Saturday, October 15, 2016

Towards preparation of Charter of Demands for 11th Bipartite Wage Revision Settlement.

AIBEA : Towards preparation of Charter of Demands for 11th Bipartite Wage Revision Settlement.

CIRCULAR No. 27/176/2016/34                                 October 13, 2016

Dear Comrades,

¨   Towards preparation of Charter of Demands
   for 11th Bipartite Wage Revision Settlement.

Units are aware that the current 10th Bipartite Settlement’s period will end by October, 2017 and the wage revision under 11th Bipartite Settlement will become due from 1.11.2017. So far, even though we have been submitting the Charter of Demands earlier, there has always been delay in concluding the Settlement due to various hurdles during the course of negotiations. This has been creating avoidable anxieties and apprehensions in the minds of members and sometimes even leading to casting aspersions on unions as though the delay is deliberate.

Hence, expediting the Settlement in a time bound manner is very imperative. It is good that the Government has advised IBA/Banks to ensure that the wage revision process is initiated early and completed well before the expiry of the current settlement. We welcome this guideline of the Government.

Mandate to IBA:

Based on this guideline, already Banks have started giving mandate to IBA with the approval of their Board. Vijaya Bank, Corporation Bank, etc.  have already given their mandate to IBA.  Few more Banks are in the pipeline.  Our All India Bank-wise Unions are requested to take up the matter with their management for giving mandate to IBA to discuss and finlaise the next wage settlement on their behalf.

Preparation of Charter of Demands:

AIBEA has already set up its Sub-Committee with Com. Lalita Joshi (Joint Secretary of AIBEA) as its Convener for preparation of the Charter of Demands and submission to IBA well in time.  As in the past, we wish to invite suggestions from all our units so that the Charter of Demands reflects the aspirations of the membership and suggestions of our unions.

All our units are requested to discuss the issue at their respective level and submit their suggestions regarding the following aspects:

  • New Pay Scales,
  • Improvement in DA and other Allowances,
  • Leave and holidays,
  • Health cover,
  • Other service conditions and benefits,
  • Duties and responsibilities,
  • Disciplinary procedure,
  • Improvement in retirement benefits, etc. etc.

All suggestions from our units should be sent to us as under:

                Charter of Demands Sub-Committee,
                All India Bank Employees’ Association,
                Prabhat Niwas, Singapore Plaza Building,
                164, Linghi Chetty Street, Chennai – 600 001

                E mail : /
                Fax  :                044 – 2535 8853 / 4500 2191

Send your suggestions before 15th November, 2016:  The suggestions, neatly typed, should be sent to us not later than 15th November, 2016.

Thereafter, these suggestions will be discussed by the Sub-Committee and their recommendations will be considered by the Central Committee of AIBEA for finalization and it would be presented in the ensuing Conference of AIBEA before submission to IBA.

With greetings,
                                                                        Yours Comradely,

Monday, October 10, 2016

Medical Insurance Policy for Retired Employees!

Changed Terms and Conditions in Medical Insurance Policy for Retired Employees.
Circular issued by Andra Bank.
(Common for all Banks)

Friday, September 30, 2016

7th year!


My Blog completed 6 years and entering into the 7th year.

All these years we have deliberated several issues relating to Bank Employees's Service conditions.

It covered two Bi-bipartite Settlements period.

We confronted on several occasions.

But, that makes the deliberations interesting.

Thank you ,  for your support and encouragement all through these years!

Medical insurance

AIBEA Letter to IBA Chariman :
 Medical Insurance Scheme

AIBEA/GS/2016/99                                          28th   September 2016
Indian Banks’ Association                            Mumbai

Dear Sir,

Reg: Medical Insurance Scheme

Ref: Our letter dated 25-9-2016

Further to our above letter on the issue, we observe that the IBA is advising Banks to take their own decision in respect of the continuation of the Scheme.  The Scheme is a part of the BP Settlement and all Banks are bound by it as per the mandate given by them to IBA.  There cannot be any question of discretion to any Bank to opt out.  IBA has negotiated the scheme on behalf of the member Banks and now the burden of any problem cannot be put on the shoulders of the individual banks.  IBA  must address the problem and take a decision.

The insurance policy will come to an end on 30th September, 2016 and if it is not renewed before that, the policy may not continue and employees will be put into unimaginable hardship.  When it was known that the policy will expire on 30th September, waiting till the end is unfortunate.  Either UIIC is at fault or IBA is responsible.  We regret to note the casual approach in this regard because the scheme covers lacs of employees and their family members.

While the hike in premium is no doubt disproportionate and needs to be sorted out between IBA and UICC, the policy cannot be allowed to be lapsed or discontinued.  All Banks must continue to be covered by the policy by remitting the premium subject to resolving the problem later.

We wish to put IBA on notice that for any discontinuation of the scheme and lack of coverage for the employees, the IBA will be solely responsible and it may result in a serious and immediate industrial unrest.

We seek your immediate attention on top priority within 24 hours.

Thanking you,
 Yours faithfully,


Monday, September 26, 2016

Medical insurance premium

My views:
In theletter it is mentioned as policy for employees only.

Of course the same calculation of claim ratio will play with the new rate for retirees policy premium also.

Let us wait for outcome the new rate.
Hope Retirees association will take up the matter.

Gratuity ceiling

Friday, September 2, 2016

In today's All India Strike,
are participated.
AIBOC withdrawn at the last moment.
NCBE,NOBW, NOBO also not participated.

Strike is the only way available in a democratic country to register our opposition against the policies of Govt.,
that affects all section of the society.