Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gratuity for Employees under NPS!

There was a talk that employees under NPS scheme are not entitled for Gratuity.
This was mentioned in the initial document of NPS scheme .
Later it was clarified , in parliament, that all employees are eligible to get Gratuity.
(I have posted the speech on Minister at that time)
Even then some section of employees are having doubts over eligibility.
Here is the official written document to confirm the eligibility for Employees under NPS scheme.
Hence Bank employees who joined on or after 01.04.2010 are eligible to get Gratuity as like employees under Old Pension Scheme.

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Vikas said...

This notification says about government employees. Bank employees are public sector employees. Also, none of the bank related bodies has been marked a copy. Neither RBI nor CMD of banks or IBA.