Thursday, June 18, 2015

IBA clarification on 6th,7th&8th increments!!

On 8th June 2015, I raised some doubts about some provisions in 10th B.P.S.
Now, IBA has issued clarification circular on effect of reduction of one year gap between 5&6th increment.
The circular says though 6th increment is preponed and subsequently preponing or early sanction of 7th increment is effected, those employees will not be paid arrears as a result of this provision.
Financial benefit on the revised sanction of these increments will be effective from 01.05.2015 only.
In simple terms, no arrears will be given for those who are eligible to get these increments but retired from 01.11.2012 to 30.04.2015.
My heart felt condolences to those comrades.
One more question arises,
Whether those employees will get their pension revised based on the notionally fixed new Basic Pay ?
Or they will not be given effect in pension as they unfortunately retired before 01.05.2015?
I think, 11th B.P.S will be signed after 50 months and IBA will say all benefits will be for those who are in service on 51st month only.


Anonymous said...

True, 11th BPS , IBA would say the implementation is from date of sigining and union leaders would as usual keep quiet and demand 5 percent levy.

mishra said...

sir,my 6th stagnation increment due on 1st july 2015,as per old system.i have got 5th stagnation on 01 july 2012.kindly explain whether
i will get 6th stg.on01-07-2015 or from 01st july till date the new bipartite is not implemented in our bank and i have applied for 6 th stg. increment from 1st july 2015.whether it will be preponed to 1st july 2014 and i will be given arear from that date

binod bihari said...

Nothing can be more shame full than this. This is only cheating.

Anonymous said...

One more feather on the cap of CHV; Long Live Comrades.

Anonymous said...

sir,my 6th stagnation increment due on01/07/2015,i have got my 5th stag. increment on01/07/2012.can you kindly tell whether i am to get my 6th stag from 01/07/2014 ie after 2 years of my 5th stag increment as per new settlement and related arrear from 01/07/2014 to 01/07/2015.clause of effectiveness after 01/05/2015 under new bipartite is relevant to this case please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

One more cheating by IBA & UFBU.
Thank God, UFBU has not proposed complete stoppage of Pension to all who retired before 1st May 2015.

Indian Bank Kumar said...

To Mishra:
you will get 6th stgnation from 01st july 2014

Unknown said...

Prakash Kapase Sir, I received my fifth stg increment in Jan-2012 & sixth stg in Jan 2015 As per 10 BPS preponed by one year . I will retired in May 2020. Whether my sixth stagnation will preponed to Jan 2014 & whether I will eligible to receive 7 th stg. increment in jan 2016. I am confused please guide me

Anonymous said...

Sir what about arrear for 6th stagnation will it from July 14 or May 15

Vijayatha said...

Hi sir, confusion regarding advancement on receiving stagnation increment on account of passing caiib as per tenth bipartite settlement. The employee has reached maximum pay in the year on 01.12.1996 and first stagnation increment on 01.12.1999. The employee has cleared caiib on 31.07.2012 and is eligible for preponement of increment for the same .the fifth stagnation increment is received on 01.12.2011. As per the circular the employee should receive preponement of increment w.e.f 01.11.2012. Please could u clarify the same and let me know when she will receive her 7th and 8th increment. Eagerly,, waiting for the reply . Please its very urgent and hpoe for the fast response.