Monday, August 3, 2015

Agitation for Saturday leave by NOBW

National Organisation of Bank Workers
(affiliated to BMS/BJP, Constituent of UFBU)
NOBW decided to go on agitation.
In the National Executive Committee meeting of NOBW
held on 1 and 2 August, 2015 at Kanpur
decided to go on agitation for
1. Not implementation of 2nd and 4th
Saturday off.
2. Compassionate appointment to
August 2014 past cases.
3. Anomalies of 10th BP like
Stagnation increments,
Pro data for medical allowance for 2012 and
Spl Allowance not paid on Qualification Pay.
(Comment: why Special Pay and F.P.P omitted)


Anonymous said...

Agitation should be started, we all are supporting it and behind the movement. but it must reach the culmination .i.e goal must be achieved

Anonymous said...

Compassionate appointment for past cases should be started soon

Anonymous said...

Did 2014 past cases are eligible for compassionate appointment??? Please let us know

Anonymous said...

It must start

pon raj said...

Yes...ufbu made fool to us.atleast we do tis for getting our rights

Anonymous said...

Why AIBOC,BEFI and other union keep silent ???

ASP RAO said...

Unions have forgotten their strengths and militancy. They are lost in Reservations and Self-gain concepts. Selfless leaders are no more. Messenger promotes lacking knowledge and vision are dominating in the base at branch/regional levels with the blessings of Top leaders. Bengal Tigers are dead and no more. Any one who talks truth or invites for constructive criticism are targeted and victimised. Let us therefore pray for ourselves for salvation rather than inviting suicidal situations. No hell will befall on us if Saturday is not off. Saturday status quo is better in very many ways, which you can see for yourself.

Sanjay Dixit said...

Strike call should be given for every 2nd & 4th Saturday, otherwise on every 2nd Saturday