What is going on in Dhanalaxmi Bank?
Victimized for legitimate trade union activities and whistle blowing certain irregular activities of the Management.
Yes, General Secretary of AIBOC union in Dhanalaxmi Bank has been dismissed.
AIBOC circular says.........
Our Affiliate, Dhanalakshmi Bank Officers Organisation(DBOO) is on the war path
following an acute Industrial Relations crisis, that has been persisting in Dhanlaxmi Bank
since one year.
Attempts made by the DBOO to settle it through negotiations failed, owing
to the adamant stance taken by the Management. Even after the intervention of the
National and Kerala State Unit of AIBOC, bilateral talks have not been fruitful. The
management of the Bank, violated the settled terms and refused to sign the ‘minutes’ even
after the discussions were concluded.
Beyond these apparent reasons, there were serious problems inside the Bank which
were suppressed by the Bank. The Dhanlaxmi Bank’s Management and the DBOO fell out
after our affiliate resorted to a whistle blowing to expose a high value fraud in one of its
Mumbai branches. This act of DBOO was contrary to the Management’s interest, and ever
since then the Industrial Relations got strained. A huge scam got unearthed subsequently
but the involvement of the higher officials was suppressed carefully. Our affiliate has
reported that an officer (Scale I) has been implicated in the fraud and is in Mumbai jail
since 1 ½ months. On the other hand the real culprits, alleges our affiliate, walk free. The
office bearers of DBOO have been victimized for whistle blowing and the General Secretary
of the DBOO even faces a threat of life.
Our affiliate also demanded a forensic audit into the scam and also in all
appointments the Bank has been making indiscriminately in the last 2 years. So the main
• Stop human rights violation activities in the Bank (including a gender issue), punish
the culprit who perpetrates such crimes,
• Respect bilateralism, settle other internal issues without any further delay,
• Withdraw all victimization transfers and stop denial of eligible transfers of officers,
......many other demands.
Now strike by all affiliates of AIBOC in all banks through out the state of Kerala.
. I request all the constituents of UFBU in the State of Kerala to extend moral support to the striking officers.
Murali, Convenor, UFBU
BEFI unit in Kerala extended support to the strike.