Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bank staff recruitment process!!

Recently One Public sector Bank recruited 452 Probationary Officers.

Only 154 reported for joining. Hence the Bank has issued orders for a dropout list of 298 now.

What is the reason for this pathetic situation?

1  .   Bank job lost its charm/attraction
2.          Fear of Worst service condition/treatment/torture/workload.
3.          Salary structure.
=as per cost to company concept it is Rs.3.75lakhs per annum not attractive when compared to the risk factor where as an  entry level software engineer gets Rs.3.00 lakhs and central Govt.Officer gets even more.

4.          Wrong recruitment process as candidates has multiple appointment orders in hand.

Answer 4 seems to be correct from the following data.

Latest Notifications
> Corporation Bank Announced the list of candidates for its second phase of interview. 1650 candidates are called, only 393 are the ones who have been called first time. rest 1257 are already selected in different banks. It is very sad to see that the candidates who are selected in more than 2  to 9 banks did applied for Corporation bank also. 784 are as such candidates. 
> PNB declared the result of the 2nd round Interview. Total Candidates selected in 2nd phase are 380 and 265 are the multiselection.
> Indian Bank has come up with 298 waiting list of Candidates, 189 is the Multiselection.
> Dena Bank has come up with 255 waiting list of Candidates, 154 is the multiselection.
> UCo bank has come up with 725 waiting list... 625 is the multiselection..
> Vijay bank cam up with its Interview list today. For 894 it has called 4814 candidates for interview. And there is no surprise in saying that there is 2330 such candidates who are already selected in different banks, and It is really surprise to see that who have been selected more than 2 banks are stilling applying . The one who are selected in 9 banks, 8 banks, 7 banks are appying
> United bank of India- 3rd waiting list out (PO)only 77 names in the list... and 71.. have been already selected in different banks.
> Allahabad Bank PO waiting list declared 724 in this list.... 591 is the Multiselection

No of times Candidates got SelectedSelected No,Eating Aways Seats
11 Times Selected00
10 Times Selected00
9 Times Selected324
8 Times Selected535
7 Times Selected35210
6 Times Selected120600
5 Times Selected245980
4 Times Selected5751725
3 Times Selected11652330
2 Times Selected24412441
1 Times Selected53230
Total Declared( 18527 )99128345

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