Friday, March 20, 2015

Grade Pay

I am receiving too many queries about 
introduction of Grade Pay.
It is mentioned in the joint circular by award staff unions.
My view on Grade Pay is:
I do not support grade pay.
The load should be on basic pay only.
Grade pay concept will spoil all future benefits.
Grade pay in central govt., was introduced to neutralise
the clubbing of two or more scale of pay.
In banks there is only one pay scale for clerks and Substaff as well.
If scale 1,2 and 3 of officers are merged , 
then grade pay may be necessary.
However let us wait for final outcome.
Till such time let us express our concerns to give pressure to unions to take right decisions.


Unknown said...

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As rao said...

people will start guessing till the arrival of facts. 2%, grade pay are some of the doubts and confusions are wandering among employees. But no unions are not coming out clearly what is going on? just simply saying that dont believe in rumours.

Unknown said...

Then go

Unknown said...

We are giving every month subscription to them and after final settlement lavy too.but none of them feels to tell the present status,how they are going to do all.This should be the last bippartite settlement..