Friday, July 9, 2021

Medical Insurance 2021-22

 Health Insurance Policy for Tamilnadu Govt., employees renewed  with attractive terms!

Major points:

* Coverage Rs. 5 lacs for 4 years.

* Annual premium Rs.3240+GST per year per employee paid in advance by TN Govt.,

*Recovery of Rs.300 per month from employee

* Employee+Spouse+child under 25 years covered

* 1169 Net work hospitals (for cashless treatment) in Tamilnadu state alone.

* Example: 70 hospitals  in Salem dt.itself.

*To provide some hospitals in Bangalore, Trivandrum ,New Delhi also.

* Reimbursement provision for non network hospitals @75% rate

* 203 Diseases (😯) covered

* Pre existing diseases also covered.


My view:

1. Pensioners are not undergoing hospitalisation every year or utilise maximum amount in all years.

Therefore going for a longer period of Health Insurance seems wise.

Premium will be reduced considerably.

In the above case for premium is Rs.12940+GST for 4 years.

2. For Pensioners amount of Insurance may be 10 to 15 lacs for 4 years.

Since spouse only covered other than employee, premium may not on higher side.

3. Maximum hospitals to be brought under cashless treatment to avoid advance expenditure.

Our Associations may keep these points in mind , while going for renewal of policy this year.

It is just a thought for discussion.


Bharat Bhushan Malik said...

Insurance cover should be Rs. 7 lac due to increase in medical expenses

Bibisahn Chaudhari said...

Thank You so much sir for this information.

Unknown said...

Today I have recd message from chv. On 22nd four unions are having meeting with iba regarding pension and other matters. Is it true or fake. Pls anyone reply.