Thursday, November 5, 2020

 When officers unions were ready, IBA postponed signing.

Now, when IBA is ready, officers unions are raising issues like 5 days banking , updation etc.,

Then what was position of these issues on 18.10.20 , when they  were ready to sign.

Is it a tit for tat or ego clash?

O.k. take your own time. 

No hurry.

Employees have waited just 3 years.

Let them wait some more time.


Vbraj said...

If so, what made them to agree on signing the MOU 3 months back? Why last minute drama? How long they can befool the employees...? See that the majority of the leaders are at the verge of their retirement in the coming years..... whether the younger generation will take care of the battle???? Or is it the end of trade unionism in banking industry?? Wait and see.....

Indian bankkumar said...

While issues were pending why they have signed MOU?

Anonymous said...

Shameful attitude of officers union.

Davis said...

Next drama ???
Officers can now reveal the inner happenings on 17th Oct, 2020 in the meeting between IBA. They are not attending the meeting on 9th October 2020 because of unresolved demands like 5 day week, Updation of Pension nor Leave rules. It will be some reasons, better known to Officers union commune.
Actually inside UFBU, Officers and Award staff unions are not communicating each other for resolving this type misunderstanding in attending the BP talks.
We have waited for long 36 months and ready to be calm and wait another months....With Regards.

Unknown said...

5 days banking यह wage revision का हिस्सा नही हो सकता मिला ठीक नही मिला ठो भी ठीक updation of pensation यह issue wage revision के बाद मे भी ले शकते है इसके कारण wage revision नही रुकना च्याही.
पहिली ऑफर 2 % की दियी तब ufbu को गुस्सा नही आया 3 साल बीत चुके है revision बहुत important है इस बत को ufbu leaders ने समजणे च्याही नही तो सबी leaders ने
आपणे आपणे पद से resign कर देना च्याही

Unknown said...

Unions & IBA just befooling the bank employees