Stating that the NDA Government at the Centre is no different from the previous UPA Government, he said the present government would find ways to delay the settlement. He congratulated the workforce in banks for maintaining unity.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

UFBU CIRCULAR No. UFBU/2014/35 dt. 12-11-2014


We are glad to inform the members that the call of UFBU for One Day Protest Strike today, i.e., 12th November 2014, demanding immediate wage revision, is a grand success true to the saying that "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself".

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." We sincerely place on record our highest appreciation and congratulations to the entire membership for the total success of the One Day All India Protest Strike, demanding immediate wage revision. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

UFBU circular on meeting dt.05.11.14

Conciliation meeting held by CLC today No improvement in IBAs offer CLC calls for further meeting on 10th instant UFBU decides to go ahead with the strike

Further to the Strike notice served on the IBA by the UFBU, conciliation meeting was held today in New Delhi by Mr. P.P. Mitra Chief Labour Commissioner, Ministry of Labour, Government of India. IBA was represented by Mr. M.V. Tanksale, Chief Executive, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Dy. Chief Executive and other officials. UFBU was represented by all the constituent unions.

During the conciliation proceedings, the IBA contended that due to the reducing profitability of the Banks, they are unable to accept the demands of the UFBU and stated that for the sake of an amicable settlement, they would be willing to consider improving their present offer provided UFBU agrees to substantially reduce the demands. IBA also suggested that UFBU should defer the strike so that the negotiations may be further continued.

On behalf of the UFBU, we explained the reasonability and justification of our demands and stated that the IBAs offer falls too short of our expectations and hence not at all acceptable. We further stated that looking to the runaway inflation as well as the increasing stress and workload under which bank employees and officers are working now-a-days, we deserve adequate wage revision. We also said that besides improvement in emoluments and service conditions, other demands like 5 day banking, regulated working hours for officers, improvement in pension scheme, extending the old pension scheme to the newly recruited employees, etc. are also needed to be resolved but the IBA is not forthcoming on these issues.

IBA informed that they are willing to continue the negotiations further and appealed to the UFBU to defer the strike to facilitate a better atmosphere. UFBU informed that the strike call has been forced on the Unions due to the unhelpful approach and unacceptable offer of the IBA and reiterated its preparedness for further negotiations provided IBA would come forward with substantial improvement in their offer.

After hearing both sides, the Chief Labour Commissioner suggested that both IBA and the UFBU should take steps to reconcile the differences and reach an amicable settlement. He further advised the IBA to talk to the UFBU to find out how the strike could be averted. He also adjourned the conciliation proceedings to 3-00 PM on 10th November, 2014 for further discussions.

Thus, our demands remained unresolved and UFBU decided to go ahead with the strike. Hence, we call upon all our constituent unions and members to march on to 12th November 2014 strike withouut any let up.

Sd/- M V Murali

Friday, October 31, 2014

D.A increase from November 2014 to January 2015:
Total 732 slabs (+49 slabs)
Total 109.80% (+7.35%) on B.P+Spl.Allow.+PQP

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dharna at Chennai!

Information received through e-mail
Dear comrade,
There was a massive dharna on (25.10.2014)
between 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm as per the decision of UFBU-Tamilnadu
at Chennai participated by more than 1500 comrades.
The anger of the bank employees and officers was exhibited
through their voluntary participation.
Following comrades represented their respective union/association
and spoken on the ongoing struggle and about forthcoming
strike programme.
1. C. M .BASKARAN – G.S of NCBE State unit- convenor- UFBU-TN

Saturday, October 25, 2014

( not a contituent of UFBU,
but is called for negotiations seperately by IBA )

CIRCULAR NO.08/2014 DATED 21-10-2014



We have communicated through our various circulars about the non-positive approach and adamant attitude of IBA in the negotiations for wage revision.
Inspite of our best efforts to amicably resolve the issue through mutual negotiations,
IBA has taken a stubborn stand and their offer of 11% wage hike in pay slip defeats all logic.
On the one hand, due to acute shortage of staff, the employees are facing substantial increase in the workload, and on the other hand, it has increased manifold as we have to co-operate in implementing various Government Schemes.