Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ongoing Negotiations on Wage Revision - Abuse of Technology.

AIBEA Letter No.27/121/2015/17, dtd 19.03.2015 -

Dear Comrades,
1. Ongoing negotiations on wage revision and other improvement in service conditions :
Units are aware that the Minutes of Discussions signed by us with the IBA on 23-2-2015
covering 15% increase towards cost of payslip components and amounting to Rs. 4725 crores
coupled with full holidays on 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month are significant breakthrough
 in the given circumstances and as compared to previous wage revision.  
Our other demands are also being discussed and sorted out and already understandings have been reached on some of the issues.  
The details of agreed issues have already been circularised by us for the information of our members.  The construction of revised payscales and other issues will be taken up in further rounds of discussions.  In the meantime, all sorts of misinformation, wrong information, rumours are being spread by vested interests about distribution of load to various items, etc in order to create confusion amongst the members. 
Our units are to keep off from such attempts and not fall a prey to the same.  As and when any development is there, we shall keep our units informed.
2.   Full holiday on 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month : 
On this also, various types of wrong information are in the market.  Working Hours are service conditions which are part of the provisions of Bipartite Settlement.  The relevant provisions have to be duly amended at the time of full-fledged settlement.  Negotiable Instruments Act has to be amended and RBI also has to issue revised instruction on banking hours.  In the meantime, based on our Minutes of Discussions, IBA has taken up the issue with the Government and RBI for due changes pending amendment to our Settlement. 2 Saturdays as holidays can be implemented only after completing these formalities.  Hence units would appreciate that all these procedures would take some time.
3. WhatsApp messages, SMS, etc :  Of late we observe that all types of unconfirmed information are being forwarded/circulated amongst our members through WhatsApp messages, SMS, etc.  
All these only contribute to avoidable confusions and we are required to clarify these questions every now and then disturbing our time and energy. 
Our units are requested to advise all concerned that any information related to wage revision, etc.
are to be forwarded only if they are emanated from AIBEA or our State Federations. 
Technology can be used but not abused.


Bitter Truth said...

Whatsapp messages are mostly creating the confusions. And lazy officers in most rural branches, who don't have to handle much of workload, forwarding the same to all the members while working in their respective branches, being glued to their cellphones.

Anonymous said...

Who is saying that rural branch having less work load ... Union leaders are lazy that's why about 3 years for settelment ... Levy k lalach mein ...

Anonymous said...

Unions have to blamed for delaying the wage revision and not being transparant enough to inform the members on the status of negotiations.
This has led to misuse of electonic media.

Bitter Truth said...

The most part of the workload in rural branches are dealing with unnecessary footfall at the branches for passbook printing and MGNREGA payments, which the workmen deals with. While the officers are busy in creating misleading new salary chart, spreading them in social media.

Unknown said...

Our leaders are just great. Abuse of technology is misrepresented. Why because, they themselves wasted their energy and time for more than 25 months.let the leaders achieve 4% Simple Interest for all STAFF loans, Clean Overfraft accounts of Staff in all PSBs, w.e.f. 01042015.
Let the 1, 3 and 5 Saturdays also be Holidays. If at all they be working days, let them be from 10am to 2pm.

Tarun said...

Lazy people in rural branches? I have been working in a rural branch for two years and even 12 hours isn't enough here. . Who the hell are you to generalize? Get your facts right before you post. . It's the leaders of Union and association sitting in cities that forward all information all day. .Looks like you haven't seen much rural of today my friend. .

Anonymous said... that is what CHV said a couple of years back that rbi try to change holidays unilaterally and warned TBI for reourcussions. Now chv says declaring holidays need a lengthy deliberations and amendments. If bankers are fools, we need not chv, but any idiot to keeep fooling them.

Vinod said...

why are unions not issuing or providing latest news? Why do we have to ask other people? Are union not taking money from me every month, and that too on time? Is it not their duty to keep me abreast with latest development?

Unknown said...

Dear vinod ji,
You are correct. You have those rights. Write a letter, by post, to your General Secretary. Let me know if you get a reply. Let the leaders handle other issues. For PAY REVISION, let us demand for PAY COMMISSION. Video conferencing is not being used for Xth BPS. Why?