Sunday, June 8, 2014

Query about provisions for Physically handicapped employees!

Following are the provisions for  Physically handicapped employees prevaing in Banks.
( any more information you know, may be brought to my notice with proof, so as to update)

* Reservation in recruitment through IBPS!
* Monthly conveyance allowance of 5% of Basic Pay subject to max.Rs.400.
* From May 2014,  deaf&dumb employees also eligible for the above allowance.
  ( previously only orthopaedically handicapped employees are receiving this allowance.)
* This allowance is over and above Ra.225/275 provided in Bi-partite settlement.
* So far no reservation in promotion process.

* Regarding place posting on recruitment/transfer/promotion pl read the following Govt. guidelines:

F. NO. 302/33/2/87-SCT(B) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Finance 
Department of Economic Affairs 
(Banking Division) 
New Delhi, Dated 15.2.1988 

All CES of public Sector Banks 
And Financial Institutions 
SUB: Posting/Transfer of Physically Handicapped employed in public sector banks/financial institutions. 

Representations have been received that in view of their physical disability bank employees who are physically handicapped may be exempted from routine periodical transfers from places of their original postings/appointment. Earlier the Government had issued instructions vide letter No. 302/33/2/87-SCT(B) dated 31st August, 1987 that BSRBs should endeavour as far as possible to allot the selected physically handicapped candidates to banks having branches located in or near their home town or village. 

The question of their posting/transfer has also been considered in the same context and it has been decided that subject to the administrative exigencies, the physically handicapped persons employed in public sector banks in all cadres should normally but exempted from the routine periodical transfers. It has been decided that such persons should not normally be transferred even on promotion if a vacancy exists in the same branch/office, town/city. When the transfer of a physically handicapped employee becomes inevitable on promotion to a place other than his original place of appointment due to non-availability of vacancy, it should be ensured that such employees are kept nearest to their original place of posting and in any case are not transferred to far off/remote places. This concession would not be available to such of the physically handicapped employees of the banks who are transferred on grounds of disciplinary action or are involved in fraudulent transactions, etc. 

The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged. 

      Yours faithfully, 
(Y.P. Sethi) 
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India" 


pankaj bajpai said...

Sir i am working in Bank of baroda as a clerk SIngle window operator in bank reservation are alloted to SC-ST_and OBC peoples regarding promotion From clerk to Scale 1 then why there is no consideration for physically handicapped person for the same why such differences from the management please explain

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The injustice is everywhere for handicapped, when promotion reservation and special treatment is given for abled but who fall under backward castes,then why not we handicapped who pain themselves physically every day to attend and perform duties are orphaned, this a mere discrimination..

Anonymous said...

i have not received any such allowance being a physically handicapped. Wat should i do. It's not been included in my salary slip also. So Wat should i do
Please clarify me.

Anonymous said...

I am physically handicapped person working in IOB and it was shocking news for me when i came to know that there is no reservations in promotion for PH. In other hand there is promotion on the basis of cast and creed. Please explain me is belonging to a special classes is more painful than being a physically handicap.

Anonymous said...

Any circular available regarding this. Please provide

Anonymous said...

Shame to hear about the promotion policy where a physically handicapped suffering person is being discriminated by denying reservation in promotions but a abled bodied person is being given reservation because of caste, does this a humanity act?

RENU said...

Can physically handicapped employee get lease accommodation in the same city where he/she was promoted from clerk to officer in the home town posting.

Unknown said...

There is no such policy found in united bank of India, w.r.t.Government had issued instructions vide letter No. 302/33/2/87-SCT(B) dated 31st August, 1987 that BSRBs should endeavour as far as possible to allot the selected physically handicapped candidates to banks having branches located in or near their home town or village.

I m transfered to more than 1600 km away to my home, though I have req. Earlier for transfer for hometown....

manish nandanwar said...

Sir in bank pH candidates for promoted 0-1 on the basis of cast or ph based;why they showing in vacant news on st/sc/obc/ph so plz advice me.

Sushil Kumars said...

I am also not get justice in this regard. No such circular thereof. I will defenately favor if this bank is merged with a big bank. Most of big bank follow the circular.

Anonymous said...

Sir ...

There was a circular regarding work allotment for physically handicap / disabled bank employees that whatever allownaces are already being given shall not be withdrawn eventhough the person may not have been left capable due to physical handicap and thus not actually working for that allowance post or has become incapable to do such allowance post work
... and that such a person shall be given light work comparatively and suitably.. and shall not be compelled to work for that allowance post..

i,e, the allowances will continued to be given as earlier

pls provide the copy of such letter

( most likely might have been issued somewhere in between the year 2012 to 2015)

Thanks & regards