Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dear Comrades!

Dear Comrades!
Some of may think that I am talking too much about reduction of Pension.
I wish to remind you that this issue is not going affect employees retired
between 01.11.2012 to 30.05.2015 only.
Those who are going to retire hereafter also will be affected.
Those who already retired will repay excess pension paid.
Those who are going to retire will be given less pension at the time of
disbursement itself. That is all.
 Employees under NPS will also be affected, as contribution to NPS
will be of 2% Increase instead of 15% increase.
As these section of employees left with more number of service,
they will be the worst sufferer.
That is why I am talking about this.
Another question
“Why you have not revealed this at the time of M.O.U .dt 23.02.2015”
I wish to remind you what I said at that time (20.03.2015) :
(Read Grade Pay as “Spl.Allow.” as named now.)
“I am receiving too many queries about introduction of Grade Pay.
It is mentioned in the joint circular by award staff unions.
My view on Grade Pay is:
I do not support grade pay. The load should be on basic pay only.
Grade pay concept will spoil all future benefits.
Grade pay in central govt., was introduced to neutralise
the clubbing of two or more scale of pay.
In banks there is only one pay scale for clerks and Sub staff as well.
If scale 1,2 and 3 of officers are merged , then grade pay may be necessary.
However let us wait for final outcome.
Till such time let us express our concerns to give pressure to unions
to take right decisions.”
This post is still available in my Blog/FB.
Some comrades comment “all along the negations you supported the unions, but now
you find fault with them.”
My reply is when the war is between unions and Govt.,/IBA I stood by unions as a true union member. Now the war is between comrades and unions, I stand by my comrades.
Who is responsible for this set back of lesser % of wage revisions and back stabbing within the settlement?
In my view the reasons are
1. Attitude of Govt.,/IBA
2. Big brother attitude of “Big Brother Union”


kamal basha said...

Still it is not too late to correct the anomaly in pension payment of existing and future retirees. Union leaders, pl.think and correct. If the signing of the settlement is postponed, the heaven may not fall. If signed with out proper correction, the entire bank men will suffer. Do not think that correction can be made in the next settlement. Govt / IBA / Big brothers will quote this as a precedent to reduce the salary / pension.

Anonymous said...

Dear com.Kumar, most of the Bankers are weeping like you, the Govt/IBA/CHV have done to their best in performing the last rites to the bankers. The unrestrited duty hours, performance, risk and integrity of bankers go unnoticed. Well, under such circumstances why dont we go for a Bankers pay commission (BPC) in the lines of CPC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kumar, From the beginning all your followers are suggesting the same and criticising in the same way that union people are not in a good position to get staff privileges in the negotiating table. Who asked them to introduce the new head SPECIAL ALLOWANCE. Why these people don't know the impact? Why these people give full load on Basic Pay. Then only we can get all the allowances based on Basic Pay. An average SUB STAFF well known about the increase is based on Basic Pay. These union idiots don't know it?. Right from Nov 2012 all bloggers are insisting to get good improvements. But the only man Indian Bank Mr. Kumar is supporting our union leaders and assured that "they will get betterment, We will wait, Do not spread wrong rumour" like that. Now what can we do in this neck of the moment?. As usual we can bark "WORKERS UNITY ZINDABAD" "UFBU ZINDABAD" "UNION LEADERS ZINDABAD".

annonymus said...

Mr. Kumar is there any example of reduction in pension in 9th BP
noticed.Mostly no

Because most of the bastards now leading the union were going to retire in that period. i.e.01.11.2007 to 31.10.2012 thats why the basic was loaded min 11.05%
to max 17.5%.They have protected there interests.

They have also compelled to pay Rs.60000 to Rs.80000 to the memberes who opted for pension as per option given to pension fund.
It is the penalty for chossing late option,though they have contributed Equally with the employees,those who have opted for pension earlier,and shared the pension cost/load in 7th 8th and 9th BP settlement.

Anonymous said...

Motherf**** all union leaders