Thursday, June 9, 2011

UFBU REPLIES TO AIBOA ON balancing cost of pension in respect of SBI


“  Our attention has been drawn to some circulars issued by All India Bank Officers Association ( AIBOA ) regarding the All India Strike on 7th July, 2011 as declared from the National Convention held at Delhi on 20.05.2011.  Since these circulars may create some confusion, we wish to clarify to our Units and members as under.
1.    AIBOA attended the UFBU meeting on 25.3.2011. While different issues were raised by the constituent unions, only those issues on which consensus was reached were decided to be taken up for agitation.  The points raised by AIBOA regarding SBI allowance were replied by AIBOC and clarified by UFBU Convenor.
2.    On 19.5.2011 also, AIBOA attended the UFBU meeting.  In this meeting also AIBOA raised the issue and it was again clarified.   AIBOA also informed that they have gone to the Court on this issue.  After that, the issues for the strike were agreed unanimously by all unions including by AIBOA.
3.    The Declaration to be adopted in the Convention was prepared and approved unanimously by all the unions including by AIBOA and AIBOA also signed the Declaration without any reservation.  AIBOA did not raise any objection.
4.    In the UFBU Convention on 20.5.2011 also AIBOA participated.  The Declaration containing the issues and strike call was adopted unanimously including by AIBOA.  Thus, it is an unanimous call from UFBU.
5.    UFBU is an unique experience in the entire trade union movement in our country where 100% of employees and officers in the entire industry are moving unitedly.  Perhaps such a comprehensive united platform is not available elsewhere.
6.    This unity under UFBU has been possible because UFBU operates on the basis of unanimity, mutual understanding and broad consensus.  This should continue to be the hallmark approach of UFBU.
7.    When different trade unions are there, different views and perceptions are unavoidable, but if differences alone are highlighted, unity and united struggle cannot be built up.  Differences have to be underplayed and unity has to be highlighted.  Hence UFBU cannot appreciate or agree with the standpoint of AIBOA as it is not conducive for united approach.
8.    As regards cost of pension in non-SBI Banks and cost of PF in SBI, the issue had been discussed in UFBU on many occasions but finally, the settlement / Joint Note was signed on 27.4.2010 by all unions including by AIBOA. 
The settlement / Joint Note provides as under :
The disposal of the balancing cost of pension in respect of SBI arising out of this Joint Note / Settlement shall be decided by the Bank with the concurrence of Government of India.”
9.    Notwithstanding this provision, we are informed that AIBOA has already filed a case in High Court.  Hence the matter is also subjudice at this stage. 
10. We regret that in these circulars, certain allegations and insinuations have been made against UFBU and its Constituents which are totally unfounded.
We reiterate that the UFBU’s call for strike is on its 20 point issues.  UFBU/its constituents cannot add any other issue in this strike call.

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