Staff Welfare

Government of India has advised IBA on revised norms for the Staff Welfare Fund
 in Public Sector Banks as follows:
3% of Net Profit with Maximum ceiling per year
Rs.100 crores
PSBs with business mix of over Rs.3,00,000 crores and employee strength above 30,000
Rs.25 crores
PSBs with business mix of over 1,50,000 crores to 3,00,000 crores and employee strength of
20,000 to 30,000
Rs.20 crores
Other PSBs
Rs. 15 Crores


Following are the Staff welfare schemes available in Indian Bank:
(it may vary from Bank to Bank)


A.Provision of Grant for Educational Books/Uniforms for Dependant children of Staff
Eligibility: The dependent child should have secured a minimum of 50% for sub-staff and 60%for others of the aggregate mark in the immediately preceding final exam. Those who secure highest marks will be awarded the grant. This grant is available every year and not restricted to number of times.
Number of Grants:
Stage 1
From 1st Standard to 5th Standard
Stage 2
From 6th Standard to 12th Standard PUC, Intermediate
Stage 3
Diploma/Graduation, Professional Courses like MBBS/BE etc
150 grants have been made available exclusively for the children of sub-staff members.
1st Standard to 5th Standard
 Rs.  500/-
6th Standard 10th Standard
 Rs.  800/-
11th Standard and 12th Standard
 Rs. 1200/-
PUC, Intermediate
Rs. 1200/-
Rs. 2000/-
Professional Courses like MBBS/BE
Rs. 3000/-

Other Conditions:
1. No capitation fee will be reimbursed.
2. Courses pursued under Distance/Correspondence Education are not eligible.
3. This grant is not available in cases where the child/dependant is in receipt of scholarship from other sources, including our Bank’s Scheme for grant of scholarship. Application in the prescribed format along with the mark sheet of the child should be authorised through HRM ON LINE before 31st August every year. Application to be retained in the branch.
(Refer HRM Circular No: 22/2009-10 dated 14.05.2009)

B. Scholarship to the Children of Staff
Eligible STAGES
9TH Standard
10th Standard
11th Standard
12th Standard
Professional – MBBS
1. These Scholarships are available to the sons/daughters/dependant brothers and sister of all the Award Staff members and Officers in Scale I to IV for education in specified courses.
2. Staff members having more than 3 children are not eligible to avail the benefits under this Scheme.
3. The eligibility for the Scholarship is 60% of the aggregate marks in the immediately preceding
final examination. The scholarship will be awarded to those who have secured the highest marks. For the children of Sub-staff members, the minimum eligibility criteria are 50%instead of 60% for others.
4. In the case of Graduation, Professional Courses and Diploma Courses, if the ward or the dependant of the staff members has been awarded a scholarship in a year, he/she will be eligible for the same amount for subsequent year/s also during the entire course subject to her/her passing the examination every year with the stipulated marks and applying for the scholarships.
5. There will be a reservation of 15% for SC category, 7.5% for ST category, 27% for OBC category and 25% for sub-staff (including those granted under SC and ST) category. Staff members are advised to apply along with copy of Mark Sheet of the final examination of the preceding year duly authorised by the Branch Manager through HRM ON LINE before 15th September every year. Application to be retained in the Branch.
(Refer HO HRM Circular No:112/2010-11 dated 21.9.2010)
Note: Centralisation of Payment of Scholarship/Grant of Books and Uniform under staff Welfare Scheme – Ref: HRM 46/2013-14 DT 30/07/2013

C. Cash Incentive to the wards of Employees for Undergoing Training/course Programming in Computer Science
An amount of Rs.1000/- for one child per employee in the entire career will be reimbursed to an employee if their child in the age group of 15 to 22 years undergoes training/Course Programming in Computer Science in an Institution approved by Central/State Government/Computer Society of India and separate courses done through Universities.   Application in the prescribed format should be submitted directly to HO: HRM department through their branches/office.

D. Provision of free Eye check up and Purchase of Spectacles for Employees above 40 years of age.
The cost of spectacles and eye testing to all staff members, who are in the age group of above 40 years, will be reimbursed to the staff members. The amount of grant will be Rs.3000/-This facility is available thrice in their career with an interval between any two reimbursements shall be not less than 4 years. To be applied in HRM ONLINE. The application, along with the doctor’s prescription and bill for purchase of spectacles to be filed in the Branch.
(Refer HRM Circular No: 187/2009-10 dt. 8.3.2010 and Circular No: 38/2010-11 dated 8.6.2010)

E. Canteen Subsidy
Canteen subsidy will be paid to all staff members including permanent part-time sweepers drawing scale wages at Rs.10/- per working day. Where the number of employees working in a campus exceeds 75, then the Bank shall provide space, furniture, fixtures and utensils for the Canteen free of cost, in addition to the canteen subsidy payable as per guidelines.

F. Reimbursement of News Papers
All staff members including Part-time sweepers are eligible for reimbursement of cost of 1 newspaper to the extent of 80% of the paper cost subject to a maximum of Rs.100/

G. Reimbursement of Fuel Expenses to Award Staff Employees
All Award Staff members including, Part-Time / Full-Time Sweepers (PTS/FTS) owning Two / Four Wheeler are eligible for reimbursement of Fuel expenses subject to a maximum of 375/- per month.
(Refer Circular HRM-47/2012-13 dated 04.07.2012.)
H. Financial Relief to the family of Staff  dying in Harness
Financial Relief is available to the legal heir of the staff who dies while in service. An amount of Rs.10000/- is released immediately for the funeral and the balance of Rs.40000/- will be settled along with the terminal benefits. Besides Rs.50000/- is sanctioned to the legal heirs of the staff who dies while in service from Group Gratuity Scheme.
(Refer HO HRM Circular No: 94/2007-08 dated 6.12.2007.)

I. Rewards for Resisting Dacoits
In case of death of an employee as a result of or during bank robbery and attacks by terrorists on bank employees during as well as after office hours in any part of the country, the family of the deceased will be given compensation by the Bank as follows:
In the case of death of executives Scale IV onwards
Rs.5 lakhs
In case of death of Officers up to Scale III
Rs.3 lakhs
In case of death of Clerical Staff
Rs.2 lakhs
In case of death of Sub-staff
Rs. 1 lakh
Other benefits:
1. Bank will look after the educational expenses of the children upto graduation.
2. Bank will consider compassionate appointment/Ex-Gratia in accordance with the existing     guidelines.
3. Loans will be transferred to the family member, if any compassionate appointment is given,     irrespective of his eligibility.
4. In case of hospitalization due to terrorist attack, special leave will be given for the period of     treatment.

J. Provision of Rain coats to  Substaff
 sub-staff members are eligible for this facility. Branches may procure once in three years, one rain coat at a cost not exceeding Rs.250/-.

K. Reimbursement of Creche Charges to Women Employees
Reimbursement of actual expenses incurred by women employees in respect of payments made to Creche for looking after their infants and babies shall be made up to a maximum of Rs. 250/- p.m. per baby. This facility is available till the child attains the age of 8 years. Further, an employee can avail this facility for a maximum of 2 children during her entire service. The employee has to apply to HO: HRM Department or to the Zonal Office concerned, as the case may be, along with the Birth Certificate of the child and the bill/cash receipt of the Creche.

L. Milestone Awards – 25 years of Service
All employees who have completed 25 years of unblemished service are eligible for milestone awards. All leave should have been duly sanctioned by the concerned authority and duly accounted. Award will be in the form of Wrist watches for the staff and spouse. Staff members, on completion of 25 years of service or at the time of superannuation whichever is earlier, subject to a minimum service of at least 10 years and fulfilling other terms and conditions, shall be presented with Milestone Award.
(Refer Circular HRM-131/2011-12 dated 10-02-2012)

M. Group Personal Accident Policy
All the employees are covered under Group Personal Accident Policy for a sum insured equivalent to 48 times of the monthly pay which is a sum of Basic and DA, in the event of unfortunate death of an employee in an accident. This is on a 24 Hour basis and covers even minor accidents resulting in major/minor injuries. Employees are reimbursed the medical expenses along with salary for the leave taken on account of such accident. Accident should be reported to the following company under copy to Zonal Office within 14 days of the accident:
The United India Insurance Company Ltd
Divisional Office – 010500
No.64, Armenian Street, Catholic Centre
CHENNAI – 600 001.
Phone No: 044 2538973, 2538974
Fax No.044 25386298,
Email id:,
Policy No.010500/42/14/05/00000014.
(Refer Circular HRM-51/2014-15 dated 01.08.2014)

N. Seed Scheme
SEED Scheme was introduced with voluntary contribution from staff who have opted to become members of SEED scheme to provide relief to the bereaved family in the unfortunate event of death of any member of the scheme.
The contributions by the members will be as follows:
Clerks Rs.5/- per death of  the member.
Sub-staff Rs.3/- per death of the member.

O. Holiday Home/Guest Houses
 Staff members from our Bank with their families can stay at our Holiday Homes/Guest Houses listed below at Rs.10 per day.
No.of Rooms.
Sri Srirangam Aandavan Ashram,
Behind Lord Venkateswara Temple,
2 Suites and 1 Room (1 day only)
60 days in a year for   each room
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, (New Building),
Ring Road, Tirumala
3 rooms (not available for 15 days during Brahmothsavam festival.)
Hotel Princess, 27-B/1, Gandhi Road,
Darjeeling-734 101
5 rooms
Hotel Elite, 3rd Floor, 7/84,
East Nada, Guruvayoor.
2 double rooms.
1B, Holiday Home, Sornam Apartments, Sornapuri Complex, Fernhill Road,
Kodaikanal-624 101
6 rooms
ZO, Mumbai
Maharashtra Tourism Development
Corporation Mahabaleshwar Holiday Resort, Dist Satara-412 806
2 rooms for 8 months only (except Jan, Feb, Jul & August)
1B, Officers’ Quarters, Emerald Apartments, Davi’s Dale, Near ATC Bus Stand , Ootacamund.
8 rooms.
ZO, Chandigarh
Hotel Sunrise, Upper Kaithu, Near Tara Hall, Shimla – 171 003
8 double rooms
ZO, Bhubaneshwar
Hotel Suv Palace, New Marine Drive Road, Near Swargwar, Puri-752 001
3 rooms
ZO, Tirunelveli
Lakshmi Tourist Home, East Car Street, Near Sea Shore, Kanyakumari.
2 (3 bedded A/C) rooms.

P. Reimbursement of Cost of Accessories purchased by Physically Handicapped Employees
Reimbursement of expenses to a maximum of Rs.5000/- for purchase of any one of the following accessories viz 1) Caliper Shoes (one side or both sides), 2) Crutches, 3) below knee limb, 4) wheel chair and 5) Tricycle, 6) Hearing Aid is available to the Orthopedically Handicapped Employees once in their entire career. The application prescribed should accompany Doctor’s certificate and bill.
Visually impaired employees can claim a reimbursement of Rs.1000 towards cost of accessories. The sanctioning authority for these reimbursements is HO HRM Department.

Q. Payment of Subsistence Allowance to Staff
Payment of Subsistence Allowance to the staff who is on LOP leave due to prolonged hospitalization is one of the existing welfare scheme. Those who have hospitalized and on LOP leave after exhausting all the available leave will be paid a subsistence allowance of 75% of the Gross salary or Rs.10000/- whichever is less. It will be paid for a maximum period of 6 months in one occasion and three times in entire service to a maximum of 18 months. To become eligible, employee should be in receipt of reimbursement of medical expenses under hospitalization scheme.
(Refer Circular.HRM-147/2010-11 dated 01.12.2010)

R. Reimbursement to the differently- abled Children of Staff members for purchase of Accessories
All confirmed staff members who are subscribing to Provident Fund are eligible for a reimbursement of a maximum of Rs.5000/- once in their career for purchase of accessories like Caliper Shoes/ Crutches/Below Knee Limb/Wheel Chair/Tricycle and Hearing Aid for their differently abled children.
(Refer Circular No.HRM-38/2010-11 dated 8.6.2010)

S. Health Check-up Scheme to all Award Staff
1. The scheme is available to all staff members who are above the age of 40 years.
2. The Health check up scheme is available to the spouses of staff also.
3. Eligible amount is Rs.3500/- (Rs.1750 for staff and Rs.1750 for the spouse)
4. Tie-up arrangements have been made with M/s Ehrlich Laboratory (at Chennai and Hyderabad) and DOC Medical Services Pvt. Ltd (at Chennai). Bills will be directly paid by the Bank. Many Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers have tie-up arrangements with our Bank. Staff can contact Zonal Office for details.
5. Where there are no tie up arrangements, staff members may undergo health checkup in any other reputed diagnostic center covering all the medical tests specified in HRM/54/2008-09 dated 9.9.2008 and produce the relevant bills in original with medical reports. Bank will directly pay the bill to the diagnostic centre.
6. Staff and spouse should undergo the diagnostic test simultaneously. No piecemeal test or part payment will be considered.
(Refer HO HRM Circular No: 187/2009-10 dt 8.3.2010 and HRM 177/2010-11 dt 20.1.2011)

T. Group Savings linked Insurance linked Insurance (GSLI) Scheme
The Scheme was formulated by the HRM Department as a life cover for the employees. Option was given to the existing employees to join the scheme when the scheme was introduced. But those who joined the Bank after the introduction of the scheme should compulsorily join the scheme. Since Head Office takes the responsibility of collecting the premium and remitting it, LIC has offered the scheme with a lower premium. The highlights of the Scheme are as under:
i. Financial Relief to the bereaved family of the staff members in the unfortunate event of the death of the staff members.
ii. The limits of cover are Rs.6 lakhs for Clerical and Rs.4 lakhs for sub-staff.
iii. Double the coverage is eligible if an additional premium of Rs.2/- per lakh is paid.
iv. Out of every Rs.102/- (including the Rs.2 paid for accident coverage) collected as premium, Rs.28.67 goes towards the risk premium and Rs.73.33 goes towards the savings portion. This savings portion will be returned along with marginal interest at the time of death/superannuation/VRS/resignation of the staff member. In the case of death, the savings portion comes along with the life cover amount.
v. Amount paid as premium is eligible for tax relief under Sec 88 of I T ACT.

U. Admission to B.E. and M.B.A. Courses at Kanchi University
1. 2 free seats in B.E. and 2 free seats in MBA every year are made available to the wards of the staff members.
2. No donation or capitation fee need to be paid.
3. No Course Fee is to be paid but have to pay the Hostel Fees, Examination fees etc.
4. Minimum eligibility for admission to B.E. course is a pass in +2 with 50% aggregate Marks and for MBA a minimum of 50% in U.G. Degree of any University.
5. Free seats offered by the university shall be filled on the basis of merit only.
6. Only confirmed staff are eligible to apply.
(Refer HO HRM Circular No: 12/2015-16 dated 13.05.2015. Circular released every year separately)

V. Medical facilities from Staff Welfare Fund
     (The schemes will undergo a change after implementation of Medical
       Insurance scheme)
a). Reimbursement of Medical Bills for the treatment for certain major specified ailments:
The difference between the amount reimbursed under BPS and the ceiling permitted under Staff Welfare Scheme as below, excluding non permissible items, subject to 100% for Self and 75% for the dependants are to be reimbursed from the Staff Welfare Fund.
Particulars of Treatment
Ceiling under SWS.
Open Heart Surgery
By Pass Surgery
Closed Heart Surgery
Angioplasty (without stent)
Orthopaedic Surgeries
Liver Transplantation
Kidney Transplantation
Please note that the above limits are over and above the eligible amounts reimbursed under Bi-Partite Settlement.
The reimbursement for the following medical procedures / implants available to staff members over and above the amounts reimbursed under BPS/OSR will be continued with out any change.
S. No
Name of Procedure / implant
Existing Reimbursement
Special surgeries like Brain Tumour (Surgeon Fees/Theatre Charges)
Surgery through laproscopy
Surgery through Laser
Stents all types used in surgery
Clipping in Brain
MRI Scan related to specific ailments
Stress Thalium Test
Dialysis per annum
Single Chamber Pacemaker
Double chamber Pacemaker

Further, reimbursement of medical expenses over and above the amount reimbursed under BPS/OSR from Staff Welfare Fund towards surgeries undergone by Staff members / their dependants for the following two categories ( up to the ceilings stipulated ) are introduced with effect from 01.10.2010.

Nature of Surgery
Amount of Hospitalisation
Expenses Incurred `(in Rs.)
Reimbursable under SWS is 100%for self /75%for dependant over & above eligibility under BPS/OSR subject to a maximum of  (in Rs.)`
Minor / Major surgeries
50,000  to  1,00,000
Major surgeries
1,00,000  and  above

The following are the Minor Surgeries as defined under BPS/OSR

D & C, Fissure, Circumcision, Small Hydrocele, Dilatation, Vasectomy, Abscess, Bilat, Hydrocele, Appendix, Tubectomy, Piles, Fistula, Minor operations of the Eye, Nose and Ear.

The following are the Major Surgeries as defined under BPS/OSR

Brain, Lung, Bone Marrow Transplant, Kidney Stone (including lithotripsy), Prostate, Thyroid, Caesarean Delivery, Gastrectomy, Hysterectomy, S.P.Nailing, Discoidectomy, Retina Detachment. Liver & Gall Bladder, Plastic Surgery (Not for beautification), Cataract (with IOL), Hernia subject to Bank’s discretion.

(Note: Cardiac including By-Pass Surgery, Cancer Operations, Kidney/Liver Transplantation Operation, Orthopedic surgeries (Multiple Fractures / Amputations) are not included in the list of major surgeries as the reimbursement are already available from Staff Welfare Fund).
The requests for reimbursement from Staff Welfare Fund are to be submitted in the format given in Annexure to HO: HRM Department within 6 months from the date of reimbursement of medical bills under BPS/OSR.
(Refer HO HRM Circular No: 123/2010 dated 20.10.2010)

b) Package charges for specialized treatment: Reimbursement of Hospitalization expenses incurred on Package basis in respect of the following treatments/surgeries are considered subject to the ceilings prescribed, from Staff Welfare Fund.
Nature of Ailment
Coronary Angiography
Rs. 16,500
Rs. 80,000
Kidney Transplant
Rs. 180,000
Liver Transplant
Rs. 220,000
In case of Stentoplasty, cost of medicated stent(s), wires, balloons, implanted during surgery.
At rates not exceeding the rates applicable to lowest paying bed of AIIMS,New Delhi in addition to the above package charges.
(Refer HO HRM Circular No:29/2010-11 dated 20.05.2010)

c) As a welfare measure, the Bank has made arrangements Voluntary Health Services, Adyar, KG Hospital, Coimbatore, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai and Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

1. Voluntary Health Services, Adyar, Chennai and 2. KG Hospital, Coimbatore.
i. Comprehensive Medical checkup for 500 persons every year.
ii. Reservation of 100 Patient days in A/c Special rooms in a year and 200 patient days in Non A/c special rooms.
iii. Facility for admission to ICU against set off 2 Patient days of non A/c Special room.
iv. Free consultation with physician, surgeon and ophthalmologist for the employees/dependents.
For Reservation of Beds: Full time confirmed staff members and their dependant family members can avail this facility. Employees retired on superannuation and their spouse are also eligible to avail the above facilities for any one of them once a year.

3. Apollo Hospitals, Greames Road, Chennai-6:
The Bank has entered into an arrangement with M/s Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, 21, Greames Lane, off Greames Road, Chennai - 600 006, for the following Heart related ailments:
i) Angiogram ii) By Pass Surgery iii) Reservation of Bed.
 All permanent staff members of the Bank and their eligible dependants can avail the benefits under the scheme at any of the following hospitals owned by Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.
List of Hospitals where both free treatment and reservation of  can be availed
Apollo Hospitals
21, Greames Lane
Chennai 600 006
Apollo Hospitals
Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad 500 033
Apollo Hospitals
Lake View Road
K K Nagar, Madurai 625 020

Quota per annum under Package basis
No.of days stay in the Hospital permitted under package
Priority for
All Staff
Bypass Surgery
All Staff
Reservation of Bed: Besides, 200 Bed days in General Ward is available to all staff members in the above Hospitals. In the following list of hospitals, 200 Bed days in General Ward is available to staff members.
Apollo Speciality Hospital
320 Anna Salai
Padma Complex
Chennai 600 035
Apollo Hospitals
645 & 646, T.H.Road
Chennai 600 081
Apollo First Med Hospital
154, Poonamalee High Road
Chennai 600 010
Apollo Emergency Hospital
Old MLA Quarters
3-5-871/4/1 Hyderguda
Hyderabad - 500 029
Apollo Hospitals
3-6-96/1, Skylane Theatre Lane
Hyderabad 500 029
Apollo Hospitals
Plot No.90, P & T Colony
Secunderabad - 500 003
Apollo Hospitals
10-50-80, Waltair Main Road,
Visakapatnam - 530 002
Apollo Hospitals,
Chittoor Dt
Pin code : 517 129
Apollo Hospitals
Lingyadhi Village
Bilaspur 495 001
Besides the above, a discount of 7% on the MRP + Tax, shall be allowed for medicines purchased by our staff members from their retail outlets named M/s Apollo Pharmacy. The Identity Cards issued by the Bank, may be utilised for identification purposes.

4. Madras Medical Mission, Mugappair, Chennai.
For free treatment and surgery as per the following schedule is available to staff members.
Nature of Surgery/Treatment
No. of Patients.
Catherisation/Coronary Angiography
Open heart/By pass Surgery/Angioplasty
Open Heart Surgery
Bypass Surgery
The facilities shall be extended by the Bank on a First Come, First served basis, based on the availability of quota under the respective facility. The Staff members have to send their applications together with the diagnosis report containing the medical advice for treatment, to Staff Welfare Cell, HO: HRM Department through the respective Zonal Office with the recommendations of the Branch Manager and Zonal Manager concerned.

.Memento to Staff Members Retiring on Superannuation
Staff members retiring on Superannuation are eligible to be presented with a memento value not exceeding Rs.7500/- in the form of an article. (Refer Circular HRM -104/2011-12 dated 04..01.2012)

1. Issue of ‘Retired Employee Card’:
1. All Staff members who retire on superannuation and on VRS are eligible, provided they surrender the Bank’s Identity Card.
2. Two copies of recent Passport size color photographs are to be enclosed along with the required details as per annexure and the Pension Papers to HO HRM department duly filled and signed by retired employee and countersigned by the Branch Manager/Head of the Office.
3. Pension optees who have already retired can submit the application through the branch where they are drawing the pension and the PF optees who have already retired may apply through the branch where they are maintaining their Savings account. HO HRM department will issue the cards and send it to the same Branch/Office from where the application is received.
4. Those who are retiring on or after 1.7.2009, the format for issue of the card duly filled in and signed/counter-signed may be sent to Settlement section of HO, HRM Department along with papers meant for sanction of terminal benefits.
5. No duplicate card will be issue in the case of loss of the card.
(Refer Circular MD/ED:24/2014-15 dated 16.03.2015)

2. Health Insurance Premium to Retired Staff Members.
Ex-staff members retired on Superannuation are being reimbursed with the Premium for the Health Insurance Policy value of Rs.2 lakhs under the floater cover available in the Bank’s Arogya Raksha Mediclaim Policy subject to a maximum of Rs.4586 up to the age of 65 years and Rs.10764/- above the age of 65. To be submitted through HRM ONLINE PORTAL. Application to be retained in the branch.

3. Scheme for Annual Health check up to Retired Staff members
1. This scheme is available to all employees who have retired under Superannuation.
2. The amount of reimbursement under the scheme for the medical check up to retired Staff member and spouse would be restricted to Rs.3500 per annum.
3. Only one claim per year at consolidated position will be entertained. Either the retired employee or his spouse or both of them can claim upto Rs.3500/- The claim need not be Rs.1750/- each.
4. Any un availed amount/part amount in any year cannot be carried over to the subsequent years.
5. This facility will be available to retired staff members from the succeeding calendar year of their retirement.
(Refer Circular HRM: 177:2010-11 dated: 20.01.2011)

4. Grant of Medical Aid to Retired Staff Members
1. Only retirees on Superannuation are eligible.
2. They may either submit the bills or claim it on declaration basis from the succeeding year of retirement.
3. The maximum amount is Rs.4000 per annum.
4. It is to be availed in the concerned year itself and shall not be carried over.
5. Application as per format should be submitted to the Branch Manager, to be retained in the branch, and to be entered through HRM ONLINE portal.