Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Every bank employee is expecting, finality could be reached on 17.09.2014 meeting of IBA and UFBU.
Some comrades predict that some understanding were there between some union and IBA. That prediction varies from 13.5% to 15%. One optimistic comrade says it is 18.5% that Modi govt. has inclined to give.
One comrade says 17.09.2014 is birth day of our P.M.

I wish to reproduce what is my expectation in total % in wage revision and expectations/modification in individual headings from my earlier posts.

(post dt.18.01.14)
In my personal view a settlement with increase in pay slip cost of

 15%plus =fair
 20%plus =good
 25%plus =best

(post dt.25.06.2012)

(REVISED 25.06.2012)

Bank employees started talking about 10th Bipartite Settlement.

Dissatisfaction, anguish, backstabbing, disappointment over IXth Bipartite/Pension settlement   are still remaining fresh in their mind.
Percentage of increase was very low when compared to LIC/GIC and Central/State Govt. employees.
Penalty was imposed on those who opted for Pension, thanks to the black-sheep within UFBU and supported indirectly by Big brothers in UFBU.
Those who are affected are still knocking the doors of various courts.
O.K. will the unions/associations learn lessons from what has happened in the past?
Will they achieve higher percentage this time?
Will they find ways to overcome the worst working condition prevailing now? 
As per settlement charter of demand may be given by UFBU SIX MONTHS BEFORE 01.11.2012. i.e by 01.05.2012

Let us not start the wage discussion with pessimistic note.

Hope all will end well.

My suggestions for 10th Bipartite Settlement:


     Now Scale of pay for clerk/sub staff has only 20 increments.
     A graduate clerk (age 23) with CAIIB will reach the maximum in 15 years.
    After that he has 23 years of service, whereas only 7 increments are available.
    Therefore I suggest that span of scale of pay should be increased to 25 
    and  thereafter Stagnation increments to be given at the interval of 2 years. 

1A. F.P.P:  D. A. on F.P.P should be defreezed.   


Before 8th bipartite settlement spl.all. was paid to posts that involves spl.skill and not with high risk.
For example, steno, agri.asst, telephone operator etc.
In 8th bipartite Computer operator allowance with passing power was introduced.
I.e. a SWO with passing power of Rs.20000 for payment/Rs.25000 for receipt
 draws Rs.1100(new 500) whereas a computer operator without passing power draws Rs.910(new0).
For the risk taken by SWO, he was paid only Rs.190 (new500) as compensation.
Is it correct and justifiable?
Moreover an officer is passing cheques or credit vouchers only after a clerk entered in the computer, i.e. he act as checker only and never acts as a maker-cum-checker.
i.e. he takes 50% risk only.
Whereas a SWO act as a maker –cum checker always and takes 100% risk on his shoulder.
Moreover counting of cash involves the risk of fake note, short, excess etc.,
Therefore the concept of spl.allow. to be revised /revisited to match the risk involved and not
Merely merging D.A with spl.allow. and thereby increasing by 15% or 20%
(It may come around Rs.985 ONLY at 20% wage increase)


Allowance for Spl. Assistance is meager when compared to his risk and responsibility.
He has to pass cash cheques upto Rs.35000 and transfer vouchers up to Rs. 150000
And take care of his department and follow-up/letter writing etc.,
Whereas an Scale I officer passes up to Rs.50000 and Rs.200000 respectively.
What is the salary/perks of an officer and that of Spl.Asst.
This aspect was not considered for the past 4 or 5 settlements.
To rectify this position, I suggest that a separate scale of pay may be
introduced for Spl.Asst., As prevailing in Life Insurance Corporation of India and General Insurance companies for Special/Senior assistants.


Bank employees are not able to get reimbursement for their medical bills when they admit in a hospital not approved by the bank. Admission in a hospital depends on the situation, individual’s preference, doctors available in a hospital etc.,
Moreover bills are passed for a lesser amount subject to ceilings prescribed for different heads like room rent, operation charges etc.,
In the last settlement increase given for different heads were very low due to load constrains.
To overcome this situation, my suggestion is banks should arrange to take
“GROUP MEDICLAIM” policy for their employees and premium should be paid by banks.
This is not a new concept , it is available almost all industries including state Govt. employees.
It is shame that bank employees are not covered by mediclaim policy in this modern world.
To start with banks can opt for a policy for Rs.5, 00,000/-per employee family.

Present Halting Allowance pattern is unrealistic.
For example when a clerk attends training at CHENNAI he is paid Rs.500.
Can anyone find it enough for a lodge room and have break-fast, lunch, dinner and auto charge from room to training center and out of pocket expenses etc., within Rs.500?
It is of no use increasing the allowance by 100 or 150 for another 5 years.
Therefore provision should be made to reimburse lodging bills apart from halting allowance when the task involves night stay.
This provision is available in General Insurance companies right now.


Banks reimburse only train/bus fare on actual travel on L.F.C.
Really the Lodge rooms expenses, lunch expenses, out of pocket expenses and entry fees etc.,
Will be a huge amount for the employees , which they have to bear from their pocket.
That is the main reason why most employees avoid actual travel and avail encashment of L.F.C.
Therefore I suggest introducing reimbursement of out of pocket expenses on actual travel,
And 100% reimbursement of L.F.C on encashment.

7.        PENSION:

(A)   No amount should be set apart from wage load for Pension Fund.
New recruits from 01.04.2010 are not covered by Pension Fund and they are covered by New Pension Scheme only.

If any amount is spared for Pension Fund, New recruit employees may oppose it legally.

Already there are many cases pending for having deducted amount from arrears of 9th bipartite for opting Pension.

(B)   Pension updation to be done regularly.

It was provided in Pension settlement 1993/1995 that pension will be updated as and when Wage revision took place in banking industry. So far no upadation is done even after 3 bipartite settlements. Different set of bank employees retired on various dates draw pension with different D.A formula. Therfore Pension should be updated immediatley and ensure the same in future also.

8. Encashment  of P.L :
on retirement it should be increased to 300days from 240 days.

9.Ad hoc payment:
Since every settlement takes two to three years to come to a conclusion. For example 9 th bipartite took 30 months. Employees got arrears for 30 months. In this process employees are losing and Banks are benefited by crore and crore  of rupees.
Hence an ad hoc payment, say 15% towards salary increase may be demanded at the first negotiation itself.

10.Stop outsourcing: 
In India lakhs of unemployed youth are available.
Banks can recruit required number of employees and get work done.
Whereas outsourcing agencies give paltry salary to unemployed youth and pocket chunk of money. Thus money does not go to the legitimate employees.
Moreover secrecy of bank a/c is at stake when temp/agency employees are allowed to access bank files/accounts.

11. 5 day week:
This demand is already pending. Unions should deal carefully,
as IBA may use it as a trump card to weaken bargaining power of UFBU.


(A)   ATM Operations:  Role of Clerk/risk and responsibility/mode of conveyance/compensation.
(B)   Gold coin : Lifting of gold coin from feeder branch to  individual branches. Procedures /mode of conveyance/Compensation /Oficer or clerk etc.,
(C)   Marketing:  Marketing of products/business>> mode of conveyance/during office hours/after office hours and on holidays/compensation.
(D)   Extension of working hours on special occasion by Bank/RBI/Govt.,/Payment of overtime wages.

Discussion on the above subjects to be carried out and a detailed common procedure/fixing of responsibilities/ compensation should be arrived.


 After banking operation brought under CBS risk factor to employees becomes unlimited. In the manual operations wrong crediting/debiting is restricted to branch customer, whereas now it is extended to customers though out the nation.
     If any mistake took place recovering of money becomes difficult.
  RTGS for Rs.100000 was sent as Rs.10000000 as the dot in the keyboard didn't work well.
The clerical employee and officer employee compensated the interest involved up to recovery period and faced the disciplinary action also. 
Hundreds of stories like this  are available in each bank.
 Today’s bank employees work always under pressure.
If I try to narrate elaborately it will go to pages.

I shall explain with a simple axample.

Why a pilot is paid more than a bus driver. Both are handling machines that carry goods and human beings.  What is the difference?
It is qualification, technical skill, and above all the RISK FACTOR.

Likewise bank employees can’t be just compared with other salary class employees.

Bank employees are not just a data entry operator.

Every entry that he enters, every decision he takes is coupled with high risk.

Hence, this time not less than 25% increase in wages (BASED ON SALARY SLIP) to be achieved.


Unknown said...

Mr. Kumar the expectations are well informed and I feel that this will be an added information to our Wage Negotiating Union Leaders, while they go for Talks with IBA. Of the above expectations, the FIRST AND FOREMOST needed after Wage Rise is "THE UPDATION OF PENSION" along with every settlement. Our old retired friends are drawing very low pension & living under poor conditions. Keeping this in mind, the Union Leaders and the IBA should ensure that updation of pension is achieved in this 10th BPS. There is also a provision for Pension Updation in the 1993/1995 pension Settlements for Bank Employees.

Ye said...

sir, u have added almost all matters but one thing is very important, which should be added in charter of demand or should be discussed on priority in 10th BPS negotiation. That is, the next BPS negotiation should be completed before next due date i.e Nov 2017. just like as 7th pay comm. for central govt employees.I think the UFBU & IBA both r responsible for delay in settlement.which causes financial loss to lac of bank employee and govt is also adopting delay tactics. At any cost settlement should be completed and implemented on 01/nov 2017

Anonymous said...

Sir why nothing is said about key factors like HRA, lease rent etc...also many banks reduce the perks while sbi gives a lot and many say no perks and leave while probation/training period and Overtime shpould be given more importance as every officer does at least 2-3 hr etc every day..

Anonymous said...

Unions should not dare ask for a share of any increment offered as lump sum. THEY DON’T DESERVE A SINGLE PENNY AS THEY HAVE FAILED MISERABLY

Manohar said...

May i know how much take home salary and perks of a newly recruited Bank PO now, please let me know after 10th wage revision

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

For employees joining after 2010, there is not even a scope to think about Pension because they are covered under NPS. Our post retirement life is exposed to several market risks as there is no defined amount we can expect. Probably the negotiators may also take this into consideration.

Unknown said...

Really in hand salary of bankers is very less,,, keeping this in mind less than 25% should not be accepted.
Fight for betterment not to get what other offers.

Anonymous said...

Sir ,kindly tell what will be in hand salary of scale 1 bank officer after the expected wage revision. As there are numerous websites on the web and the information provided by them differ from one another.
Thanking you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

35-36000 only frnd