Sunday, May 13, 2018

Circular No. 2018/22 Date: 13.05.2018
To All Affiliates/State Units/ Members
Dear Comrades,
An appeal to our Young and Senior Comrades – Strike on 30th & 31st
May 2018.
You were the back bone of the organization and built up the strong edifice
and you continue to be the pillar.
The Govt and Management will try their age old game of divide and rule. I am sure you will understand and act.
Q. Why we demand Wage Revision upto Scale VII ?

The 7 Scales were the outcome of the Pillai Committee Recommendations.
After the PCR we have all along had Wage Negotiations upto Scale VII. Even in the last Wage Negotiation IBA insisted on restricting negotiations upto Scale III. Some Managements also gave restricted mandate. But we turned it down and achieved our target. We also got an additional
increment for Scale IV. Though we tried the same for Scale V also we could
not achieve the same. But we had been ensuring decent wage hike for all.

Q:What will happen if the WR is restricted to Scale III in Bipartite?
The individual Managements will have the freedom to decide. Uniformity will be lost. Relativity will be given a go by. Performance will be made criteria but performance mark will be decided by the Boss. Unless you please the boss you will not get better pay or promotion. You will be left to the mercy of the Management. Discrimination will increase. Humans are
not perfect. Performance depends on the environment. Already in some banks this is happening and the resentment is increasing day by day. Hence this will only lead to divide and rule and later the officers will be left to the mercy of the Management.
Today the Associations are the watch dogs which Protest & Protect.
A rich man had 2 dogs which were guarding the house watchfully in the
night. One day a friend told him that he is wasting so much of money to
feed the dogs. So the rich man gave away the dogs. Sold for a price.
Within a week robbers came. They looted all his money and jewels. Now
the rich man cried. Regretted that he did not realize the role of the watch dogs.
Same will be our position. When the role of the Association is taken away
the Management atleast most of them will bounce on you. Step by step ,
stage by stage. By the time you will realize, you will be at great loss.
Q. What are the arguments of AIBOC for continuing these scales?
1. The Pillai Committee Recommendations and the acceptance of the
same by Govt & Banks.
2. Officers Service Rules are same upto Scale VII and they can’t be
tampered with as salary structure is part of the OSR.
3. It is the Association which defends these officers in case of a charge sheet.
4. Managements want us to demand that Officers upto Scale VII should
be outside the purview of CVC and CBI. The same should be the case
for Wage Negotiation.
5. If not us who will negotiate for them?
6. Officers are recruited under IBPS. They should have same service
conditions. Leaving it to individual managements will create
7. Many Officers upto Scale VII are members of the Association. They
have to be given Wage Revision on the same formula.
8. No Management will give a better salary if there is no negotiating
9. If the Managements want to give more really, they can provide the
amenities apart from salary which will be tax free too.
10. No Govt- No Management is benevolent. Without an
Association they will become oligarchy. They will discriminate on
Caste, Creed, Religion, Language; everything will come to play.
Q. Why Can’t you prevent the Management from giving individual
Managements can’t support the strike. It is mandatory to issue
letters asking not to join the strike. But no Management can take
action against an individual for a collective action. The Trade Union Act protects us. Hence you need not worry.
Q: Managements can transfer?
Transfers take place as per transfer policies and when you go up in the ladder it is mandatory. Can a Management transfer everybody who participates in the strike?
Q. Can I participate in the Strike when I am under probation?
Yes. We all have participated during probation. Probation can’t be extended for that. All under probation should join the strike.
We appeal to you. It’s a question of life and death. We have to stand
united as we have done all along. Take the plunge.
Join the strike.
Ensure a brighter future.
Comradely yours,


Ranjeet Kumar said...

dear General Secretary,
why strike on 30 th &31 may , why not on 28th &29th may, kindly explain us


Union leader you are the puppet of Govt.if not why are a bank po salary is
Not equal to an IAS as it in 1970s.

Santosh singh said...

How much taken as bribe for telling
Bankers these grounds ?

Nirmal Kumar Ghosh said...

Settlement should strictly restricted to SCALE III .At least in this matter I totally agree with IBA. Those person who are not in a position to agitate , do not have the capacity to participate in a strike and moreover WHO ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING NPA AND MAKING THE PRESENT DISASTROUS SITUATION should have no right to be under UFBU made settlement. On the other hand what UFBU has done in the last settlement has signed for extra Personal Pay for them. Let the remaining 95 percent Bank Employees raise this important issue to the leaders UFBU ,which presently seems to be controlled by Officer greater than SCALE III .

Anonymous said...

My only question to UFBU In last settlement what was the reason for excepting Medical rembursment for Award staff only Rs.200 & for officer Rs 3000


Very good opinion

Anonymous said...

These Union member r becoming old....So they have no such power as earlier and also they feels they are retiring in few months.... So it is our foolishness we r believing them...... So i think we new people have to come forward.....And the time coming ..

Anonymous said...

These Union member r becoming old....So they have no such power as earlier and also they feels they are retiring in few months.... So it is our foolishness we r believing them...... So i think we new people have to come forward.....And the time coming ..

rajeevkojha said...

All Union/Association walas have had a life of luxury,airtravel,creation of huge personal wealth and making a mockery of banks.Now bank officers are a laughing stock in the society,working like in sweatshop atmosphere and poorest paid,all thanks to these ill educated ,long superannuated,crooked and corrupt netas.Some of them are over 75 years of age never put in a days labour had been receiving their salaries without doing any work.
They do not know the kind of work scale VII officers perform,but want to negotiate their wages and perks with the bank. Pillai Committee had equated scale VII Officers with the Secretary to Govt of India.Pay scales Rs 3000-3500.
Eversince these jokers started bi-partrite negotiations,Scale VII Officers of the Banks are now reduced to the status of a Deputy Secretary to GOI.CBI takes scale III Officers as Inspectors.In Pillai CR Scale III Officer was equated with a DIG of CBI.Pay 1800-2200.
No one should give a single paisa to these leeches and parasites by way of contribution or levy.

Anonymous said...

It is better to get exploited by Management or Govt atleast one day it will be come on Tv but when unions exploit no one can save us.

Anonymous said...

Why nobody talk about the retirees? The pension presently being paid is a meager amount.

Unknown said...

Author chutiya hai. Union bhi. Sabse bade chutiya to union members hai. Sadiyon se union inko chutiya bana rahi hai pr inhe pata hi nahi chal raha. 2% offer kiya to juta khol ke marna chahiya tha wahi pe. Saale bhadwe union wale.

The Perfectionist said...

Do not join union. They are as useless as shit. Your fee to them shall be utter wastage. Feed some begger with that money. They shall atleast bless you.

itsonlypinku said...

Abe agar strike ho karna tha to immediately kyun nahin..pehle usko letter do uske baad aue kisiko aur uske baad strike..kya halua bana rahe ho?? Strike hua to v jake 30 and 31 ..tumahara to salary nahin ja raha he na..

Unknown said...

Stop all these nonsense things i got a transfer even if i have not completed 3 y in the zone and also i am not eligible for promotion i am not trf to my home state even after served for 7 y outside. Wat trf policy is followed. Only applicable for me or wat. Stop all rubbish.

Anonymous said...

we will participate in the strike, lose salary but you make Record Notes.
Good Govt, Very Good Union Leaders

Anonymous said...

Bandook meri laila la la la

Mahesh Sharma said...

Again asking why 30th,31st. Why not 28th 29th

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Because every body will make plan for enjoying holidays not on strike

arbind kumar Rai said...

In protest they have not taken IBA lunch . They have taken lunch in Hotel on our cost .

Anonymous said...

Did nyone here asked for your opinion or suggestions? It doesn't matter what you think. Get lost

subhash gaur said...

Once scale 4do not take part in strike why we should worry for them.

Anonymous said...

One day come when the bankers will become beggar...So new job dhondnaaa paregaa