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 C/o. State Bank of India, LHO, Plot No.1, Sector  -17A, Chandigarh - 160 017 


LETTER No. UFBU/2022/2                                              Date: 15-04-2022 



Indian Banks’ Association 


 Dear Sir, 


Residual and pending issues – Our meeting with you on 13-4-2022 


We thank you for inviting our Unions for discussions on the residual and pending issues.

In the respective meetings with the Officers Associations (AIBOC, AIBOA, INBOC, NOBO) and Workman Unions (AIBEA, NCBE, NOBW, INBEF), we have brought to your attention the following important issues. 

1. Five Day Banking 

2. Updation of pension, improvement in pension scheme and other pension related issues. 

3. Clarifications/FAQs to be given to the Banks on various important issues like stagnation increment, fixation for Ex-servicemen employees.  

4. Issuing FAQ on issues referred by Banks regarding implementation of Bipartite Settlement/Joint Note dated 11-11-2020. 

5. Residual issues as listed in the minutes of discussions signed with Workman Unions on 10-12-2020 and with Officers Associations on 4-1-2021. 

6. Renewal of Group Medical Insurance Policy after discussions with the Unions on improvements.  Discussion to be held on ways and means to reduce the premium payable by retirees.

We thank you for your patient hearing of the issues raised by us and your assurance that IBA would address all these issues.  As pointed out by us during the discussion, these are important issues and have been pending for quite a long time.  Hence these issues need to be discussed and amicably resolved expeditiously.  Hence, we request you to arrange for further discussions on these issues so that the issues are resolved at the earliest in a time-bound manner.  

Thanking you, 

Yours comradely, 




Copy to:   Chief Executive, IBA / Sr. Advisor -HR&IR, IBA

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