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*****CURRENT NEWS******
Today In the afternoon discussions on other

demands of workmen and officers were discussed.
Next week negotiating committee meeting will be held
and pay scales etc will be discussed.
Today morning IBA & UFBU meeting took place
wherein all details of proposed new medical reimbursement scheme
was discussed.
Scheme will be finalized shortly.
For retirees also we have asked iba to workout
a similar scheme.

10.04.2015: Update on B.P.S.:
Sub committee meeting on medical reimbursement is scheduled
to be held on 16th April at 11.00 am.
Meeting with workmen unions will be held at 2.00 pm
(News from BEFI)
* 23.02.2015: Wage revision settled at 15%(4725 Cr.)
and 4th Saturdays will be Holidays.
Other Saturdays are full working day.
Four days strike deferred.
Detailed circular follows.

*Consumer Price Index number for Oct,Nov,and Dec. is 253.
0.34 point over average of last quarter.

Hence D.A from Feb 2015 to Apr.2015 is 734 slabs(+2slabs)
i.e 110.10% (+0.30%)
* Revised LFC encashment amount from 25.06.2014!

*Compassionate appointment for Bank Employees
restored from 05.08.2014!
Legal heirs can opt for either employment or ex-gratia !

Friday, June 7, 2013


TEXT OF UFBU CIRCULAR No.2013/9 dt. 7th June, 2013

IBA’s Negotiating Committee headed by Shri. T.M. Bhasin met the United Forum of Bank Unions today at IBA office in Mumbai.

In today's meeting, we demanded that there should be a time bound programme to complete the negotiations without much delay to arrive at the wage revision settlement at the earliest. IBA also agreed with our views and informed that the same can be worked out by mutual discussions. Today we also demanded that the wage revision should be effective from 1st November 2012 and that the new pay scale should be constructed by merging the DA at 4876 points i.e. the DA applicable to July- September 2012 quarter. We also insisted that the IBA should make their offer on the percentage of wage load acceptable to them. For this, the IBA informed us that they would consult the higher authorities in the Government and inform us in the next round of discussions. The IBA suggested that the pay scales could be constructed by merging the DA applicable upto 2009. We did not agree to this proposal. This issue will be discussed further.

In today's meeting the IBA also explained their issues like introduction of Cost to Company, Performance related wage, restricting the wage revision, increased mobility to award staff, rationalisation of Special Pay etc. While expressing our reservations and viewpoints, we suggested that these issues can be reverted during subsequent discussions.

From the UFBU we also submitted that in the proposed wage revision, the hike in wage load should be exclusive of the cost on pension and other superannuation benefits and also the cost of hospitalisation expenses reimbursement. The IBA informed that this would be kept in mind by them.    The IBA informed that they will shortly inform us the date for the next round of negotiations. Further developments will be informed in due course.

With greetings,
Yours Comradely,
                                                                                                       Sd. (P.K.SARKAR)



KV said...

Nothing will happen, Bankers are the worst breed to work for 10 hours everyday,away from home less leaves granted, more work , tds ,pension mutual fund , insurance , ppf etc all jobs still least paid.Poor guys

Anonymous said...

Those who are traped can do nothing,however no new face should join
This will help a self death of banking industry and evolution of a altetnate