Monday, January 17, 2011

All India Banks’ Provident Fund Optees, Forum

News from Mr.Venkatesh Shriyan, (All India Banks’ Provident Fund Optees' Forum)=>>
Dear friends,
United Forum of PF Optees Maharashtra had convened a meeting on 18th December 2010 at Mumbai to give a message to all the Banks, IBA and also the signatories of the pension settlement that PF Optees and respective forums across the country are united and are determined to fight out injustice and discrimination on PF Optees in the Pension Settlement and Joint Note on Pension signed between IBA and constituents of United Forum Banks’ Union on 27-04-2010.
Agenda for the Meeting was :
1. To take stalk of the cases filed in the matter of Pension Settlement signed on 27-04-2010.
2. To decide further course of action to strengthen the movement of PF Optees.
3. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.

In the above meeting it was decided to Unite together and make efforts to pull the resources and raise the voice jointly.  In the meeting “ All India Banks’ Provident Fund Optees' Forum” was formed and it was decided a meeting of the same to be held at Jaipur.
In view of the above Rajasthan unit of PF Optees has organized a meeting on 06th February, 2011 at KISAN BHAWAN, LAL KOTHI SABJI MANDI, TONK ROAD, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN. 
Appeal is made to all other forums of PF Optees who could not make it to attend at Mumbai, positively attend the meeting of Jaipur on 06th Feb., 2011 wherein certain important issues shall be discussed. Contact persons at Jaipur for the meeting will be Mr. R P Purohit the Convener of the meeting -09413397626 and Mr.Ashok Jagani – 09460708503.

J S Rao                                                                                             Venkatesh S Shriyan
Convener –                                                                                       Organising Secretary
09869023650 –                        

A meeting of the Chairmen/Conveners of all the Forums of PF Optees was called on 18-12-2010 at Mumbai to bring close all the likeminded members to take stock of the situation of the cases filed in various courts across the country and decide further course of action to fight out the injustice caused on the PF Optees both existing as well as retired and resigned employees/officers after putting up qualifying years of service to be eligible for pension as per the Pension Regulations 1995.  The above meeting was called by United Forum of PF Optees, Maharashtra.

In his final address Mr. R P Purohit, Convener of PF Optees, Jaipur appealed to form a National Level forum, seek legal advice to fight the cases collectively at Supreme Court.  In his address he stressed the need of funds raising to fight out case at Supreme Court as the same would involve high expenses towards engaging the Top lawyers and counsels.  He appealed to all the units of PF Optees to approach each and every PF Optee across the country. 

Following Committee was formed for “ALL INDIA BANKS’ PF OPTEES, FORUM”
1. Chairman                           : Mr.R P Purohit, Convener of PF Optee, Rajasthan
2. Vice-Chairman                 : Mr.Sovanlal Dasgupta, West Bengal
3. Vice-Chairman                 : ----------
4. Convener                           : Mr.J S Rao, Convener of PF Optees, Maharashtra
5. Treasurer                           : Mr.Diwakar Uplenchwar PF Optees, Maharashtra
6. Joint Treasurer                 : Mr.Deepak Kasturi PF Optees, Maharashtra
7. Organising Secretary       : Mr.Venkatesh Shriyan, PF Optees, Maharashtra


Balasubramanian said...

It is a wise move to fight the injustice to the Bankmen collectively by one and all. This move certainly avoid delay in reaching our goal. The entire mass of the deprived should use this forum for better achievment.

Vinoth said...

Informative one. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Could someone post the latest update.


Anonymous said...

Hi All

What is the recent update on this case? Please share !

Shankar said...

Latest update is not available anywhere. I sent an e mail to Sriyan @ long ago seeking clarification but no reply has been received so far.