Monday, May 25, 2015

Last minute change!

Last minute change made in the final draft of the Settlement:
"Employees in service of the Banks as on 1st November 2012 and who have
Retired thereafter but before 25th May 2015 and who had opted for
Commutation of pension will have an option not to claim incremental
Commutation on revised basic pension."
At last ,after receiving too many condemns received from comrades, UFBU decided to take a "face saving" exercise..
unfortunately , it backfires , instead of saving the face,
it is receiving a nice punch on its nose.
I will discuss it with charts, tomorrow, as today all the employees will be busy in arriving at their new salary and arrears.
one more request comrades!
All details about salary is now available with you now.
You yourselves can compute your new salary etc.
Hence avoid asking What is my new basic pay , what is amy arrears etc.,
Calculating for all comrades is humanly not possible.
Avoid using me as calculator.
But, you may ask whatever doubt you have in understanding./ interpreting the settlement .
I will reply as per my understanding.
This time AIBEA has released only what is new salary and what is the increase for May 2015 .
As per their chart even the senior most could not get 15% increase in salary.
Moreover,it does not issue chart comparing old and salary as on 01.11.2012,
because as per calculation it comes 13.80% only.


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on topic "last minute change made in final draft....."
What is the option given to retirees who retired between Nov 2012 & 25 May 2015?
What does it imply? It is so worded that it is difficult to understan.
Sir can you explain whether it will be advisable financially to accept it or not ?

Anonymous said...

As far as dental surgery is concerned whether charges pertaining to replacement of tooth implanting, bridging, root canal treatment done in dental hospitals are now reimbursable or will it be considered as part of cosmetic and hence reimbursement denied. Please clarify

Anonymous said...

Shame shame what we need an employee at this stage not bargain by unions but a justice by retaired judge. Let all the not bargain. Shame shame. The retaired judge will save the retired, retiring communities. The unions are brokers.

Anonymous said...

what about fixed working hours, for officers, if this is not happening then Saturday and Sunday holiday is waste, as senior officials ask to open bank in these holidays too. as usual,,

BAJ24 said...

What about transport allowance for disabled officers and staff

Arjun R R said...

FOR RETIRES FROM 01.11.12 TO 25.05.15


RAHUL.M.B said...

Indian Bankkumar Sir,
Please clarify a doubt of mine. I have been searching for answer of this for a long time without any success.
I was working at Vijaya Bank for a period of 7-8 months in 2013 before joining State Bank of Travancore on October 2013(Working presently). Am I elegible for slary arrears for that period as per 10th BP settlement from Vijaya Bank ?

kamal basha said...

The last minute change is worse than previous one. This is your new shoe and you cut your leg to the size of the shoe. IBA has the capability of understanding the capacity of the our so called Union Leaders. The horrible part is in stead of fighting for to protect the existing pension, shamelessly signed the Joint Note.

Anonymous said...

My wife gave birth to first child in march 2015. Am I eligible for 15 days of paternity leave as per agreement. Please clarify my doubt

amandeep singh said...

what about full holiday on2nd and 4th sat,,, is it finalised?

Abhishek said...

Sir why there is so much difference in annual medical aid between clerks and officers?

KUMAR @ SBH said...

Dear kumar sir,
Before joining to SBH I was worked for Tamilnad Mercantile Bank for 1 year I.e., from 01.09.2012 to 27.08.2013.
My query is am I eligible to get the arrears from my Previous Bank for the period of Nov 2012 to Aug 2013.
If I am eligible, pleas let me know the procedure to apply for the arrears.
Thanking you sir.

Sunil Kumar said...

Yes you can avail it upto six months after the delivery.

Anonymous said...

I Joined the bank in Nov1977 as clerk after passing my 10th exam. my first stagnation increment commenced from nov1998 and my basic as on today is 24100 (wef 01/11/2003 - 6th stgn increment) what will be my new basic pay and when will be my next stgn increment

Anonymous said...

You have option to get commutation or not. In the 9th bipartite settlement all those commutation amout is calculated based on the new pension amount and paid without any request as per settlement.

Anonymous said...

Effective from July 2015

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course YES

Anonymous said...

Self also awaiting clarification.

Srb S said...

When IBA told 'there is no contractual relationship between Ritirees & Bankers' how can this 'last minute change be valid?

Uma Naveen said...

sir.. will hra on capital cost be calculated as (1.5 times d hra) for this settlement also? or is it only 9% for officers?

Anonymous said...

Of course YES