Monday, September 7, 2015

updates in my blog

Dear comrades ,
I have updated my blog with headings (right under title)
1. Service condition
2. D.A. History
3. Pension/NPS
4. Staff welfare
5, Medical Insurance Policy
    (power point presentation)
7. FAQ (under construction)

you may refer and download the contents at anytime.


santhosh said...

Great work sir. Hope will continue for long...

binod bihari said...

Really it's great . Thanks a lot on behalf of the whole working class in Banks......Keep it up brother.

Unknown said...


Unknown said... is helpful to all

Vijay Mahajan said...

Please let me know about the medical insurance policy for the bank retirees. Either it is beneficial for those who have already taken this policy from National Insurance Co
tie-up with Bank Of India or not. If it is then how? Please explain for the guidance of BOI retirees. thanks