Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is there any security for Bankmen's life inside Bank premises?

Pl watch the video attached.
Issue: Bank Manager asked for repaying of outstanding loan,

when the customer came for redemption of Jewel loan.
(Ref :General Lien available Bankers in Law)
The Customer(advocate?) started attacking Manager.
The incident took place in Taminadu , Indian Bank, Tiruppachur.
A complaint is said to be made.
No action till date.


Arun Raj said...

When the Manager asks the Borrower to repay the loan in bank premises, He is coming with rowdy lawyer and attacking our staffs in manager's cabin, damaging our bank properties. Nearby many customers and public are there. But nobody is saving them. Now Unions, Bank Management, Police are not taking any action against that culprit. Then Imagine this condition. We are going to this customer home alone and asking him to repay the loan.
What will happen? Who will save us?...

Anonymous said...

No action till now?? Poor service conditions, poor salaries etc and now security, poor legal assistance. What in the name of those bank employee unions doing when they have a clear evidence of guilty by that idiot??

Anonymous said...

WE have to call all the union leaders to get down from their post

Unknown said...

I got retired on 31/05/2014 as BMW of an RRB .last day I was not relieved. Bias a borrower filed a case against me that ,he didn't avail a loan but BM created a loan in my name and taken it. Irony is loan sanctioned and credited to his ac. After wards he only withdrawn 2 times fr om SB. Posted by a clue kris and authorised by accts manager. FIR filed against me B report give
n by police. But still my retirement benefits not sete led. Bankers are not protected by either unions or manage ment, we poor bankers hav to fight over borrowers tantrums and illegal acts

Anonymous said...

sir my father was working in union bank of india before his death he died in the date of 24th january 2005 he worked 25 years in ubi
i saw u r blog about compassionate appointment why the unions are not take seriously after the employee's death bank was given to respect their employee.
u say banks paid compensation is it enough for employee's family?