Saturday, October 31, 2020

11th BPS/my views!

 11th BPS / my views!!

Court cases will not stop signing / implementing BPS.

Settlements are between Banks & Unions and not between IBA and UFBU.

Settlements are signed by individual Banks and individual unions.

Negotiating team also consists of members appointed by Banks and Unions.

Questioning the legal status after 10 BPSs is quite surprise.

Regarding joint note for officers, as they are not coming under ID act, implementation needs necessary approval and changes in Officers service Regulations.

Even in State Govt./Central Govt. Employees it is only notification by Govt. and not settlements based on Pay Commission.

Govt. Employees only give their charted of demands to the commission. On the basis of Commission's recommendation Govt. will take final decision.

It is not necessary that Govt. should accept all the recommendations of the Pay Commission.

Coming to today's meeting I think unresolved matters will be settled and BPS may signed next week and can expect arrears before Diwali.

*No 5 days week.

*No merger of Spl.Allow. with Basic Pay, instead increase in Spl.Allow.

*Loading on Basic pay is final at 2.5%

*Updation of Pension will not find place in the settlement.

Instead an assurance may be give to look into it.

Apart from above, some surprise element may be made known to employees after signing of the settlement as in previous occasions like

* Different D.A merger points for serving staff and pensioners.

* Uniform D.A percentage will not applicable to past retirees.

* No arrears of revised pension from starting of settlement but from date of settlement only.

* penalty for one more option for pension restricted to new optees and not for all, though PF optees also contributed amount for pension expenditure in every settlement.

* Loading on Basic Pay restricted to 2% only instead of 10+% thereby curtailing post retirement benefits drastically.

O.k. above are my view only.

What will happen next week?

Let us keep our fingers crossed.

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