Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Give up" call


Unknown said...

Bankers wage revision is not as expected, first of all bankers r getting low paid compared to others hence we can't give up our subsidy

Unknown said...

why we all should not e mail "the low level wage growth problem of PSBs' staff to Mr. Subramanya Swamy, The BJP leader to takeup ?
When all MPs, MLAs, MLCs who are in the category of HIGHEST PAID ( already, many of them are multi millionaires) are enjoying all types of subsidies, why we should not continue the present trend ? Let the Mr. Modi government award 30% decent growth in Pay In Slip Components and
bring 4 % Simple Interest Rate, in place of present higher rate of interest, for all Staff Loans and Staff Clean Overdraft Accounts, then with the then generated financial leverage, we all can think of to let off our LPG subsidy. Let the government pay PSBs' STAFF's Children's School/College Fees & Hostel Fees, then also, we all can let off our LPG subsidy. These are prevailing facts. Let the Government speak only the TRUTH.