Thursday, August 6, 2020

Loading on Basic Pay

How loading on Basic Pay changes in every BPS?

Please read the attached table 1.

You may see that loading is different in different stages of increments, ranging from min.10.97% to max. 17.81%.
(Column 3/ Column 2.)

Conversion factor ( column 3/column 1) is not uniform in all stages, it differs in different stages.

Matrix of different loading % is based on how many employees are there in each stage and whom to be given max. loading?

Since 9th BPS is signed on 2010, and Banks are recruiting new employees, loading was given more in initial stages.

Read table 2

In10th BPS loading is only 2%
and loading was uniform through all stages at 2% 
conversion factor is uniformly at 1.63.
Column 3/ Column 2

In 11 BPS , loading is only 2.5%, and how the loading will be given is to be seen.
If loading is uniform, then conversion factor will be 1.51.
New Basic will be 
Column 3×1.51 of table 2


Goutam Sinha said...

Trailing part of the excel sheet is not visible.Please reload properly once again

Anonymous said...

With this settlement,pensioners are going to get less take home pension compared to existing pension. If special pay is added in basic,then only it will be useful and will beat inflation.

Why we bankers are facing step mother treatment compared to central government pensioners,even after struggled through demonitisation,facing covid.

Don't know how union leaders are not acting compared to other government employees or state government employees.