Friday, September 8, 2017

11th bipartite updation as on 23 rd August 2017. Next talk will be on 6 th September


Wednesday ,   23 rd  August


Sub :   *11 th Bipartite* 



Today 4 th round of discussions took place between I.B.A. and Unions. *

The meeting began with discussion on Ten "Management Issues" as under :

1.  Compensation Package on Cost to Company. Fixed and Variable Pay concept for Offficers / Workmen. I.B.A. desires to introduce declaration of 'Performance based Bonus.' After discussion it was decided to further discuss this issue during detailed Wage Revision process.

2.  Rationalisation of Special Pay Carrying Posts. There are 8 & 3 such posts at Clerical and Sub Staff level. We made it clear to I.B.A. that additional burden of duties should be compensated. It was decided to discuss this issue during next rounds with more details from I.B.A.

3. Review of two graduation increments. Only elementary discussion took place. We opposed this move of I.B.A.

4.  Transfer and deployment of Workmen Employees - para 536 of Sastry Award. We demanded better monetary compensation for transferees as transfers are effected by Managements.  This issue to come for discussion during future rounds.

5.  Simultaneous disciplinary action by Banks and Police. Only discussion took place. No conclusive decision.

6.  Continuing departmental proceedings post retirement for Workmen Employees. Only discussion took place.

7.  Premature Retirement of Workman in Public Interest. We opposed this move.

8.  Outsourcing : We have asked I.B.A. to elaborate Business Needs.

9.  Automatic Movement of pay Scales  for Officers. Only discussion. No decision.

10.  To mark Lien on NPS Fund of employees to recover Bank's Loss. We opposed move. Issue will be discussed further.

*Thus Management Issues were discussed only. No decision was arrived.*

*Other Issues*



1. Improvement in Pay Scales and Stagnation Increments.

2. D. A. Formula

3.  H. R. A.

As load factor and basic pay structure is not decided , the issue remains hanging. Will be discussed in future rounds.

*Leave Rules*

1. Maternity Leave and in continuation Special Leave to Women employees was discussed. No conclusion.

2. Leave Bank. We requested  IBA to put forth exact scheme. It will happen during next rounds.

        *L. F. C.*

We put forth demand for enhancement in maximum distances. Uniform inclusion of Special Trains like Rajadhani etc in all bank schemes. Also one more option to employees to select periodicity of LFC.

Discussion inconclusive.

Road Travel cost reimbursement should be at same rate for Officers and Workmen was our demand. Our other demand was to include Sight Seeing Expenses in overall limit. Cost of Taxes such as GST should be included in Ticket Price which should be enhanced accordingly and reimbursed was our firm demand.

Thus even though so many issues came up and discussed, all were discussed on primary level. Discussions to continue. IBA to come up with concrete plans to give shape to discussion.

All these issues will be discussed during future rounds.

*Next Round of Negotiations is scheduled on Wednesday,  the 6 th September,  2017*

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