Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The subcommittee on NON FINANCIAL items held  discussion with IBA today.

IBA's counter demands were discussed in detail. 

Majority of counter demands were rejected, while few items were kept for further discussion. 

LFC,LEAVE issues also discussed.

 Next subcommittee on 6th Sept. 

CJ Nandakumar, President BEFI.


Anonymous said...

Union ppl always says issue discussed...but exactly did they demanded..on that..and what did they will one know it confidential info not to be posted..

Anonymous said...

unions back stabbed employees during last bipartite settlement. hope unions do some justice at least this time. 15% increase across 5 years is not even peanuts when compared to high inflation. Unions please do some justice....we are also humans and have families to take care. when compared to central govt employees getting nothing. please take care of employees...out whole hearted request from each and every member of the family.

Sampath said...

If they are rejecting the majority demands, then at what base we believe them in increase in the salary of our expectation. I think this time also we need to get satisfy at 15%.

Kanni don said...

No financial discussion, only non financial discussion. Why? They won't give even 2 percent on basic and da. Last time they gave 2 percent on basic and da.

Anonymous said...

True, the situation is like we should trust our union leaders or not

Anonymous said...

We should have only 1 demand with respect to salary it must be at pat with central government..... Of equivalent rank

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