Friday, July 3, 2015

7th CPC Expected Pay-Media Hype:

GConnect ( a central Govt., employees news website)
“Missing information will always be misleading”

7th Pay Commission news – Media require specialised approach rather than a hype

After 7CPC itself announced in last week of June 2015 to the effect that it has started finalising the report to be submitted to the Govt, News on 7th Pay Commission has started becoming popular.

It would be Needless to say all Government Employees would be interested in 7th CPC report. Though common man may not show much interest in the elaboration and technicalities of 7CPC report, he/she will also be curious to know the quatum of increase in Pay of Central Government Employees in General. At the same time, a common man will always be depending on various News media such as News Prints and Television channels to get these type of news.

But we could see that Pay Commission related news provided by News Media nowadays are misleading in the sense that they are only projecting the number of times the pay was hiked by previous Pay commissions and likely hike by 7th Pay Commission.

Missing information will always be misleading

For instance, it was reported by a daily news paper recently, which was quoted later by many blogs that Govt Salaries are set to increase by 2 to 3 times 
and that 6th Pay Commission suggested 3 times increase in Salaries. It was also reported that 5th CPC recommended 2.6 times in increase in pay of lower Grade Officials.

A common man who is reading this news would be easily mislead and he/she would come to a conclusion that Salary of Government Employees was increased by 3 times by 6th CPC.

But the factual informations such as 86% of basic Pay paid as Dearness Allowance separtely was merged with Pay and increase in pay by 1.86 times is only because of merger of DA with Pay, are missing in this media report.

It is not expected that a news item should report all the intricacies of a pay commission report. But the fact that the net increase in the Pay of Central Government Employees after implementation of 6th Pay Commission report which was around 25% and 40% for most of lower / middle level employees and Higher level employees respectively, should have been correctly reported in the public interest.

Even this net increase in pay was only due to introduction of a new pay head called Grade Pay and as far as pre-revised basic Pay is concerned (now called as Pay in Pay band) there is no real increase except merger of DA with Pay.

In the case of Bank Employees wage revision after 10th Wage Settlement signed recently, it was correctly reported in news media that Bank Employees would be getting net increase in pay to the extent of 15%.  This net increase in Pay is exclusive of merger of Dearness Allowance as on Nov 2012 with Pay.

The above facts can easily be verified by using the GConnect 6th Pay Commission Calculator, link of which is given below. We can easily verify from the arrears report which will be generated after we select pre-revised Pay Scale and a basic Pay (with in the range of this pay scale) that Pre-revised Basic Pay as on 01.01.2006 and 6CPC revised Pay in Pay Band as on 01.01.2006 are one and the same.

About Retirement Age!!
There are news doing around and employees making anxious queries
About reduction of retirement age.

Everybody really accepts that graduated and unemployed youth should be given jobs. No doubt, in a country like ours which has lakhs of unemployed youth, a reduction of retirement age will be desirable.

Considering the future of India, a new pension scheme was introduced and is in force now for the employees who joined after 1/1/2004, like this for those who join employment after a certain date (for example, from 1.1.2016), the retirement age can be reduced from 60 to 58 or even to 56. Nobody will be affected due to this. Those who join service, will know their retirement age well before and so will make their future plans accordingly. Due to this method, there is no problem for the employees who are in service presently. Also, the new employees will not be affected. If the government has
Plans of reducing retirement age , this may can be a suitable solution..

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Anonymous said...

Media is this country is anti national funded by Saudi Wahabi's and conversion industry. Most of the reporter lack both knowledge and common sense. So what you expect from them except sensational fake news.Boycott watching all nonsense news channels and printed media and don't leave a single opportunity to sue them.

Unknown said...

We are only interested in actual take home pay but not on tricky pay comm of iba team!!!
please go out and enquire the take home money of central govt clerk and bank officer

Anonymous said...

throw away chv from bank union as he is selling bankers dignity by signing lower wage revision as cg employees will get better wages from 7th pay commission

Unknown said...

I think there should be a good study before post a comment that was actually a increase of 2 to 3 time in 6th CPC
if we take a example a jbt teacher salary was only 7800 in 2010 but after 6th pay commission it was above 21000 so now you can can calculate very well as you are a banker
and one thing more a new clerk who was got earlier before 10th bipartite settlement 18000 now only taking 21000 just 3000 increase so please correct the facts mr banker and aage se iss tarha ke dilasa dene wale baat mat karna

Unknown said...

ek to apne knowledge ko badhao
salary increase was 2 to 3 time
theek he and aage se ye faltu post mat karo please
ek jbt teacher 7800 leta tha before 6th pay commission and after 6th pay commission the salary was 21000 so now you can calculate very well mr banker

Unknown said...

Bankers become beggers after pay comm.!!
please dont try to post out iba ufbu chart we like to vomit...let this be an eye opener to be loyal to our master iba and union leader who neither care for our rights as a human being

Surendra said...

Can a bank employe taking home around 20 km from the branch. He is eligible for HRA?