Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In the meeting 12.08.2013 it is decided to merge 4440 points of CPI with Basic pay.
What does it mean?
As on 01.11.2011 CPI was 4440 for D.A calculation i.e 401 slabs, 60.15%(@0.15% per slab)
As on 01.11.2012 CPI was 4876 for D.A calculation i.e 510 slabs, 76.50% (@0.15% per slab)
Now after merging 4440 points D.A. for balance 436 points i.e 109 slab will remain.
This 109 slab will not be calculated @ 0.15% as it will lead to giving D.A on D.A +basic.
Hence it will be reduced.
To what extent?
In 8 th bi-partite settlement D.A. merger was at 2288 points. % per slab was 0.18%
In 9th bi-partite settlement D.A. merger was at 2836 points. % per slab was 0.15%
How 0.18 became 0.15?

It is simple maths.  (2288/2836)*0.18=0.145=0.15%
Likewise this time it will be (2836/4440)*0.15=0.0958=0.10%
This rate is not announced officially, but this is the method of calculation.
If higher % is announced I will be happy.
What is the effect of merging D.A with Basic Pay?
On 01.11.2012 Basic Pay =8000. D.A. (old)=6120 (@76.50%)
On 01.11.2012 Basic Pay=12812. (160.15% of 8000).D.A. (New)=1396.50(109*0.10%)
Now, Basic pay of 8000 becomes 12812.
IBA has not revealed the % of wage increase yet.
Any % announced will be calculated on 12812 and not on 8000.
This is the effect of D.A.merger.
All our benefits like  HRA, CCA, PF CONTRIBUTION, PENSION, COMMPUTATION,LOAN ELIGIBILITY etc.,are calculated on the basis of basic pay only. Hence we have to increase Basic pay substantially.
Therefore this merger point is a good one.
Effective date from 01.11.2012 and its importance:
In previous settlements effective date was postponed by an year or so and different heads like B.P, D.A.,Spl.Allow, etc., was given effect on different dates therby loosing the arrears substantially.
This time it is achieved from the day one.
Offer of Mediclaim Policy instead of reimburasement of hospitalization bills:
I have already mooted this idea as early as June 2012 in my blogspot as follows.

Bank employees are not able to get reimbursement for their medical bills when they admit in a hospital not approved by the bank. Admission in a hospital depends on the circumstances, individual’s preference, doctors/quality of treatment available in a hospital etc.,
Moreover bills are passed for a lesser amount subject to ceilings prescribed for different heads like room rent, operation charges etc.,
In the last settlement increase given for different heads of treatment were very low due to load constrains.
To overcome this situation, my suggestion is banks should arrange to take
“GROUP MEDICLAIM” policy for their employees and premium should be paid by banks.
This is not a new concept, it is available in almost all industries including state Govt. employees.
It is shame that bank employees are not covered by mediclaim policy in this modern world.
To start with banks can opt for a policy for Rs.5, 00,000/- per employee family.

IBA has come forward to implement this scheme. I am delighted.

I request  all of you to avoid the question
“What will be my salary after 10th B.P.S?”
The process has just started and No % of increase is offered by IBA.
At this stage the above question is irrelevant.
Don’t think that IBA is ready to give a hefty increase and Unions and Union leaders are reluctant to accept.
It is in our (employees) hands to bring Govt. /IBA  to the negotiating table with good offer.
Till such time please support Unions/Leaders (whatever be the union you blongs to), though we have our own reservation about them in certain matters.
United we will succeed.


sravan said...

Very good information thank you sir

Unknown said...

Very positive thinking. When we think for less and receive more this gives more satisfaction. On merger of 4440 DA comes to 0.09001, so DA 0.1 is good one.

Anonymous said...

bhaeeo or dusaro ki bahano salary achhi khassi increase hogi tension na loo.tum log private ki tarah kam karte ho means bahut der raat tak mehnat karte ho par salary sarkari lete ho jis me 1 kg onion month k 10 din b nahi la sakte.
esi liye sarkari bank k employee pahte or dirty dress pahnte h. or private bank k log suit boot me aate h or wo b saaf suthre hote h.
Govt bank k employee tooth paste b nahi le sakte esi unke muh se badboo aati rhti h.bechare tooth paste b nhi le sakte. O MY GOOD.1

kanagaraj jaganathan, chennai said...

You have enlighted the bank staff community about the merger of DA and thereby the probable Basic Pay. It is a fantastic effort on your part. Please continue to do so in future.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I want to know that, when you say "As on 01.11.2011 CPI was 4440 for D.A calculation i.e 401 slabs" how the Slabs are calculated by using CPI.