Saturday, April 18, 2015

Details of talks on 16.04.2015

Text of BEFI Circular no.13/2015 dated 17.04.15


The Sub-Committee for discussion of Medical Reimbursement met
at 11.00 A.M. yesterday, 16th April 2015.
On introduction of Medical Insurance Scheme, UFBU forcefully put forward the apprehension of the employees and insisted that the same need to be addressed first before the present system of reimbursement of expenses is substituted.
 IBA, while assuring that the same would be taken up with the TPA for acceptable solution, requested UFBU for a written note in the matter.
The issue is yet to be finalized.

Thereafter, full-fledged negotiations were held in the afternoon.
In this session, some understandings were arrived at on

Hill & Fuel Allowance,
Project Area Allowance,
Split Duty Allowance and Halting Allowance;
discussion on Washing Allowance, however, remained inconclusive.

On Management’s issues, IBA’s insistence for transferability of workmen
outside district, but within 100 KMs, every 5 years, was outright rejected by UFBU;

the demand for a provision to continue Disciplinary Proceedings even after retirement,
as also the simultaneous conduct of Disciplinary and Criminal/Judicial Proceedings,
were similarly rejected.

On Enhancement of duties of Special Allowance carrying posts,
IBA proposed as under :

SWO -B              SPECIAL ASSTS             HEAD CASHIER
20000 to 35000   35000 to 50000                 With passing powers
25000 to 75000   150000 to 250000
While it is yet to be finalized, we are of considered view that
the specified categories of workmen are already overburdened and,
 hence, we have to proceed cautiously.

The meetings with IBA was preceded by the meeting of UFBU and
of the 5 Workmen’s Unions on 15th April 2015 which was attended,
on our behalf, by Com. C.J.Nandkumar, our President, Com. Ansar Ali, Member of our Central Committee and Com. GMV Nayak, our Ex-Vice President.

The next round of negotiations is likely to he held, tentatively, within a week or so.
Further developments will be communicated to you all in due course.

Sd/- Pradip Biswas, General Secretary


As rao said...

sir we expect latest news from u. But i got information that the next rounds of talks are fixed to 21st apr. please give us the latest information.

Anonymous said...

What is the new medical allowance for clerk and officer. Have u any information ?

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Sir please tell us about Saturday holidays

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yahi bankers working hard & supporting PM to note their name in work book phir bhi bankers are lazy